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by ankurv
10 Jun 2010 12:44
Forum: Trash Can Archive
Topic: Terrorist Islamic Republic of Pakistan (TSP): May 21, 2010
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Re: Terrorist Islamic Republic of Pakistan (TSP): May 21, 20

Guys, OT but need to get clarifications: One of my colleagues received a missed call from a number in Pakistan yesterday morning on his cellphone - with a delhi number. My colleague was in Ferozpur (punjab) on a visit home when he received the call. Am i being paranoid to think it might be something...
by ankurv
29 Nov 2008 23:37
Forum: Terrorism Archive
Topic: Terror Attacks in Mumbai - III
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Re: Terror Attacks in Mumbai - III

I would like a team of volunteers and a leader to put together the collection of photos, news items all in a single file for later use. I think there will be an inquiry commission in the aftermath a la KRC or 911. Thanks, ramana Ramana, During my research for data visualization tools for a project,...
by ankurv
27 Nov 2008 20:10
Forum: Terrorism Archive
Topic: Terror Attacks in Mumbai
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Re: Terror Attacks in Mumbai

zee news reporting the paki scums were onboard a ship called Matara - sailed from Karchi and made it to the mumbai coast in 8-9 hours. The ship is under the IN control - the ship's commander was in contact with the #4 in LeT in pakjab. The ship is being escorted back to Mumbai. The codeword for oper...
by ankurv
02 Jun 2008 14:06
Forum: Technology & Economic Forum
Topic: Infrastructure News & Discussion
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I have done 120 miles per hour many times on Interstate 79 and 90 travelling between Toronto and Pittsburgh as recent as three weeks ago., but always less than 3 minutes. You do need a good car, empty straight stretch for few miles and good brakes to do 120 MPH. Any speed that is over 20% than the ...
by ankurv
20 Jun 2007 13:04
Forum: Technology & Economic Forum
Topic: Indian Roads Thread
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The Discovery series on Mount Everest last season in the US was an eye opener into what it takes to reach the summit and all that Signhaji talks about here - the death zone, various base camps and the weather games on the mountain. It showed a traffic jam at the last stage to climb up the summitt - ...
by ankurv
01 Apr 2007 02:04
Forum: Mil-Tech Archive
Topic: Second Agni-III test -1
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Guys - *****Deleted by Admin *************? Agni II or Agni III?

{CAUTION: This kind of information is not welcome at BRF. Please bear responsibility to handle confidential info when you are trusted with one. --Arun_S Admin hat on}
by ankurv
19 Dec 2006 04:01
Forum: Technology & Economic Forum
Topic: NRI Investment in India and R2I Financial Concerns
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The problem with trfr to NYC and then onward is, the moron who is supposed to be the manager of a business branch of BOFA couldn't get it after half an hour explanation witha a printout from HDFC site. I had to thank him for his time and walk away. Every other bank except for BOFA is able to send w...
by ankurv
18 Feb 2006 02:48
Forum: Technology & Economic Forum
Topic: Technolgies useful for Indian problems
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Segway creator unveils his next act
Inventor Dean Kamen wants to put entrepreneurs to work bringing water and electricity to the world's poor. ... /index.htm
by ankurv
03 May 2005 10:12
Forum: Military History Archive
Topic: Lieutenant General Jagjit Singh Aurora - RIP
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RIP Sir.


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