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A warm welcome back to the Bharat Rakshak Forum.

Important Notice: Due to a corruption in the BR forum database we regret to announce that data records relating to some of our registered users have been lost. We estimate approx. 500 user details are deleted.

To ease the process of recreating the user IDs we request members that have previously posted on the BR forums to recognise and identify their posts, once the posts are identified please contact the BRF moderator team by emailing BRF Mod Team with your post details.

The mod team will be able to update your username, email etc. so that the user history can be maintained.

Unfortunately for members that have never posted or have had all their posts deleted i.e. users that have 0 posts, we will be unable to recreate your account hence we request that you re-register again.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your understanding.


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by Rajita
01 Jul 2003 11:49
Forum: BR Nostalgia Archive
Topic: Bharat Rakshak Celebrates Six Years!
Replies: 66
Views: 24045

Re: Bharat Rakshak Celebrates Six Years!

Wow Six years! Have been checking BRF 2-3 times a week since May 1999 as my only source of India news. Gives me pleasant memories of gossip time during my India years. Though I registered only recently, I introduced 3 people over the years to BR, one of whom has become a fairly active postors. The w...
by Rajita
08 Jun 2003 23:01
Forum: History & Current Affairs Archive
Topic: Indian History Discussions - III
Replies: 176
Views: 36225

Re: Indian History Discussions - III

I am quite surprised by this article of Shashi Tharoor. While he normally is the typical secularist variety, here he acknowledges the ancient Hindu Science very handsomely. But note that he still keeps the AIT dates of Rig veda, jyotisha etc yourel unstable Why Indian science scores Shashi Tharoor W...
by Rajita
11 May 2003 11:59
Forum: History & Current Affairs Archive
Topic: Why has it become so cool to hate India
Replies: 320
Views: 73046

Re: Why has it become so cool to hate India

Guys has any one heard of this person: Lise McKean I heard her sometime ago pour scorn on Hindu-demons in the disguise of being a "researcher" on Hindu violence. She has made some outrageous claims of being molested by a Hindu babu etc. I would expect her to be actively joining hands with Desouzas, ...

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