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by vipul_karia
26 Aug 2004 17:45
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Topic: Technolgies useful for Indian problems
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A Tractor for Rs 99,000. Ghaziabad-based SAS Motors Limited has developed a tractor priced at just Rs 99,000, which is less than half of what the cheapest tractor available in the market now costs. The company says that Angad, the 22 HP tractor, is also fuel-efficient an...
by vipul_karia
25 Sep 2002 12:09
Forum: News Folders Archive
Topic: Indian Navy -- News Folder -- September 2002
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Re: Indian Navy -- News Folder -- September 2002

India's first Floating BOP launched - Fast moving (surveillance-cum-combat) vessel.
by vipul_karia
15 Jul 2002 12:14
Forum: Mil-Tech Archive
Topic: Arjun – To be or not to be (?)
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Re: Arjun – To be or not to be (?)

Check this on today's Indiaworld. The Capability of these Upgraded T 72's to fire Missile's will turn them to near T 90 Standards.The report is silent though on the likely engine upgrade specs (if any).Any PA Tank with the exception of Ukranian T-8x derivatives are going to be cannon(missile fodders...

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