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by chiragAS
07 Jul 2008 18:48
Forum: Military Exercises Archive
Topic: IAF at Red Flag / Nellis AFB 2008
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Re: IAF at Red Flag / Nellis AFB 2008

Last time when IAF was in RAF land, they switched of radar because of unkil's AWAC in vicinity, probably was there to record signature of rambha radar. now that these guys are in unkil land, are they going to follow the same procedure? my guess they would have to switch it on since these excercises ...
by chiragAS
05 Jul 2008 18:23
Forum: Military Issues & History Forum
Topic: Airborne Early Warning & Control: News & Discussion
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Re: AEW&C News & Discussion

guys we should stick to old BR names. using complete names of our neigbhours, just brings unwanted hits to the site.
by chiragAS
27 Jun 2008 23:40
Forum: Trash Can Archive
Topic: BR Forums Feedback
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Re: Site Suggestions & Forum Feedback

hey in the quest of new look to BR, you guys are cutting my chances of ever graduating here.
i had around 40 or so posts. (even though i got membership in 2006, thanks to my work i couln't be active) but still. now its been cut to 9 :cry:
by chiragAS
27 Jun 2008 23:26
Forum: BR Nostalgia Archive
Topic: Welcome to the New Moderators
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Re: Welcome to the New Moderators.

first of all congrats to the new mods. :)
what about the old mods. are they retiring ?? :-?
or is that BR needs more mods considering the population explosion ?? :twisted:
by chiragAS
12 May 2008 20:58
Forum: Mil-Tech Archive
Topic: Long range Agni missile & test launch
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IISC develops technology for increasing range of missiles Bangalore (PTI) A team from the Indian Institute of Science (IISC) here has developed a innovative technology for increasing the range of Agni type of missiles without additional cost. The team headed by Prof K P J Reddy from the department ...
by chiragAS
11 Apr 2007 19:37
Forum: Military Issues & History Forum
Topic: The IAF History Thread
Replies: 1047
Views: 172707 How I crossed Swords with Chuck Yeager by Adm Arun Prakash The story of how Chuck Yeagers aircraft got destroyed... From the same Vayu issue Wow :shock: thats really interesting article. read it yesterday. sometimes little actions c...
by chiragAS
20 Feb 2007 18:09
Forum: Military Issues Archive
Topic: My F-16 and MiG 35 sorties at Yelahanka
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wow, nice write up. you are one lucky guy vishnu. btw forgive me for my knowledge but who else other than you flew(MiG 35) at yelahanka, i mean airforce guys. did you talk about that, i mean what did he(Pavel Vlasov) say about IAF fellows reaction was to MiG 35's capability, were they impressed? i h...

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