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by Varun Shekhar
08 Jul 2004 18:53
Forum: Technology & Economic Forum
Topic: India's Contribution to Science & Technology
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Re: India's Contribution to Science & Technology

I can only name names and mention what they worked in, someone else has to provide the details: Jayant Narlikar-astrophysics-theory of gravity C.K.N Patel-inventor of carbon dioxide laser Raj Chandra Bose( there's that name again)-mathematics-Statistics M.M Suri- Suri transmission-used in locomotive...
by Varun Shekhar
04 Jul 2004 10:16
Forum: BR Nostalgia Archive
Topic: Bharat Rakshak Celebrates Seven Years!
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Re: Bharat Rakshak Celebrates Seven Years!

It was February 1998, when I was doing searches on India's space programme. The search led me quickly into Bharat-Rakshak,and from then onwards, I have never really logged out! The other NARCD( North American Raised Confused Desi) Robert Choudary( a.k.a Rocko -what became of him?)also chanced on BR ...
by Varun Shekhar
02 May 2004 20:01
Forum: Military Exercises Archive
Topic: Operation Parakram: An Analysis
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Re: Operation Parakram: An Analysis

Does anyone know about casualties inflicted on the Pakistanis and on the infiltrating Jihadis during Operation Parakram. It is very hard to believe that all that mobilization took place wothout firing a shot. One vaguely recalls George Fernandes actually dropping numbers about punishment given( sinc...
by Varun Shekhar
05 Jan 2001 10:47
Forum: Mil-Tech Archive
Topic: News, Reports and Analysis: LCA
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Re: News, Reports and Analysis: LCA

<BR> Great achievement and an historic day.Congratulations to DRDO, HAL, NAL and everyone else involved in the project.Let the cynics go to the back seats! <BR> <BR> I like Narayanan's explanation about a year ago (through e-mail) about the difference between the PSLV and the LCA.The PSLV,no small a...
by Varun Shekhar
03 Jan 2001 14:52
Forum: Mil-Tech Archive
Topic: LCA ground run & some other questions
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Re: LCA ground run & some other questions

<BR> LCA set to fly on Thursday!!(as in tomorrow)<P>According to this article...<BR> <A HREF="" TARGET=_blank></A>
by Varun Shekhar
14 Jul 2000 10:33
Forum: Mil-Tech Archive
Topic: Akash and its nuclear payload
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Re: Akash and its nuclear payload

<BR> Akash was first publicly tested in 1990.The recent launch(last week) was the 14th or 15th(more?).Yet,it is still not inducted.So it does look like Akash represents many development projects rolled into one as Narayanan says.Rocket structure,both design and casing,fuel type and efficiency,stage ...
by Varun Shekhar
06 Jul 2000 08:02
Forum: Nuclear Issues Archive
Topic: Bombing Bombay? - Study of n-holocaust
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Re: Bombing Bombay? - Study of n-holocaust

<BR> M.V Ramana has also been in the forefront of those questioning the "claims" of DAE/BARC regarding yields of nuclear tests,including the sub-kiloton ones.But,as has been shown in BR and elsewhere,the scientists' data are looking more accurate.<BR> What would be the motive of a peacenik to harang...

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