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by member_314
02 May 2002 17:20
Forum: History & Current Affairs Archive
Topic: Indianness - a (simple?) survey
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Re: Indianness - a (simple?) survey

Congrats Aditi! You have not only got the sense right but were able to articulate them clearly. I think your post was the best of the lot so far!
by member_314
12 Sep 1999 17:17
Forum: Nuclear Issues Archive
Topic: India planning another nuclear test: Shamshad
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Re: India planning another nuclear test: Shamshad

Napaks are trying to improve on Dr. Goebbels. They are experts in spreading disinformation against India.<BR>I think it will be wise to take it as that only.<BR>If you are occupying seat of power you would realise the difficulties in conducting another test: political as well as technical.

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