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by S.Abhisheik
17 Jan 2013 18:31
Forum: Trash Can Archive
Topic: Rafale & MMRCA News and Discussions
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Re: Raffy wins - Go Katrina! ... s-source-2

Same speculation in media as well. Reads more like a plant.
by S.Abhisheik
14 Jun 2008 20:28
Forum: Nuclear Issues Archive
Topic: Future Nuclear testing: pros and cons-2
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Re: Future Nuclear testing: pros and cons-2

once US has been allowed into the capital markets, then it indicates the end of sovreignty By this yardstick China,Russia,Brazil not to mention India are non sovereign at the moment. Informal agreements on testing, capping might already have been reached then and just the formalisation remains Thos...
by S.Abhisheik
15 May 2008 16:14
Forum: Terrorism Archive
Topic: Jaipur Blasts
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EJs are same as jehadis.See this video to realise the level of indoctrination
in Jesus Camp.
by S.Abhisheik
09 May 2008 21:24
Forum: Nuclear Issues Archive
Topic: Indo-US Civilian Nuclear Deal and Power - ONLY Articles
Replies: 99
Views: 28584 On May 7, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh [Images] once again reiterated that he was hopeful about the India-US nuclear agreement being sealed. Obviously, it's difficult to not take his views seriously. Silencing media speculation that the deal was dead, ...
by S.Abhisheik
30 Apr 2008 03:38
Forum: Trash Can Archive
Topic: International Nuclear Watch & Discussion
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Public Tour of Secret Iranian Nuke Site (slide show) Ahmedjanijad walking past rows of P1 (Pakistani 1) designs got from Xerox Khan.. Evidently, Iran didnt make P2 (the supersonic ones with maraging steel), but has made better ones from carbon fiber. From New York Times.
by S.Abhisheik
23 Apr 2008 03:53
Forum: Strategic Issues & International Relations Forum
Topic: Geopolitical thread
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Views: 386449 ... al_zawahri

If its authentic and if US is about to attack Iran ,then a Shia holocaust seems to be in offing.
by S.Abhisheik
22 Apr 2008 01:23
Forum: Strategic Issues & International Relations Forum
Topic: Geopolitical thread
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Without a blue water navy aren't the chinese exposing their hand a bit too early?
by S.Abhisheik
20 Apr 2008 23:53
Forum: Strategic & Security Issues Archive
Topic: Tibet Watch- 2008-Part 6
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Please note that while it is true that Chinese are not motivated by desire to harm Budhism, however Tibetan response *is* colored by Bhudism . This includes everything that Budhism has to offer, including its views on non-violence. Agreer, Just saw this link about persecution of buddhists in korea ...
by S.Abhisheik
16 Apr 2008 23:22
Forum: Technology & Economic Forum
Topic: Indian Education System
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I for one am still confused between DCE and DIT Pretty funny sanku! I believe DCE has upgraded itself recently, they have a swank new campus and building, the alumni luminaries include Vinod Dham of Pentium fame. [quote] That upgradation happened a decade ago.Only difference is that DIT has a bette...

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