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by A_Murali
13 Oct 2008 09:32
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Topic: ISI-History and Discussions
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Re: ISI-History and Discussions-1

Pakistan spy chief briefs lawmakers on horrors of Taliban threat Islamabad - Taliban militants are using children as fighters and suicide bombers, Pakistan's new spy chief told lawmakers in a rare briefing on threats posed by Islamic militants the country's North West Frontier Province (NWFP), medi...
by A_Murali
23 Aug 2008 19:04
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Topic: BR Forums Feedback
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Re: Site Suggestions & Forum Feedback

I was just wondering what the reason is being my avatar has "small green circle" whereas others have a “small blue circle”??

Does anyone know the difference???
by A_Murali
12 Jan 2005 07:40
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Topic: Book Review Folder - 2005/2006/2007
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All – As I am currently writing a book on the subject, I was just wondering if anyone could post any controversial book reviews about world spy agencies that were especially revealed by an INSIDER. Here's a review about the Canadian secret service from the book "Covert Entry- Spies, Lies and Crimes ...

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