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India-Myanmar news and discussion

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Re: India-Myanmar news and discussion

Postby ramana » 08 Sep 2017 01:46

For India, Myanmar territorial integrity is a supreme national interest.
Break up Not happening.

Even Suu Kyii coming back to power is via Indian interlocution with the military not Western NGOs

JE Menon
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Re: India-Myanmar news and discussion

Postby JE Menon » 09 Sep 2017 23:22

The position taken on Myanmar, combined with the PMs visit, will become a positive turning point in our relationship.

There is no question that there is a Pakistani role in Rakhine, and it may be on behalf of the lizard - which is anxious about Myanmar's turn towards normalcy, and therefore declining dependence.

Karthik S
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Re: India-Myanmar news and discussion

Postby Karthik S » 09 Sep 2017 23:30

Gifting couple of LCH will send clear message to everyone.

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Re: India-Myanmar news and discussion

Postby abhik » 10 Sep 2017 02:08

Karthik S wrote:Gifting couple of LCH will send clear message to everyone.

IIRC a few years ago we tried to export the ALH to them but the French (who make the engine) blocked the deal. Although we could buy them Russian weapons like we are doing for BD :x

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Re: India-Myanmar news and discussion

Postby periaswamy » 06 Nov 2017 22:30

Suu Kyi to attend Asian forums

It is great to see that Asian countries are showing the EU/US/WestAsianArabs the middle finger and refusing to sanction Myanmar. That's the way to go.

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Re: India-Myanmar news and discussion

Postby periaswamy » 13 Nov 2017 21:29

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Re: India-Myanmar news and discussion

Postby periaswamy » 18 Nov 2017 03:24

lame-brained justification for worsening relations with Myanmar

My comments:

Realists can dismiss all this as the domestic affairs of another country,of little import to international relations. However, at least since the Ne Win regime, Myanmar’s governments have rarely perceived any congruence of interests with India.

A round about way to try and justify Nehruvian moralizing as foreign policy -- realism dictates that Myanmar's internal affairs are none of India's business is because making it India's business would require sidelining more important concerns for India, such as defending it borders and boundaries. India can sit around and do the old Nehruvian nonsense of preaching about human rights to Myanmar, and then face the consequences of a Myanmar that is not receptive to India's border security concerns that arise down the line.
Yes, since the late 1990s, the Myanmarese army, the tatmadaw, has cooperated with Indian security forces to act against insurgents. That should beg the question of why they were and are in Myanmarese territory in the first place.

Clearly, the Myanmar regime had no skin in the game in keeping anti-India militant groups out of their territory at that time -- India's moves to normalize relations with Myanmar has changed that situation to one where Myanmar govt. has something to lose if they do not cooperate with India.
None of this implies that *worsening relations with Myanmar* (as recommended by this joker) will (a) have no consequences on Border security (b) still have a cooperative myanmar regime.

Moreover, through the last couple of decades the junta dabbled with sheltering fugitive Pakistani nuclear scientists, running drugs and arms smuggling rackets, and playing host to Chinese listening posts.

Drug running and arms smuggling in myanmar have been the norm for decades -- what does that have to do with India's relations with myanmar, unless such actions are a direct security threat to India?

For the past three decades, New Delhi’s appeasement of Myanmar in order to promote our interests – be it Look East, be it counter-insurgency, be it energy, be it balancing China – has produced lacklustre results.

Myanmar's cooperation in counter-insurgency has gotten results that are quite obvious to everyone but this takshashila imbecile. Furthermore, if we look at the details of India's "look east" policy, the Kaladan port project to improve connectivity of the NE via the Bay of Bengal to overcome the chicken's neck bottleneck have inherent value, it helps us not get too dependent on Bangladesh for moving goods to the north east (and as a corollary, working with Bangladesh makes us not too dependent on Myanmar).

It is possible to list a number of “under progress” projects in connectivity, energy and so on. But there is very little that counts as success. India’s foreign policy establishment has allowed itself to be played by the regime, between the carrots the latter dangles and FOLO, the fear of losing out (to China).

India's interactions with myanmar have their own value and very little to do with what China's relations to Myanmar -- in fact, Myanmar has been working with both India and china on local projects of mutual interest. The very fact that India and Myanmar have points of engagement and projects of mutual interest is a net positive. One would have to be a Nehruvian cretin to pretend that the lack of success is a good reason to turn a net positive to a net negative based on some notion of being the moral champion for some group of people in Myanmar.

The truth is Myanmar is practically irrelevant to our Look East policy. Sea and air links are adequate, and easily expandable, to connect India to Southeast Asian markets.

When all else fails, just reach into the nearest hole and pull out a claim that "Myanmar is irrelevant" and it shall become reality. Currently, there is no connectivity from the rest of India to the North East that will connect the North east to Indian markets, forget about "southeast asian markets", which is where Myanmar comes into play. In order of priority, it is important to integrate the North East to India's economy and depart from the policy of benign neglect as practised the babucracy from Nehruvian times.

As far as cooperation in fighting insurgents goes, the Myanmarese are doing it because and only to the extent it is in their interests.

Yes, and only a moron would expect any different. The whole point of aligning interests is so that Myanmar finds it in their own interests to contribute in a positive way to India's security.

Even here, Myanmar’s role is often overstated, papering over the rampant collusion between the tatmadaw and various armed groups operating along the India-Myanmar border.

Utter disinformation. I would like to see this joker give a list of exactly what these groups are where they have been colluding against India's interest in the North East.

Indeed, despite its bipolar domestic politics where one party is pro-India and the other isn’t, Bangladesh is already far more important to India than Myanmar could ever be. As I argued in last month’s column, New Delhi should back Bangladesh over the Rohingya issue and rally international support for Dhaka’s efforts.

India's relationship between Myanmar and Dhaka is not a zero sum game -- there is absolutely no reason to sacrifice relations with one neighbour in the interest of the other. The Rohingya issue is a bilateral issue between Bangladesh and Myanmar -- India is already providing material support to Bangladesh for the Rohingyas. "Rallying international support" for what is essentially a bilateral matter between the two would require spending a lot of political capital that comes with a cost for India's neighbourhood security.

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