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by chalam
24 Mar 2011 15:23
Forum: History & Current Affairs Archive
Topic: The Cricket World Cup Thread
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Re: The Cricket Thread

about the bowling power play - Yes.
by chalam
11 Feb 2011 15:10
Forum: Strategic Issues & International Relations Forum
Topic: Telangana Monitor
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Re: Telangana Monitor

People are reading too much into the conspiracy theories and the manchurian candidate idea. YSR was a master strategist who successfully pushed people into a corner; witness how CBN and KCR themselves were sidelined during his time. Chiru is no where in comparison to those folks. Crap from sites lik...
by chalam
05 Sep 2009 18:14
Forum: History & Current Affairs Archive
Topic: Thread on YSR :The man, his mission, his demise and legacy
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Re: Thread on YSR :The man, his mission, his demise and legacy

Wow. the mudslinging on a person dead for barely a day is amazing in this thread. YSR was a true mass leader, the only one after NTR in the state. while allegations of the whole EJ thing have some credence, with his SIL being a rabid evangelist .. every other comment on here ignores the enormous goo...
by chalam
30 Nov 2008 07:25
Forum: Terrorism Archive
Topic: Terror Attacks in Mumbai - III
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Re: Terror Attacks in Mumbai - III

anishns wrote:The guy on the phone with India TV was Shardulla right?


the name is not shaardula, that's a 16 anaa hindu name. it's sahadullah.
by chalam
20 Sep 2008 09:01
Forum: Nuclear Issues Archive
Topic: India nuclear news and discussion
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Re: India nuclear news and discussion - 6 sep 2008

In the near future China will be the most powerful country on Earth (that is a relatively easy prediction) and will have the economic power to even influence US political processes including the election of Presidents (legally). Then they can lean on the US to squeeze India. If China becomes more p...
by chalam
03 Aug 2008 03:30
Forum: Technology & Economic Forum
Topic: BR Maths Corner-1
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Re: BR Maths Corner-1

Two Not so Hard Problems: 1. (Old problem from Hindu Math sources) A dairy farm has exactly 75% cows, and the rest 25% are buffaloes. Also exactly 80% of all these animals are producing milk (rest 20% are non-milk producing). There are exactly 76 milk producing cows in the farm. What is the total n...

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