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by Klaus
17 Dec 2009 14:33
Forum: Military Issues & History Forum
Topic: Surviving Nuclear War
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Re: Surviving Nuclear War

Good day to all BRFites! I think NE states are the most immune to a nuke strike by either panda or porkis! a porki strike on NE is possible considering they have jehadi sympathisers in BD, however it is too much of a long shot because there is less pop density in NE than in the rest of the matrubhoo...
by Klaus
17 Dec 2009 11:23
Forum: Military Scenarios Archive
Topic: Possible Indian Military Scenarios - XII
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Re: Possible Indian Military Scenarios - XII

Hello BRFites, I am a newbie here, just about 1 week old. This forum is really top-class. Hope our strategic policy makers take some lessons from these scenarios. Btw, does Vivek Ahuja sirs battle in Bhutan indicate a Chinese annexation of Bhutan? Why dont we do the same before it is too late, it mi...

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