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by cellinisperceus
16 Jun 2004 22:26
Forum: Military Exercises Archive
Topic: Cold Start: An analysis
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Re: Cold Start: An analysis

I have a small question on the Cold Start doctrine. How do the logistics work in case of these combined battle groups? While the rapid action in attack or defence with minimal time delay is quite welcome, how long can the forces sustain themselves? And how does it work with respect to the convention...
by cellinisperceus
07 May 2004 20:18
Forum: Military Exercises Archive
Topic: Operation Parakram: An Analysis
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Re: Operation Parakram: An Analysis

Shiv, Reading you analysis and the following discussion... I would like to present my take on how things are being run. Now my defence contacts are quite minimal and most of my information comes from BR. However my dad works in the ministry of tourism... and from the working of one ministry maybe we...
by cellinisperceus
25 Jan 2003 21:58
Forum: Military Issues Archive
Topic: Role of armed helicopters in army operations
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Re: Role of armed helicopters in army operations

I have been reading a variety of your posts shiv, and they are well researched and to the point with strategical requirements. However in this case I beg to differ with you. Gulf War I showed effectively how a better trained and better equipped brigade can wipe out an entire divisison. The attack ca...

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