Understanding the Uighur Movement-1

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Re: PRC Political News & Discussions

Postby AnimeshP » 05 Jul 2009 21:19

Violence erupts in China's Xinjiang region; 2 killed

Police rushed on Sunday to restore order in the northwestern Chinese city of Urumqi where an unknown number of people attacked
passers-by and torched vehicles, state media reported.

A Uighur activist in Japan said 1,000 Chinese police confronted some 3,000 Uighur demonstrators in Urumqi, the capital of western Xinjiang region, on Sunday in a clash that left two people dead.

He said the tensions were sparked by a recent violent dispute at a toy factory between Chinese and Uighurs sparked by a rumour that Uighurs had abused a Chinese woman.

Question to guru log ... is this kinda joota-laat common in Xinjiang or are we seeing something new here ?

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Re: PRC Political News & Discussions

Postby SSridhar » 06 Jul 2009 09:54

Riots in China's muslim minority region

Riots broke out in the capital city of China’s Muslim-majority Xinjiang autonomous region on Sunday with hundreds of protesters attacking passers-by and torching vehicles. Sunday’s violence in the capital city of Urumqi follows racial violence between Uighurs and Han Chinese that took place in southern China last week and left two Uighurs dead and 118 others injured.

A local journalist, who asked not to be identified, told The Hindu that hundreds of Uighurs had on Sunday gathered to protest last weeks violence between Uighurs and Han Chinese.

A video of Sunday’s protest filmed by an Urumqi resident, a copy of which is with The Hindu, shows a crowd of several hundred gathering in a city street, blocking traffic and raising slogans.

On June 26, mass brawls between the two ethnic groups broke out in a factory in China’s southern Guangdong province leaving hundreds injured. The violence broke out after a message on a website claimed six Uighurs had raped two Han Chinese women. Local police later found the claim to be false, and said the message had been posted by a recently laid-off factory worker.

In recent years, the Chinese government has introduced a policy of encouraging factories in the prosperous south to hire minority Uighur workers from Xinjiang. Unemployment among Uighurs is high in Xinjiang and is one reason for the tension in the region, with many Uighurs blaming the increasing Han Chinese migrant population for restricting job opportunities. The recruitment policy has however been unpopular with Han Chinese.

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Re: PRC Political News & Discussions

Postby r_subramanian » 06 Jul 2009 10:59

129 dead, 816 hurt in China Xinjiang unrest: Xinhua

The number of dead is very high!
Riots in China's Xinjiang region left 129 people dead and 816 others injured, the official Xinhua news agency reported on Monday.


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Re: PRC Political News & Discussions

Postby Purush » 06 Jul 2009 12:21

Seems to be more of a massacre. If the official reports admit 129 were killed, then the real number is likely to be far higher.
'Riots' don't end up with 129 people killed.

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Re: PRC Political News & Discussions

Postby arun » 06 Jul 2009 13:28

r_subramanian wrote:129 dead, 816 hurt in China Xinjiang unrest: Xinhua

The number of dead is very high! .......................

The number of dead just got higher. The death toll has gone up to 140 and is expected to keep rising.

It will be very interesting to see what the reaction of the Organisation of Islamic Conference ( OIC ) to the killing of their fellow Muslim co-religionists by the Peoples Republic of China will be :

From Times Online

July 6, 2009

Death toll in Uigher crackdown rockets to 140 and rising

Jane Macartney, China Correspondent

In the deadliest social unrest in China since the Tiananmen Square crackdown, 140 people have been killed and more than 800 wounded in riots that rocked the city of Urumqi at the weekend.

Running battles raged through the streets of the city throughout Sunday, pitting members of the Uigher minority against ethnic Han Chinese. Witnesses said that up to 3,000 rioters went on the rampage, smashing buses and overturning police barricades during several hours of violence. …………


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Re: PRC Political News & Discussions

Postby RayC » 06 Jul 2009 13:56

Very unfortunate.

The Chinese have to reinvent their policies and leave the old ideas of 'raw' and 'cooked' barbarians that ruled their policy to Hanise the population!

In fact, the Han govt themselves should be less of barbarians and barbaric!

They must realise the Muslims are not pacifist in their ideas!! The Muslims know how to extract their pound of flesh!

The Chinese should concentrate on Xinjaing and forget how much of trouble HH Dalai Lama's folks can do!

And they should quite changing the demography of Xinjaing and Tibet or make Mandarin the path to success or tinker with the cultural and religious beliefs!

They can't be Tongzhis!

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Re: PRC Political News & Discussions

Postby Sanjay M » 06 Jul 2009 17:45

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Re: PRC Political News & Discussions

Postby vsudhir » 06 Jul 2009 20:07

If there is any Tibertian show of solidarity with the uighurs in a dilli protest, pls to report here dilliwasis.

Also, would be nice if deoband can be coaxed into making some utterances against the CPI-M supported PRC.

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Re: PRC Political News & Discussions

Postby sanjaykumar » 06 Jul 2009 22:41

Also, would be nice if deoband can be coaxed into making some utterances against the CPI-M supported PRC.


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Re: PRC Political News & Discussions

Postby Rony » 07 Jul 2009 05:46

I always feel sad when ever i hear about Han oppression against the Uighurs.Xinjiang historically was part of Greater India. The original inhabitants of Xinjiang are the Tocharians , who are a mixed breed of Indians and Scythians, both Indo-Europeans and none mongolic.The anceint greeks used to call 'Xinjiang' as serica and its inhabitants seres.The tocharians were historical enemies of Hans and as a result, the later day tocharians migrated to India's North west and their decendents established the Kushan Empire. The Kushans adopted Buddhism and Hinduism from India and were staunch Bharatiyas who established India's sway through out Central Asia including Xinjiang.The minority of tocharians who were left in Xinjiang after their migration to India were absorbed by the latter day turkic and mongol hordes who settled in the region.Modern day uighurs have mixed tocharian, turkic and mongol ancestry.

India needs to come to the aid of Uighurs.The west wont do it and the muslims certainly wont.The pakis and other non-Indian muslims are good at ranting at soft countries like India where muslims are equal citizens but not at countries like china where whole islamic communities are oppressed and their demographics deliberately changed through han immigration.

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Re: PRC Political News & Discussions

Postby SSridhar » 07 Jul 2009 10:41

Fresh protests erupt in Uighur province

Ethnic Uighurs scuffled with armed police on Tuesday in a fresh protest in the western Chinese region of Xinjiang, where at least 156
people have been killed and more than 1,400 people arrested in the worst ethnic violence there in decades.

Most of the group of about 200 Uighurs were women protesting the arrests of their husbands in the massive crackdown on members of the Muslim minority by Chinese authorities since the violence was sparked Sunday in the Xinjiang provincial capital.

The incident played out in front of reporters who were being taken around Urumqi to see the aftermath of Sunday's riots, when hundreds of vehicles and shops were attacked.

The women, wearing ornate flowered headscarves, blocked a road. Some screamed that their husbands and children had been arrested. Riot police were at one end of the road and paramilitary police were at the other.

One woman said her husband was taken away and she would rather die than live without him.

As they marched down the street, paramilitary police in green camouflage fatigues with sticks marched toward them and pushed the crowd back. A woman fell. The brief scuffle ended when the police retreated. Police in black uniforms with assault rifles and tear gas guns took up positions on the other side of the crowd.

The women, however, stayed in the street, pumping their fists in the air and wailing. Meanwhile, police tried to weed the men out of the crowd, herding them down a side street. Two boys ran out of a side alley, and a policeman barked at them, ``Go home'' and grabbed one around the neck, pushing him.

The 90-minute protest ended when the women walked back into a market area without any resistance.

Police had also started trying to shepherd the journalists the away.

The new protest came after state media said Tuesday that police had arrested 1,434 suspects for their roles in Sunday's riot.

The violence does not bode well for China's efforts to mollify long-simmering ethnic tensions between the minority Uighur people, largely Muslim, and the ethnic Han Chinese in Xinjiang _ a sprawling region three times the size of Texas that shares borders with Pakistan, Afghanistan and other Central Asian countries.

Mobile phone service and the social networking site Twitter have been blocked, and Internet links also were cut or slowed down.

A nonviolent protest by 200 people Monday was broken up in a second city, Kashgar, and the official Xinhua News Agency said police had evidence that demonstrators were trying to organize more unrest in Kashgar, Yili and Aksu.

It said police had raided several groups plotting unrest in Dawan township in Urumqi, as well as at a former race course that is home to a transient population.

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Re: PRC Political News & Discussions

Postby IndraD » 07 Jul 2009 11:23


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Re: PRC Political News & Discussions

Postby Airavat » 07 Jul 2009 11:59


Xinjiang Communist Party of China (CPC) chief Wang Lequan said Monday the riot in Urumqi revealed the violent and terrorist nature of the separatist World Uyghur Congress leader Rebiya Kadeer: "The riot has destroyed the spiritual support with which the terrorist, separatist and extremist forces cheated the people to participate in the so-called 'Jihad'."

Rioters burned 261 motor vehicles, including 190 buses, at least 10 taxis and two police cars, said Liu Yaohua, the region's police chief.


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Re: PRC Political News & Discussions

Postby Philip » 07 Jul 2009 15:04

Han rapists on the rampage in Urmqui.

Han Chinese mob takes to the streets in Urumqi in hunt for Uighur Muslims
Thousands of Chinese protesters armed with axes, machetes and hammers have taken to the streets in Urumqi, Xinjiang, in an escalation of the violence that has claimed 156 lives so far.

By Peter Foster in Urumqi
Published: 9:03AM BST 07 Jul 2009

Previous1 of 4 ImagesNext Vehicle set on fire in Urumqi Photo: REUTERS
Han Chinese crowd walk holding sticks and other items as they gather in the street in Urumqi Photo: REUTERS
People belonging to the Chinese Uyghur Moslem minority clash with soldiers during a protest in Urumqi, China Photo: EPA
Police set up roadblocks and fired tear gas into the crowd of up to 10,000 people to prevent them reaching People's Square, the heart of the city.

The Han Chinese protesters streamed down North Jiefang road and into the alleys behind a central mosque in a bid to hunt down any local Uighur Muslims.
Related Articles
China arrests 1,400 in aftermath of Xinjiang riots
China riots: women lead fresh protest in Urumqi
Uighur Muslim minority clashes with police in China
China riots: 156 killed in Urumqi as riots spread to Kashgar, according to Xinhua
China vows to crush unrest in Xinjiang
China riots: 140 killed and 816 injured

Protesters said they were seeking revenge after hearing rumours that ethnic Uighurs had broken into Urumqi's hospitals and killed several patients.

"We want revenge for our dead," the mob chanted, between choruses of the Chinese national anthem. Several groups in cars raced up and down the streets, with people hanging out of the windows.

One woman, armed with a five-foot wooden stake, said: "We heard from the television that Uighurs had killed hundreds of Han Chinese, including children. We cannot bear it anymore. We cannot live our lives in this city. We will show the Uighurs that the Han people can join our hands together also."

Behind her, tear gas canisters skittled and exploded as the crowd waved red flags and shouted "Qian shou!" or "Hold your hands together!" Another man said: "We heard that some Uighurs had broken into the hospital and killed patients. Now we are helping the police to crush the separatists."

Policemen used loudspeakers to urge the mob to "Calm down, don't smash buildings and back off. Let the police do their job." However the crowd showed little sign of dispersing. Waves of excitement rippled through the protesters as local shopkeepers and office workers cheered them on.

Chinese reports suggested the local Han Chinese, unhappy with the level of protection they had received from police, were now taking matters into their own hands.

The riots, which began when a peaceful protest by ethnic Uighurs spiralled out of control on Sunday, appear to be increasingly fuelled by wild rumours spread over the internet and by word of mouth.

Local Uighurs said they had heard that Han Chinese factory workers in Guangdong had killed 600 Uighurs and chopped them into small pieces.

Others claimed that 400 Uighur women had been raped by Han Chinese.
"Our menfolk will never forgive this," said one Uighur woman.

Meanwhile, Han Chinese vented their fury over the internet. "Destroy the conspiracy, strike hard against these saboteurs, and strike even more fiercely than before," said a poster calling himself Chang Qing on Sina.com, one of the most popular portals.

"The blood debt will be repaid. Han compatriots unite and rise up," said another commentator on Baidu.com, a search engine.

Earlier on Tuesday, Wang Lequan, the party secretary of Xinjiang said that although Sunday's unrest had been quelled, "this struggle is far from over".

http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldne ... slims.html

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Re: PRC Political News & Discussions

Postby Philip » 07 Jul 2009 17:50

More on the "revenge of the Han's".

http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/w ... =12&page=2

Chinese Han mob marches for revenge against Uighurs after rampage

A mob of Han Chinese throw rocks at a building where some Uighurs are believed to be hiding in Urumqi

Jane Macartney, Urumqi
Thousands of Han Chinese roamed the streets of the western city of Urumqi today looking for vengeance after Sunday's deadly riots as China's leaders struggled to regain control of the country's only Muslim-majority region.

Men and women of all ages, girls in high heels and young men in smart white shirts, brandished wooden staves, billiard cues, iron bars and even machetes as they surged towards the main city bazaar.

They were determined to attack the business heart of the Muslim Uighur minority blamed for the carnage in which 156 were killed and more than 800 injured.

The streets were lined with black-clad riot police and thousands of paramilitaries in camouflage and bulletproof vests who barred the mob's way to the central market. Occasional bursts of tear gas failed to deter the angry crowd.

At one point the Urumqi Communist Party secretary, the most senior official in the Xinjiang capital, climbed on to the roof of a Landcruiser to address the mob.

Li Zhi used a megaphone to respond to shouts of "punish the killers". He said: "I have heard what you want and we will do this. We will punish them severely."

The crowd shouted back: "Words are not enough."

Li replied: "But you are behaving in just the same way as they behaved. Please go home. Thank you."

A huge roar erupted from the mob, who turned away, beating their sticks on the road as they made their way down People's Road in search of another entry to the market. One angry Han shouted at a foreign reporter: "Don't speak to foreigners. Foreigners get out."

He then referred to the exiled Uighur leader whom the Government blames for inciting Sunday's unrest. "Rebiya Kadeer is Osama."

Many of those in the crowd complained that the Government had been too restrained in its response to Sunday's violence, most of the victims of which appear to have been Han Chinese cut down by Uighurs armed with knives.

One young man in his twenties carrying a wooden stave said: "The Government is far too soft. They don't dare to go out even though a hundred people have been killed."

He said that his parents run a shop that had not been damaged but many neighbours' properties had been. "We don’t feel safe. We have to protect ourselves."

Several times the crowd were halted by police cordons blocking roads to sensitive government buildings. As they marched they chanted in unison: "Stand up! Stand up!", "Strength comes from unity", "Protect Xinjiang!" and "We Han must unite together".

The police stood firm. Those in the second line of the cordon were armed with crossbows, although it was not clear what the bows were designed to fire. One man told The Times: "There is an order not to use firearms."

Earlier, about 300 Uighurs confronted riot police to demand the release of family members they said had been arbitrarily arrested in the crackdown after the weekend's bloodshed. Offiicials say 1,434 people have been arrested.

Rebiya Kadeer denies accusations of militancy
China takes charge of news agenda after riot
Rioting Uighurs and a fading separatist dream

One woman, Maliya, said: “My husband was taken away yesterday by police. They didn't say why. They just took him away." Another girl described how her teenage brother was grabbed from his bed in a midnight police raid.

Abdul Ali, a Uighur man in his twenties who had taken off his shirt, held up his clenched fist. "They've been arresting us for no reason and it's time for us to fight back." He said three of his brothers as well as a sister had been among the suspects taken into police custody for questioning over the riots. Local residents complained that police were making indiscriminate sweeps of Uighur areas.

Scuffles and fights broke out when the Uighurs advanced on the police carrying clubs, just as journalists were being escorted to the area to see the damage inflicted on the city in the rampage by Uighurs protesting against Beijing rule at the weekend.

The police backed away, apparently to prevent an escalation of violence, and the crowd gradually dispersed.

Hours earlier, Wang Lequan, the Communist Party boss of Xinjiang, said that the unrest had been quelled. However, he warned that "this struggle is far from over".

The streets of Urumqi, which is nearer Tehran than Beijing, were almost deserted except for the mobs of Han Chinese. At one point the tensions spilled over. On a street near the city’s main People’s Square, paramilitary police in bulletproof vests had forced two Uighurs face down on the ground, their hands behind their necks.

Angry crowds of Han men shouted and tried to reach them. The police bundled them into a small van. Several Han then attacked the bus with their sticks, trying to beat the two men with their staves through the open windows. They were pulled back by the police who drove the two Uighur men to safety.

The Government has declared a three-day holiday since the riot on Sunday, the deadliest single day of social violence in China since the 1989 crackdown on student demonstrators in Tiananmen Square.

Some Xinjiang newspapers carried graphic pictures of the violence, including corpses, at least one of which showed a woman whose throat had been slashed. Those reports may have fomented the anger in the volatile region of about 20 million people, about half of them Muslim Uighurs.

Despite the heightened security, the unrest appeared to be spreading. Police dispersed about 200 people at the Id Kah mosque in the Silk Road city of Kashgar last night.

Chinese officials have already blamed the unrest on separatist groups abroad, which it says want to create an independent homeland of East Turkestan for the Uighurs. Ms Kadeer, the exiled Uighur businesswoman and activist blamed for the violence, denied having anything to do with it. She said: "These accusations are completely false."

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Re: PRC Political News & Discussions

Postby jaladipc » 07 Jul 2009 18:48

Behind the Screens News reports:

China will be isolated from the rest of the world in a good less than 4 years.Both militarily and economically.

Few good countries joined hands and made alliances to get the good work done.Camera rolling started 4 months back.Soon the new choreographers join the team the play will look amazing. :wink:

This being part of the new Great Game.More promos to be released soon. :D

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Re: PRC Political News & Discussions

Postby harbans » 07 Jul 2009 19:09


Just wishful thinking..:mrgreen:
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Re: PRC Political News & Discussions

Postby jaladipc » 07 Jul 2009 21:07


words don`t count when it comes to doings.
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Re: PRC Political News & Discussions

Postby arun » 07 Jul 2009 21:09

Press release by the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC )on the killings of the mainly Muslim Uyghur’s :

OIC Secretary General expresses deep concern over recent incident in Xinjiang Uygur

Date: 06/07/2009

The spokesperson of Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC), expressed on behalf of the Secretary General of (OIC) his deep concern on the recent incident and use of disproportionate force that caused death of 140 people and more than 800 injured civilian casualties which took place in the Xinjiang Uygur in Autonomous Region of China (also known as East Turkistan).

The Secretary General called upon the Government of China to carry out prompt, effective and transparent investigation of the this greave incident and bring those responsible to quick justice and to take all possible measures to prevent its recurrence and to see to it that the victims are adequately compensated.

The great number of casualties among civilians indicates that the principle of proportionality of the use of force and fire arms was not observed. According to international basic principle on the use of force and fire arms, law enforcement officials should resort to non-lethal methods in confronting civilian riots.

The Islamic world is expecting from China, a major and responsible power in the world arena with historical friendly relations with the Muslim world, to deal with the problem of Muslim Minority in China in broader perspective that tackles the root-causes of the problem.

The OIC is ready to extend assistance and to consult with the Chinese Government about efforts to create a climate of peace and stability in the region.


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Re: PRC Political News & Discussions

Postby arunsrinivasan » 07 Jul 2009 21:35

Why Beijing won't compromise in Xinjiang.

President Hu Jintao, who incidentally earned early brownie points within the party by leading a crackdown of political dissidents in Tibet in 1989, understands better than anyone that authoritarian regimes appear weak at their own peril. Losing face, he believes, will only embolden the "enemies of the state." The Communist Party's Leading Group on Foreign Affairs, which is chaired by Hu, has often spoken warily about the democratic "viruses" behind the "color revolutions" in Ukraine and Georgia, and perhaps eventually Iran -- the same kind that could conceivably take root in places such as Xinjiang and Tibet. This is why Chinese authorities are deeply suspicious of any group with loyalties that might transcend the state and regime or at least cannot be easily controlled by the state, such as the Falun Gong, Catholics, or independent trade unions.

It's important to remember that, at home, the government's hard line is not wholly unpopular. Most Chinese do not support the separatist agendas of Tibet, Xinjiang, or Taiwan. They would rather see a strong and unified China restored to historic glory. No wonder then that the Chinese state media has been quite upfront about reporting on the current unrest in Urumqi.

Chinese leaders learned much about control in their extensive studies of the collapse of the Soviet Union. Their conclusion is clear: It was Mikhail Gorbachev's ill-fated attempts to be reasonable that brought down that empire. The current generation of Chinese leaders is determined not to make the same mistake. And that means no compromise in Xianjiang.

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Re: PRC Political News & Discussions

Postby vsudhir » 07 Jul 2009 22:13

Chinese leaders learned much about control in their extensive studies of the collapse of the Soviet Union. Their conclusion is clear: It was Mikhail Gorbachev's ill-fated attempts to be reasonable that brought down that empire. The current generation of Chinese leaders is determined not to make the same mistake. And that means no compromise in Xianjiang.

Sadly, I have to agree (loosely speaking) with that conclusion.

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Understanding the Uighur Movement-1

Postby ramana » 07 Jul 2009 22:14

I am starting this thread so that people can understnad the Uighers and to collect all the data we can find.Please post new items, book links and pictures that help reach an understanding of the Uighers and their nation.


ramana wrote:India should support the Uigher movement in East Turkestan. Uighers are not Han Chinese and need their own self determination. I would like people to start a separate thread on Understanding Uigher movement.

narayanan wrote:Tank Tread Lubrication Again in The People's Paradise:

The unrest is another troubling sign for Beijing at how rapid economic development has failed to stem — and even has exacerbated — resentment among ethnic minorities, who say they are being marginalized in their homelands as Chinese migrants pour in.

About 1,000 to 3,000 Uighur demonstrators had gathered Sunday in the regional capital for a protest that apparently spun out of control.
On "Oriental Horizon," a current affairs program aired on China Central Television on Monday night, a scholar from the government's Chinese Academy of Social Science :roll: blamed Kadeer for masterminding the riots.
Seytoff said he had heard from two sources that at least two dozen people had been killed by gunfire or crushed by armored police vehicles just outside Xinjiang University.

Mamet, a 36-year-old restaurant worker, said he saw People's Armed Police attack students outside Xinjiang University.

"First they fired tear gas at the students. Then they started beating them and shooting them with bullets. Big trucks arrived, and students were rounded up and arrested," Mamet said.

ramana wrote:Shiv, Eastern Pakhtunistan should comprise of NWFP and appurtnent areas in Punjab, Balochistan which were detached from NWFP.

Western fears are that Pakhtunistan could cause ripple effect in Afghanistan.

The creation of Macedonia in Balkans from the ashes of Yugoslavia did not raise separatist tendencies in Greece which also has a provinve of same name.

To allow the creation of Pakhtoonistan, it would require turning the Great Game on its head. Maybe divert it towards PRC by creating East Turkestan aka Uigherstan?

Raja Ram wrote:ramana,
Not many people realise that China needs Pakistan, not just as their Israel and check on India. China needs Pakistan united and as a friend so that Uyghurs are kept under their heel. That is because the outside world is not aware, nor does the West support, the Uyghurs. The Uyghurs have far less in common with the Chinese than the Tibetans.

It has been more restive a region than Tibet has been for China and there has been a great amount of blood spilt. Keeping Pakistan on their side is vital to China to deny Uyghurs a base to fall back on.

A broken up Pakistan would provide an impeteus to Uyghurs and the Chinese know it. This is one of the key reasons why China backs Pakistan.

The Uyghurs have in the past reached out to India but were ignored. Years ago, I read couple of books by Satyendra Sinha who was one of the MPs in Nehurivian era. He had toured the region and reported extensively on it. He was one of the first to warn the Indian government on Chinese designs in Tibet. He was ridculed then. He had written two books on China. Both of which I stumbled on in a public library in Hong Kong :D

I would say like the Kurds, this is one race that has been dealt a pretty bad hand by history.

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Re: Understanding the Uigherr Movement-1

Postby ramana » 07 Jul 2009 22:30

A link:

1) Japanese site:

Memoirs on Maps of Chinese Turkestan

Book by Aruel Stein!

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Re: Understanding the Uigherr Movement-1

Postby Anujan » 07 Jul 2009 22:54

How the Uighurs got their name.

(I have refered to "Sinicization beyond the Great Wall" By Anwar Rahman. The author's father was a official in Xinjiang in the 1940's)

Uighurs are considered to be the descendants of Huns (Hunas in sanskrit ?) and are mentioned in Ancient Greek, Iranian and Chinese sources which date back to almost 300BC. They were known by different names throughout history, such as Gao Che "People with high chariot" or more creatively during the Quing dynasty as "Hui" written in a form which means "Dog-muslim". The name "Chantou" which means "turbaned head" is officially prohibited by the Chinese government as being discriminatory, but used frequently by the Han population in modern Xinjiang.

The modern Chinese name of "Wei Wu Er" (transliterated in english as Uighur) was adopted during the second general assemby of Xinjiang people's anti-imperialist federation held in August 1934 and is the modern accepted name. The name means "To maintain/we/you" which was symbolic of the fact that all ethnic nationalities enjoyed equal rights in Xinjiang. (in 1944, Uighur population was estimated to be around 3million and Han and other 11 ethnic nationalities which include Kazhak, Mongol, Kirghiz, Uzbek, Tajik and Tartar to around 700,000)

An important personality in modern times in Sheng Shicai (who is said to be the guiding force behind the assembly in 1934 which came up with new name for the Uighurs), who seized power in 1930. According to official CCP history, Sheng Shicai is portrayed as a villian with vicious ambitions. But the truth is more complicated. During his last days, he was equally hated by Chinese nationalist pary as well the CCP for trying to limit their influence in Xinjiang. During his rule, Sheng Shicai made several progressive unprecedented changes in Xinjiang, particularly aimed at improving the economy of Xinjiang wrecked by centuries old inter-group wars and repressive Chinese policies towards to Uighurs. Towards this end, his aims was (a) To unite the people in Xinjiang so as to maintain internal harmony (b) Limit the influence of the CCP as well as the Chinese nationalist party. His ten guiding principles (later changed to six principal policies) made him popular in Xinjiang. The first principle being "all nationalities enjoy equal rights in politics economy and education". He encouraged newspapers in Uighur language and encourage the Uighurs to learn chinese and Hans to learn Uighur language. He established cultural societies for the 14 nationalities in Xinjiang, part of which included new names for the various nationalities including the modern "Uighur" name.
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Re: Understanding the Uighur Movement-1

Postby sanjaykumar » 07 Jul 2009 22:58

http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20090707/ts_ ... a_xinjiang

Hundreds of protesters from China's predominant Han ethnic group, many clutching meat cleavers, metal pipes and wooden clubs, smashed shops owned by Uighurs, a Turkic largely Islamic people who share linguistic and cultural bonds with Central Asia.

Some Han Chinese shouted "attack Uighurs" as both sides hurled rocks at each other.

And so a bit of Pakistan rubs offf on big brother China.

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Re: Understanding the Uighur Movement-1

Postby Paul » 07 Jul 2009 23:10

Piece of history here:

Xinjiang falls under the old Moghulistan / East turkestan. Historically this area has been less islamicized then west turkestan. The laws here in the past were based on the Yasa (Mongol) than the Sharia.


Even Timur and later day turkicized Mongols (Babur) had to face significant resistance from the Mongol aristocracy for making laws based on Sharia.

The Mongol alphabet is based on the uighur script. This race still retains extensive links with the Mongol heartland.

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Re: Understanding the Uighur Movement-1

Postby Gerard » 07 Jul 2009 23:20

An elderly Uighur woman on crutches stands defiantly in front of a police riot van

Uighurs face a line of security forces during protests which interrupted an official press tour of the riot-damaged areas of Xinjiang

Security forces face Uighur protesters

Han Chinese take to the streets armed with sticks after the disturbances in Urumqi. The city in now under curfew

A Uighur woman is surrounded by police

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Re: Understanding the Uigherr Movement-1

Postby Anujan » 07 Jul 2009 23:21

The modern roots of the problem.
(I have refered to "Sinicization beyond the Great Wall" By Anwar Rahman. The author's father was a official in Xinjiang in the 1940's)

After modern China was founded in 1911, there have been frequent Uighur uprisings. The most important ones, would be the one in the 1930s led by Khoja Niyaz against (what else ?) increase of land tax. The uprising started in Kumul and after defeating chinese troops, took over large areas of eastern Xinjiang and reached Urumqui.

However, this was pacified through negotiations. Sheng Shicai promised the presidency of Xinjiang government to Khoja Niyaz, but later imprisoned and executed him.

The second most important uprising was in the 1940s in the regions of Ili, tarbagatay and Altay. This revolution was successful and its army of 30,000 defeated the Guomindang troops and estabilished a defacto independant republic called "East Turkestan Republic". The important ethinicities involved in the revolution was Uighur, Tajik and Hui.

When PRC was founded in 1949, Mao Zedong invited the three districts government to send a delegation to Beijing for discussion of the future of Xinjiang. It is rumored that Mao Zedong verbally assured that the wishes of the people of Xinjiang would be taken into account and they would be free to join PRC or to secede.

On 27th August 1949, a five member delegation led by Ahmetjan Kasin (president of three districts government), Ishak Beg (Kirghiz), Abasof (Uighur), Dalil Khan (Kazakh) and Luo Zhi (Han) left for Beijing. By arrangement with Stalin, the delegation took a plane which belonged to the red army which crashed while flying over Soviet Russia. None of the delegation members survived, nor were their bodies ever shown to their relatives. Soon after the crash, Sayfudding Aziz led a second delegation where he signed an agreement welcoming the PLA to Xinjiang and to bring Xinjiang under the control of PRC.

There are rumors that the air crash was a Sino-Soviet plot between Stalin and Mao Zedong.

However the interesting aspect to this is that since USSR collapsed, the old Soviet archives can be consulted to initiate an investigation.

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Re: Understanding the Uighur Movement-1

Postby krithivas » 08 Jul 2009 00:15

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Re: Understanding the Uighur Movement-1

Postby ramana » 08 Jul 2009 00:25

I cant find the statement at the MEA site. Can you provide link harbans or is it psy-ops?

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Re: Understanding the Uighur Movement-1

Postby derkonig » 08 Jul 2009 00:34

Check the last line, it says 'wishful thinking'.
GoI has said nothing. Not a peep. Btw, Gurus, what is the situation in the Ferghana valley now?
Wouldn't the residents of Ferghana identify with the grievances of Uighurs?

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Re: Understanding the Uighur Movement-1

Postby BijuShet » 08 Jul 2009 00:37

ramana wrote:I cant find the statement at the MEA site. Can you provide link harbans or is it psy-ops?

AFAIK Ramanasaar it is Harbansji serving khayali pulav.

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Re: Understanding the Uighur Movement-1

Postby Arun_S » 08 Jul 2009 01:07

ramana wrote:I am starting this thread so that people can understnad the Uighers and to collect all the data we can find.Please post new items, book links and pictures that help reach an understanding of the Uighers and their nation.


What is Uigher's villages/towns today were very closely linked to Indic Kashmir and Hindu religion. Go on Google maps Google-Earth and see the names of towns there.

In old times all the way to medieval times, kingdoms in central Asia through eastern Europe used local version of Indian sacred places.

In Uigher's land you will surely find a city named "Kashi" corresponding to the Indian religious center fo "Kashi" also called Banaras/Varanasi.

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Re: Understanding the Uighur Movement-1

Postby Gerard » 08 Jul 2009 01:16

Genetic testing reveals awkward truth about Xinjiang’s famous mummies
After years of controversy and political intrigue, archaeologists using genetic testing have proven that Caucasians roamed China’s Tarim Basin 1,000 years before East Asian people arrived.

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Re: Understanding the Uighur Movement-1

Postby sanjaykumar » 08 Jul 2009 01:59

That is pretty old--oh okay dated 2005.

The world should keep race and religion out of this. We support Tibetans right to be free of China and this should be extended without reservation to Uighurs.

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Re: Understanding the Uighur Movement-1

Postby ramana » 08 Jul 2009 02:09

Bet if we dig deep enough we will find these are remenants of the Tocharians

I have a book "A Night Train to Turkistan" which I bought many years ago. Will try to unpack it.

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Re: Understanding the Uighur Movement-1

Postby Lalmohan » 08 Jul 2009 02:14

Gerard wrote:Genetic testing reveals awkward truth about Xinjiang’s famous mummies
After years of controversy and political intrigue, archaeologists using genetic testing have proven that Caucasians roamed China’s Tarim Basin 1,000 years before East Asian people arrived.

there's been several discovery channel films on this... nothing too awkward about this, caucasia is afterall central asia...

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Re: Understanding the Uighur Movement-1

Postby rsingh » 08 Jul 2009 02:39


More information about Uyghurs

Need help to translate this into English .........look like talking about America and India
Indianlar bilen uyghur ejdadliri otturisida qanchilik baghlinish bar?

Bir küni men sawaqdishim elon'gha ozumning indianlar bilen
Uyghurlarning étiqad we bashqa jehettiki bezi oxshashliqliri heqqide izdiniwatqinimni sözlep berginimde u qayil bolmighan halda: "rastmu? Siz ularning otturisida baghlinish bar dep qaramsiz?..."Dep sorighan idi.Uning shu chaghdiki qayil bolmighan eshu haliti hélimu koz aldimda turuptu.

"Untup qalmang amérika indianliri sébiriyidin kelgen!" men étiraz bildürdüm, "qedimqi sibiriye bizning yiraq ejdadlirimiz paaliyet elip barghan zimin!"

"Shundaq "amérika indianaliri"10000 yillar ilgiri rastla séberiyedin
Kelgen,buni menmu tarixi kitablardin oqughan,emma chushenmeydighinim, ular bilen silerning uyghurlarning otturisida zadi qandaq baghlinish bar? Buni ispatlimaq tes shundaqmu?"

"Toghra deysiz ,10 000 yillar ilgiriki insanlar topi bilen hazirqi
Insaniyet otturisida elwette nurghunlighan sirliq hékmetler
Yoshurun'ghan,ularni biwaste ejdat we ewladliq munasiwiti bilen
Baghlighili bolmaydu elwette! lékin ular ottursidiki,étiqad,turmush
Aditi we medeniyet jehetlerdiki bezi oxshashliqlar kishini heyran
Qalduridu.Bu mesile yalghuz menla emes belki nurghun kishiler
Qiziqiwatqan tégige yételmeywatqan sir diyishke bolidu."
Shu küni uning yénidin qaytipla udul kutupxanigha bardim. Indianlar Tarixi ,ularning étnik menbesi heqqidiki kitablarni izdeshke Bashlidim.Ulargha bolghan qiziqish meni özige esir qiliwalghan bolup Ular heqqidiki herqandaq maqalini oquyttim.Belkim bu méning ular bilen
Yiraq ejdadlirimiz ottursidiki oxshashliqni tépip chiqish istikim
Sewebidin bolsa kérek!

Hazirqi zaman medeniyet almidiki kishiler qedimqi séberiyeni "bosh makan" "yawayilar zémini"dep qarashmaqta. Eger biz bu makanning 10 000 yillar ilgiri hetta 20 000 yillar ilgiriki "gheyri resmi tarixi"(epsanilar dunyasi)gha nezer salidighan bolsaq,ularning eyni dewrdiki yashash muhiti bizning diqqitimizni tartidu.Dunya jamaetchiliki teripidin insaniyet medeniyitining boshukliri dep qaralghan "qedimqi misir" ,"qedimqi babil" qatarliq medeniyet yurtlirida insan özining shanliq medeniyetlirini yaratqinida "sibériyilikler" elwette özige xas yashash usulini yaratqanliqini,ularning özige xas özgiche medeniyet chembiriki qurghanliqini inkar qilalmaymiz elwette! ularning hazirqi ural-altay tilliri türkümidiki xelqlerning étiqat aditidiki tebietni muqeddes bilish qarishi,shamanlarning yardimide özliri muqeddes bilip kelgen eshu ilahlar bilen alqishlishish istekliri,bir-birige tolimu yéqin bolghan folklori epsane -qoshaqliri,qedimqi turmush we ishlepchiqirish aditining,eyni dewr kishilirining pisxikisining,ularning bediiy qarishining buyuk namayendisi bolghan "qiya tash süretliri".....Qatarliqlar bizni oylandurmay qoymaydu.

Mana bu insanlar türkümining bir qismi buningdin texminen 10 000~20 000 Yillar ilgiri asiya bilen amérikining eng yéqin ikki tumshuqi
_"Uzulush" muzluqi arqiliq alyaska we shimali amérika,kéyinche jenubi
Amérikigha yötkelgen, ular bu zéminda shanliq "maya medeniyiti" "olmik
Medeniyiti" "teotwakan medeniyiti" qatarliq ajayip medeniyet taplirini

"Tiotwakan medeniyiti"ge tewe bolghan piramidalarning qurulush uslubi
Bilen misir el-ehramning qurulushidiki shu qeder yeqinliqlar,bu yerdiki
Tengri namigha sizilghan resimler bilen fransiyidiki "altamara ghar
Sizmiliri""ispaniyidiki "rosko ghar sizmiliri"qatarliqlar ottursidiki
Shu qeder oxshashliqlar ene shu eng qedimki medeniyet iznaliri bolup
Hazirqi zaman alimliri téxiche bular ottursidiki sirliq baghlinishning
Tégige yételmey ularni "alem ademliri""derijidin tashqiri eqilliq
Ademler" yaratqan medeniyet dep teripleshmekte. Insaniyet medeniyet
Qatlimining birinchi irasigha tewe bolghan bu medeniyet izliri "amérika
Indianliri"ning bu zéminning esli igiliri bolghan 100ligen qebilining(
Emeliyette bu zémindiki yerlik qebililer 500 din ashidighan bolup 19-
Esirge kelgende bulardin peqet 6 qebilila özining musteqil medeniyet
Halitini,millet bolup turush iqtidarini saqlap qalallighan!)özgiche
Medeniyet mélodiyisi déyish mumkin!

Emdi ular bilen qedimqi altay -ural medeniyet tipige tewe bolghan
,Qedimqi "atliqlar medeniyiti"ning yaratquchiliri bolghan dunya
Jamaetchilik teripidin "honlar" dep qarilip kéliwatqan yiraq
Ejdatlirimizni baghlash mumkinchiliki bolamdu-qandaq? Sibiriyide,mongghul
Dalalirida miladiyidin 3000~1000 yillar ilgiri paaliyet élip bérishqan
Altay-oral tili sistémisi"da sözlishidighan bu xelqler emeliyette
Hazirqi türki tilliq xelqlerning ejdadidin.

Honlarning étnik menbesi heqqide gerche hazirghiche talash -tartishlar boliwatqan bolsimu lékin ularni eshu qedimqi "sébirliqlar"ning yiraq ewladliri ikenliki heqqidiki qarash yenila birlikke kelgen idi.Buni nurghun tarighchilar oz tetqiqatlirida ispatlashqan idi!
Undaq bolsa "amérika indianliri"bilen "honlar"ning esli ejdadi bir
Bolishi mumkin dégen xulasini chiqirish imkaniyiti bolamdu- qandaq?

Mana bu mesililer taki hélighiche talash-tartish ichide turiwatqan
Mesililer xalas!
Emma méning yenila "amérika indianliri"bilen merkizi asiya xelqlirini
Baghlighim kélidu.

4.Indianlar teqdiridin tughulghan héslar

Hürmetlik oqurmen, belkim méni néme uchun indianlar heqqide toxtimay sozleydighandur dep oylawatqandursiz.

Shundaq,méning ular heqqide sözligüm,ularni bilgüm ,chushen'gum we
Buni wetendiki yash dostlirimgha sun'ghum bar.

"Amérika indianliri" turmushidiki bir alahidilik ular tebietke eng
Yéqin kishilerdur.

Tebietke bolghan hörmet,tebietke bolghan muhebbet ,tebietke bolghan
Sadaqet,tebietke bolghan cheksiz étiqad ularning jismi hem rohigha
Singip ketken diyishke bolidu!

Tebietke bolghan bu qeder méhri-muhebbet ulargha
Ata-bowiliridin_____sibiriyeliklerdin miras qalghan bolup,ulardiki bu
Xil étiqad hélimu hem ularning turmushida oz ipadisini tépip turuptu.
Ularning hazirqi ewladliri gerche bir putun mukemmel millet bolup
Turush imtiyazdin ayrilghan,özige xas tilini yoqatqan halette bolsimu
Emma bu kishilerdiki ejdatliridin qalghan eshu xil eqide ,roh téxi

Tebietke bolghan cheksiz séghinish,muhebbet étiqat hélimu ularning
Turmushida oz ipadisini tépip turuptu .
Yaq méningche ulardiki tebietke bolghan étiqad herqandaq bir el
,Milletke qarighanda shu qeder mukemmel saqlan'ghan iken.
Men ularning turmushi hem orup-adetliri teswirligen kitablarni,sin-filimlerni shundaqla ularning bugünki ewladlirining amérikida ötküzgen xilmu-xil bayram -murasimliridin buni téximu chongqur hés qilishqa bashlidim.

Amérikida "amérika indianliri"gha ait tor betliridin 100 yüzche bolup
,Men koprek "etext.Lib.Wirginia.Ed", ,"101
Language.com"..Qatarliq 10 gha yéqin tor betlirini ziyaret qilip
Turimen,bu tor betliride hazirqi indianlargha ait kündilik
Xewerler,ularning bayramliri,kündilik paaliyetliri,turmush
Adetliri,sen'et paaliyetliri qatarliqlar nuqtiliq tonushturulidu.
Morganning "qedimqi jem'iyet"dégen kitabida teswerlen'ginidek,ular
Hélimu quyashni muqeddes bilishidu;"Ay ilahi"gha tiwinidu;Yultuzlarning
Jaylashqan ornigha we yötkilishige qarap kishilerning teqdir-qismetliri
Belgilishimu,bolghusi ishlardin bisharet bérishidu;"Ejdadlar rohi"din
Medet tileydu;Özliri muqeddes dep qarighan taghlarda "tagh
Muekkili"sheripige türlük tebriklesh paaliyetlirini elip baridu;"Orman
Ilahi" we "su ilahi"gha atap nezirler qilishidiken.
Men tor beketliridin ularning bayramlirigha ait höjjetlik filimlerni
Körüp turimen.Bultur 7- ayda ularning "pow-pow usuli musabiqisi"gha
Ait bir filimni kördum.

Her yili 5- ay mezgilide kaliforniye shtatidiki indianlar arisida
"Qushlar usuli"("pow-pow usuli") paaliyiti élip berilidighan bolup
Herqaysi jaylardin kelgen indianlar bu shtatqa yighilip usul
Musabiqisi ötküzidu,adette bu paaliyet birer hepte dawamlishidiken,men
Bu usulning muzika rétimi anglighinimda koz aldimgha bizning
Turpanning "nazirkom usuli"bilen qumulning "toxo usuli "keldi.Ularning
Usul oynighan chaghdiki yasinishi qiyapiti xuddi "qizil xoraz"ni
Eslitetti...Elwette qumul rayonida "toxu usulini oynighan chaghda
Kishiler hélimu xorazgha oxshaydighan niqaplarni taqishidu,emma
Indianlarda bu usulni oynighan chaghdiki niqapliri beeyni "bazghip
Turghan xoraz"ning özi diyishke bolatti.

Filimni körüp bolghandin kéyin ulargha bolghan qiziqishim téximu
Kücheydi,shu haman özüm izdiniwatqan "uyghurlarning niqabliq
Usulliri"ésimge keldi,men turpanning "nazirkom usuli",qumulning "toxu
Usuli" we ili déhqanliri arisida hélimu toy-tokun meshreplerde oynilip
Kélidighan"jeren usuli" "ghaz oyuni"

"Tüge oyuni""bergüm lepiri"...Qatarliqlarda ipadilen'gen "tebiet
Étiqadchiliqi"ésimge keldi..."Bularning esli menbesini sélishturushqa
Ortaqlashturushqa bolamdu-qandaq?" Bu soal kallamgha kiriwaldi we bu
Heqte izdinishke bashlidim...Belkim bu heqtiki izdinishimni kéyinrek
Wetende chiqidighan orup-adetke dair jornallarda élan qilishim mumkin.
Uyghurlardiki kündilik turmushta ipadilinip turidighan quyashni we
Ayni ulughlash;Yultuzlargha qarap pal échish;Muqeddes taghlargha
Choqunush;Yada tash eqidisi;Zor derexlerni muqeddes bilish;Suni
Pakliqning nishani qilish;Tupraqni ulaghlash;Tuzni muqeddes bilish,nanni
Ulughlash;Erwahlar rohigha atap "yagh buritish".......Qatarliq étiqad
Adetlirini "indianlargha oxshutush "mumkinmu qandaq ?!

Hésabsiz soallar meni indianlar heqqide izdinishke ,ular bilen uyghurlarning turmush adetliri otturisidin melum baghlinishlarni tépip chiqishqa ündeytti.
Men oqup tügetken kitabni qayta qolumgha aldim,aptorning bayanidin burun sitat süpitide birilgen "yawropa köchmenliri"ning "yerlik milletler"ni qirghin qilghan ,basturghan waqti heqqidiki bayanlarni qayta oqushqa bashlidim.Oqughanséri,ularning eyni chaghda duch kelgen
Qismetliri mening shunche hisdashlighimni qozghaytti,aptorning koz-yashliri bedilige pütken her bir jümlisi yurek tarimni chéketti,her bir bayani méni oz yurtumgha élip kétetti, oz millitim béshidin ötküzgen tarix sehipiliri koz aldimda gewdilinetti.

"Uyghurlarni bugünki haletke qaldurghan nerse zadi néme?" "Uyghurlar néme uchun dunya xelqi bilen teng qedemde mangalmaywatidu?" "Uyghurlar nime uchun pen-téxnikida dunyada yétekchilik orun'gha ötelmidi?" " Eyni yilliri Yipek yoli sodisida yétekchi orunda turghan uyghurlar néme uchun hazirqi weziyette shu qeder passip haletke choshup qaldi?" " Uyghurlar eqli jehette bashqilardin töwenmu?" "Uyghurlar muteessipmu? " " Uyghurlarda izdinish rohi kemchilmu?"" Uyghurlarda yéngiliqni qobul qilish xahishi rastinla ajizmu?" "Qosh tilliq maarip oqutushi uyghurlarni yéngiche tereqqiyat yonulushige bashlap kirelemdu?...." Nurghunlighan tegsiz soallar meni lerzige salatti......

Amérika qitesige yawropa köchmenliri kélishtin ilgiri yerlik xelqler ormanlar qaplan'ghan bu zéminda "orman ilahi","tagh muekkili" "suilahi"...Qatarliqlarning panahida,"shaman"larning ilahi naxshilirigha jor bolup,eshu tügimes bayliqlarni ata qilghan bu munbet zéminda
Xatirjem yashighan idi......

Bu xil xatirjem bayashat turmush,ularni ghemsiz,oz nesiwisige shuki qilidighan qanaetchan,horun,hetta hoshyarliqini yoqatqan eshundaq bir haletke keltürüp qoyghan,shunga ular kolombu bu quruqluqqa yétip kelginide uni eziz méhmini süpitide qarshi alghan,u we uning dostlirini eng shirin taamlar bilen,cheksiz hörmet we iptixar ichide méhman
Qilghan,ular élip kelgen ajayibatlar ularning eqlini lal qilghan,ularni oz tengriliri ewetken "muqeddes kishiler"dep béshida kötürgen............

Nihayet yillar ötüp kolumbuning dostliri uning izini bésip bu zimin'gha keplep kélishke bashlighan,yerlik kishiler yenila shu qeder mehmandostlighi bilen ularni qarshi alghan ,ulargha panahliq jay bergen,ulargha ajayip semimi dostluq muhebbetlirini yetküzgen!!
Lékin bu "köchmenler"axirqi hésabta ularni umitsizlendurushke bashlighan hetta axirqi hésabta ular muqeddes bilgen nersilerni weyran qilishqa bashlighan...Hetta axirqi hésabta ularni bu zémindin köchüshke,chöllerge kétishke mejburlighan!

Aptor bu heqtiki bayanini shundaq yazidu:
"Rehmet sizlerning bu zémin'gha qedem basqiningizlargha,bizge hem yéngi makan tépip bergininglargha alemche teshekkur! emma biz yéngi makan, yéngi zémin'gha muhtaj emesmiz!!("we thank you koming here to talkto us in a way......We want this plake and not any other....")" Biz uchun bashqa héchqandaq jay yoqtur,biz sining bizge bashqa zimin
Bérishingge muhtaj emesmiz"("there is no other plake for us.We do not
Want you to buy any other plake.")
Shundaq lékin ular axirqi hésabta yenila oz ziminliridin,munbet yerliridin ,ormanliridin,muqeddes taghliridin,ana deryadin ayrilip qalghan,ularning "orman ilahi" "tagh muekkili" "ana derya" Ormanliqtiki "ejdatlar rohi"ularni qoghdap qalalmighan......Amérikining shu chaghdiki yerlik hökümiti,pirézdenti ularni "tinchliq shertnamisi"gha qol qoyushqa mejburlighan 1833- yili "amérika hökümiti" bilen "yerlik qebililer ittipaqi"otturisida kélishim imzalinip ular mejburi halda gherpke yenimu gherpke köchüshke mejbur bolghan,emma eyni chaghda yerlik xelqler buninggha bolghan qattiq naraziliqini ipadiligen "let the gowernment be glad and proud. It kan kill us.We do not fight. We do what it says. If we kannot liwe here, we want to go into the mountains and die. We do not want any other home."...

Elwette amérika hökümiti,yawropa köchmenlirining kyinki ewladliri___bugünki "amérika xelqi" indianlardin kechürüm soridi, ulargha özlirining eshu yolsizliqliri,hem qirghinliqliri uchun Namaqul bolushti! lékin erzimdu?! Bu qebililer,amérikining esli xojayinliri,dunya medeniyitining yene bir qismini yaratqan ,tilsimliq dunyasi ichide özgiche étiqat,medeniyet chembirikini qurghan yer sharini
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