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by vikasdangi
11 Mar 2018 14:44
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Topic: Indian Railways Thread (Dec 2015)
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Re: Indian Railways Thread (Dec 2015)

i think Mumbai-Ahmedabad is too short a distance for passengers to prefer a high cost HSR. The minimum distance you need is Delhi-Mumbai. Mumbai-Bangalore, Mumbai-Chennai, Delhi-Chennai are also viable IMHO. The Mumbai-Ahmedabad will have to be extended to Pune and Bangalore to the south, and Jaipur...
by vikasdangi
10 Oct 2017 21:16
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Topic: Out-of-India - From Theory to Truth: Part 2
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Re: Out-of-India - From Theory to Truth: Part 2

Note that even these genetic lines far predate Kurgan peoples who leave Archeological evidence only from 4000 BC with classical migration as late as 2000 BC. Per AIT, Kurgans from 2000BC to about 500BC completely replaced entire European lineages, swamped North India and also produced completely dif...

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