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by amanpuneet
18 Jan 2009 00:18
Forum: Military Issues & History Forum
Topic: India's R&D in Defence DRDO, PSUs and Private Sector
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Re: India's R&D in Defence DRDO, PSUs and Private Sector

IA should induct these arjun now even if they don't do well in trials they cant be worse than TSP AL-Khalid in this way they will help local industry and employment and they can improve the product in later stages it is better than buying from shelf u always cant have best of best in world .
by amanpuneet
02 Jan 2009 17:36
Forum: Trash Can Archive
Topic: Pakistan arms sales, ops, doctrine, etc
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Re: Pakistan arms sales, ops, doctrine, etc

Article by M. Hussain,is for paki defence forums so instead of posting them here they should be in humor thread and will make good reading there.
by amanpuneet
18 Dec 2008 16:38
Forum: Trash Can Archive
Topic: BR Forums Feedback
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Re: Site Suggestions & Forum Feedback

were we attacked by TSP as forum was offline for a day?
by amanpuneet
09 Dec 2008 17:10
Forum: Military Issues & History Forum
Topic: Surviving Nuclear War
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Re: Surviving Nuclear War

It all depends upon where we are hit and how many times we are hit and who is hitting us.If it is military establishment of Pakistan then we must be ready for lot of destruction and casualties ,I don't think they are going to strike us with one warhead as they all know there will be no Pakistan on e...
by amanpuneet
06 Dec 2008 19:00
Forum: Trash Can Archive
Topic: Indian Missile Technology Discussion
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Re: Indian Missile Technology Discussion

less they know better for us.
by amanpuneet
01 Dec 2008 23:47
Forum: History & Current Affairs Archive
Topic: Intelligence & National Security Discussion
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Re: Intelligence & National Security Discussion

well i think the article raises to many questions it should be fully investigated we already have poor reputation of our intelligence and article like this made them look more weak and full of corruption they have been going downhill since punjab insurgency i think.
by amanpuneet
27 Nov 2008 23:33
Forum: Terrorism Archive
Topic: Terror Attacks on Mumbai-II
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Re: Terror Attacks on Mumbai-II

seven people rescued from same family at nirman house reported on NDTV
by amanpuneet
20 Nov 2008 14:33
Forum: Military Issues & History Forum
Topic: Indian Navy and International Anti-Piracy Ops
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Re: INS Tabar destroys pirate mothership

don't these Somalis belong to peace loving minority so this is the time for our leaders to come in defense for the peace loving people who are just earning there bread and butter in international water who are being destroyed aggressive yindoos on INS tabar :evil:
by amanpuneet
19 Nov 2008 16:17
Forum: Strategic Issues & International Relations Forum
Topic: India-Russia: News & Analysis
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Re: India-Russia: News & Analysis

Krish whn russia sell stuff to China we dont make any hulla gulla and we knw tht it will end up with paki whn reverse enginered so wht rite these ruskies have whn we do some excercise with USA r any other countary .Ruskies have not rite wht we do as we have knw rite wht they do with others if i pay ...

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