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by amreshmd
06 Nov 2004 03:19
Forum: Technology & Economic Forum
Topic: Technolgies useful for Indian problems
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MT Singha wrote: Foks is there a cheap and simple way to get rid of arsenic in ground water ? there is a layer of arsenic between the deep acquifier and the ground level under bangladesh and parts of NE and people are suffering badly. surface water is there in plenty but is contaminated by organic ...
by amreshmd
22 Nov 2003 04:44
Forum: Military History Archive
Topic: Indian Patriotic Songs
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Re: Indian Patriotic Songs

There is movie called Goa something..I do not recall the full name or the is picturised on I S Johar and someone else. Listening to it does not make one feel that it is strictly a patriotic song but, the context/background leaves one under no doubt that it is a patriotic song. It is about...
by amreshmd
01 Jul 2003 05:52
Forum: BR Nostalgia Archive
Topic: Bharat Rakshak Celebrates Six Years!
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Re: Bharat Rakshak Celebrates Six Years!

Congratulations BR !!! Just to add to the voices of the majority re: the survey; 1) What is it about Bharat Rakshak (and the forum) that makes you want to keep coming back every day (or in may case, every few minutes when I hit the F5 button)? Bonus points (with possible admin appointments) for BRF ...

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