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by Vatsal
28 Sep 2016 19:30
Forum: Mil-Tech Archive
Topic: Armoured Vehicles: News & Discussion
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Re: Armoured Vehicles Discussion Thread - August 9 , 2014

Noob Question:

Why do we not see an additional MMG/GPMG/HMG on the gunners turret, though we do have a 12.7 mm on commander's turret and a coaxial? Also, does/plan to the corps up-armour the tanks with US TUSK like kit for protection of exposed crew?
by Vatsal
22 Aug 2016 23:21
Forum: Military Issues & History Forum
Topic: Discussion on Indian Special Forces
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Re: Discussion on Indian Special Forces

I am new to the forums. After seeing the videos on Para (Special Forces), I realised that in the firing range, a large cutout of a pakistani ranger commando was used as target ... oldier.jpg

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