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by shalabh
26 May 2019 22:29
Forum: Military Issues & History Forum
Topic: Pakistan Armed Forces: News & Discussion Thread
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Re: Pakistan Armed Forces: News & Discussion Thread

If I put my Paki hat on, i'd be quite pleased with how things turned out - India responded to major terror attack with an air strike, i.e tit-for-tat (score 1-1), the paki respond with a major air strike of their own, they lose a fighter of their own and fail to hit any targets but cause loss of 2 ...
by shalabh
23 May 2019 21:43
Forum: Strategic Issues & International Relations Forum
Topic: 2019 General Elections : Results Discussion
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Re: 2019 General Elections News and Discussion

It was a brilliant speech from Amit Shahji. Within the first few minutes, he congratulated YSRP and BJD for victory in the state elections. Alliance in making. If BJP wishes to remove Article 370 and 35a, they need support from outside NDA to reach the numbers.

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