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by Arthur
24 Apr 2007 12:34
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Topic: Leapfrog / Disruptive Technologies
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Inertial Electrostatic Confinement Nuclear fusion research. ... uclear.pdf

An alternate idea to the Tokamak based designs that are currently being focused on.
Looks like they've come to a stage where the obstacles are related to engineering rather than design.
by Arthur
21 Dec 2005 11:20
Forum: Military Scenarios Archive
Topic: Possible Indian Military Scenarios - Part IV
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On the ground captain Vijay waited with all the patience of a puff adder on the dry river beds of africa for the victim to make its appearence . His shoulder fired imaging infrared seeker head guided nag missile was already humming inhis ears begging tobe release but he waited till the distance of ...
by Arthur
21 Dec 2003 08:25
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Topic: Indian Biotech News & Discussion
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Re: Indian Biotech News & Discussion

What is the regulatory environment like in India?
Can I start up the 'Kwiki Clone Shop' or the 'Customized Transgenic Pet Centre' ?
Where does India stand compared to other countries in terms of research and capabilities in these areas?

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