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by sanjeevjain
13 Sep 2008 23:03
Forum: Terrorism Archive
Topic: Blasts in delhi
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Re: Blasts in delhi

I would welcome all the secularists to read the details of truth behind Gujarat Riots before making any childish statements
by sanjeevjain
05 Sep 2008 07:22
Forum: Trash Can Archive
Topic: Indian Space Program Discussion
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Re: Indian Space Program Discussion - 23 April 2008

Just a cheesy thought :mrgreen: Wouldn't it have been great if ISRO could have tried to use one of the Moon Impactor things to plant Indian Flag on the moon during this mission itself. Just imagine the psy-op value of such a news and reaction to a photo of Indian Flag flying on the moon. I know &quo...
by sanjeevjain
04 Sep 2008 04:57
Forum: Nuclear Issues Archive
Topic: India nuclear news and discussion - 1 sep 2008
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Re: India nuclear news and discussion - 1 sep 2008

So basically MMS is saying, he is not bothered with USA terminating the deal, as long as he has an NSG Waiver in hand, and can trade with Russia and France, and also test if he must. Many people have been parroting this theory, but I don't buy it for a second. Why is US putting so much efforts in t...
by sanjeevjain
01 Sep 2008 03:59
Forum: Trash Can Archive
Topic: Internal Security Watch
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Re: Internal Security Watch

Ekal Vidyalaya is very popular in US. I think it is perhaps one of the biggest desi charity organization. In year 2006 (Based on public tax return information) Asha (communist counterpart of ekal) had $2.1 Million Revenues Ekal had $2.5 Million in Revenues Asha started in 1991. Ekal Started in 2001....
by sanjeevjain
16 Aug 2008 20:47
Forum: History & Current Affairs Archive
Topic: Intelligence & National Security Discussion
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Re: Intelligence & National Security Discussion

However, i have lost whatever respect i had for Modi.... ~50 bombs being planted undetected is a monstrous failure whatever way one sees it, no matter what tough talk the administration makes... Bhai, don't loose hope in probably our only hope for safeguarding India's interest. Yes, he may have fai...
by sanjeevjain
07 May 2008 01:01
Forum: Technology & Economic Forum
Topic: A Nation on the March
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Vasundra Raje in Rajasthan copying Modi for improving electricity work. Power to People of Rajasthan Facing Assembly elections in November this year, Raje took the gutsy but politically suicidal step of cutting off power to 1,000 villages in four districts of Bharatpur division, an area from where s...

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