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by dsingh
23 Mar 2011 22:41
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Topic: Libyan War
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Re: LIBYA : No fly zone/air war thread

I couldn't agree with you more. The way to avoid above scenario is ( as you have said), learn a lesson from it and be prepared ( like Chinese and even to some extent India- Lal Bahadur Shastriji's philosphy ). Our history is full of the lesson from Mahabharta, Alexander, Shivaji and in Modern times ...
by dsingh
23 Mar 2011 22:25
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Topic: MRCA News and Discussion - March 2011
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Re: MRCA News and Discussion - March 2011

I was amused with twin pregnancy analogy. The only difference is the place of gestation, which is different, hence a little dissimilarity. While pregnancy is a little immune( and I said a little, in terms of speeding up the process) to the external influences, the aircraft is not. I agree with Ajai ...
by dsingh
23 Mar 2011 18:18
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Topic: LCA News and Discussions
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Re: LCA News and Discussions

In today's BVR combat it would be low observable characteristics and second would be sensors, the most important factors determining the outcome. Given LCA Mark II, would have more advanced sensors ( than PLAF or PAF have would have access), is specifically optimized for interdiction,would out match...
by dsingh
11 Mar 2011 21:04
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Topic: AMCA News and Discussions
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Re: AMCA News and Discussions

I don't understand why is this fuss about? They decided to do AMCA project after Chinese J20. HAL/DRDO already has a very good FGFA project with Russians, and they would have FGFA ready for induction before J20 would be ready. It was very appropriate for India to think about AMCA after successful in...
by dsingh
04 Jun 2009 00:06
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Topic: Airborne Early Warning & Control: News & Discussion
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Re: AEW&C News & Discussion

Hi Vivek, Nice analysis of IAF tanker's limitations in war scenario. However they can maximize usage of tanker fleet by using 3 tanker's at a time in a Parabolic arc( Like US tankers did in Gulf and Vietnam Wars) along India-Paki border, deployed in parabolic arc, 200 to 300 miles away from their sa...

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