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List of victims of Terrorist attacks in India

Posted: 14 Feb 2010 22:24
by A_Gupta
This is meant to be a record of the people whose lives were cut short by the terrorist attacks recorded in the companion thread Reference thread - lists of terrorist attacks.

At a minimum, name, age, home city is requested. Other biographical details are welcome.

If these attacks are to end, then we have to remember, not forget or bury it in statistics. In remembering them is the hope that their deaths were not in vain.


Re: Roll of Honor by Terrorism

Posted: 14 Feb 2010 22:29
by A_Gupta
Feb 13, 2010, Pune:

Avinash R posted
The siblings, Anik Dar, 24, and Anandi Dar, 19, were both residents of Kolkata. Anik was working in a firm in Mumbai, while his sister was a student of Fergusson College here.

Three friends, P. Sundari, 22, Vinita Gadani, 22, and Shilpa Goenka, 23, were also killed in the blast, which took place when a waiter tried to open an unclaimed bag left under a table at the popular eatery.

While Sundari was from Bangalore, Gadani was originally from Mumbai and Goenka from Kolkata. Sundari and Gadani also worked in the same office in a private firm here, while Goenka was working in Mumbai.

One of the victims was a 40-year-old man called Shankar, who worked in the bakery.


Re: Roll of Honor by Terrorism

Posted: 14 Feb 2010 22:30
by A_Gupta
Feb 13, 2010, Pune:

A Arun posted:
A Arun wrote:2 foreigners among 9 killed in Pune blast: Police

The two foreign nationals were identified as Nadia Materinia, 37, who was associated with the Osho Ashram nearby, and Syed Abdul Khali, 26, a student of Symbiosis College, police commissioner Satyapal Singh said at a press conference.

Avinash R posted:
Avinash R wrote:Name of italian woman is Nadia Materinia and iranian student is Syed Abdul Khali mentioned in A Arun's post.

Re: Roll of Honor by Terrorism

Posted: 14 Feb 2010 22:38
by A_Gupta
Nov 26, 2008, Mumbai:
List, part 1

Re: Roll of Honor by Terrorism

Posted: 14 Feb 2010 22:42
by A_Gupta
Nov 26, 2008, Mumbai:
List, part 2
Some part of the list is missing.

Re: Roll of Honor by Terrorism

Posted: 14 Feb 2010 22:44
by A_Gupta
Nov 26, 2008, Mumbai:
List, part 3

Re: Roll of Honor by Terrorism

Posted: 14 Feb 2010 22:46
by A_Gupta
Nov 26, 2008, Mumbai:
List, part 4

Re: Roll of Honor by Terrorism

Posted: 14 Feb 2010 22:50
by A_Gupta
Nov 26, 2008, Mumbai:
List, part 5 (last part).
Please note:
1. List is incomplete.
2. I will work on transcribing it so that this can be combined with other lists to make a unique names list. At which point I will replace these image posts with text.

Re: List of victims of Terrorist attacks in India

Posted: 15 Feb 2010 08:17
by vera_k

shiv wrote:
PUNE: Terror struck Pune tonight as a powerful bomb ripped apart a popular bakery near a Jewish prayer house, killing nine people, including five women and a foreigner, and injuring 45 in the first major attack since 26/11 carnage.

List of victims:

  • Gokul Nepali---------------27-----Nepal------------German Bakery employee
  • Shankar Pansare-----------38-----Pune------------Rickshaw driver
  • Ankik Dhar-----------------24-----Kolkata----------IIT Alumnus / JP Morgan employee
  • Anindyee Dhar-------------19-----Kolkata----------Ankik's sister / Fergusson college student
  • Shilpa Goenka--------------23-----Kolkata---------Ankik's classmate / Nomura employee
  • Sundari P------------------22-----Hyderabad------BIT Mesra Alumnus / Amdocs employee
  • Binita Gadani---------------22-----Mumbai---------Amdocs employee
  • Saeid Kazem Abdolkhani----25-----Iran-------------Symbiosis college student
  • Nadia Macerini-------------37-----Italy------------Osho Commune visitor

Re: List of victims of Terrorist attacks in India

Posted: 15 Feb 2010 08:24
by Jarita
What abt attacks in Assam in last year?

Re: List of victims of Terrorist attacks in India

Posted: 15 Feb 2010 11:15
by Rishi
Jarita wrote:What abt attacks in Assam in last year?

Please feel free to add Jarita.

Re: List of victims of Terrorist attacks in India

Posted: 15 Feb 2010 11:20
by RayC
And the list continues! :shock:

Re: List of victims of Terrorist attacks in India

Posted: 15 Feb 2010 12:09
by skaranam

Re: List of victims of Terrorist attacks in India

Posted: 15 Feb 2010 13:29
by Neela
This link should be made sticky and a cross post should be made in the first page of TSP thread!

Admins, kindly indulge!

Re: List of victims of Terrorist attacks in India

Posted: 16 Feb 2010 20:15
by skaranam
Latest victim of Pune blast on 13th Feb 2010
[*]Abhishek Saxena-----------24-----Lucknow--------Student of DY Patil College

I believe we should document the list of injured and other information.

Some Pune blast victims alive but without limbs

  • Amjad Ahmed----------------22-------Iran-------Lost a leg
  • Anees Eltiyath-------------23-------Sudan------Lost a leg, 78% burns,multi-organ collapse
  • Aditya Mehta---------------26-------Gujarat----60% burns, both legs amputated
  • Balasubramanyam Natarajan--31-------XXXX-------Lost Fingers
  • Atul Anap------------------30-------XXXX-------Lost Fingers
  • Abhishek Kumar-------------XX-------India------One Leg Amputated,
  • Sumit Singh----------------XX-------India------40 % burns, employed by Aditya Birla Group
  • Rajeev Agarwal-------------XX-------India------One Arm Amputated
  • Hrishab--------------------XX-------India------Fractures

Re: List of victims of Terrorist attacks in India

Posted: 17 Feb 2010 20:20
by harbans
It's 3 Foreigners and not 2 that died as reported. Italian, Iranian and Nepalese. Unless we include Nepal as part of India.

Re: List of victims of Terrorist attacks in India

Posted: 18 Feb 2010 02:01
by ppatil
Its 11 now :cry:

Aditya Mehata, 21, electronic engineering student of Bharati Vidyapeeth, New Delhi
Pune death toll goes up to 11

P.S. - Mods could you please correct info about Aditya in skaranam's post.

Re: List of victims of Terrorist attacks in India

Posted: 18 Feb 2010 12:23
by AjayKK
Abhishek was only hope of his widowed mother

Pune/Lucknow: Abhishek Saxena's widowed mother had all her hopes pinned on him. But all came to a crashing end when the 23-year-old third-year BTech (mechanical) student of D Y Patil Engineering College in Pune died at Inlaks and Budhrani hospital on Tuesday, taking the German Bakery blast toll to 10.

Hailing from Lucknow, Abhishek was an only child. For his mother Nidhi, it was the cruelest blow: her husband, S C Saxena, a bank manager, died in 1994 when Abhishek was barely eight. Nidhi then got a clerical job at her husbands bank. After Abhishek completed his intermediate from Mahanagar Boys Inter College in 2005, she allowed him to pursue his engineering at in Pune. Though sad that her only son would have to leave, she accepted it as she was sure that further studies would count a lot in his career, says Abhisheks uncle Alok Saxena.

Another uncle Arvind Kumar, said he stayed at a flat with a friend on Senapati Bapat Road in Pune. Pravin Nitnavare, assistant professor at D Y Patil Engineering College, said, Abhishek , who used to be in the third year in the mechanical department, would participate in various engineering workshops at the college as well as outside . D S Yadav, registrar of the college , said, He would always perform well in college exams.

Intensivist Vilas Gundecha, of Inlaks and Budhrani Hospital, said, Abhishek was admitted with severe injuries to the right leg, which required immediate amputation. Following that, he continued to bleed profusely and several rounds blood transfusions (25 bottles) had to be conducted over the past two days.

Re: List of victims of Terrorist attacks in India

Posted: 18 Feb 2010 12:25
by AjayKK
Victims of Mumbai Bomb blasts, July 11, 2006
Partial list. 200 people were killed. The list contains half the names.

KEM HOSPITAL: Amrut Lalji Patel (45), Anil Lalubhai Sah (49), Anish Vinaykumar Bhandare (50), Babulala Bhulal Vagnari (38), Bedolkar Berilal K Salvi, Chetan Sharma (36), Girish B Talpade (66), Kalabhai Laxmibhai (42), Khan Zuber Khan, Mannal K Desouza, Mohammed T Ansari, Ninad Sudhir Mali (39), Nitin Patil (36), Sanjay Mohanlal Jaswani (48), Soji Ram P G (49), Somnath Das, Sumant Dilip (25), Zuber Khan Inteza (19)

COOPER HOSPITAL: Amresh Sawant, Paresh Thakkar, Amitabh Pai, Sushit Shah, Pravin Upadhya, Mukund Modi, Nandkishor, Manoj Shah, Jitendra Nagar, Pratap Vora

BHAGWATI HOSPITAL: Bhogilal Sarvayya, Brijmohan Prasad, Dilip Ramlakhan Kevar, Enjal Shaikh, Giribaba Nijam Pathan, Hemlata Yadunath Yadav, Jaiprakash Sones, K S Shah, Kawan Subhash Thakur, Mohan P Kensali, Naresh J Saliya, Omkarnath Mishra, R R Motani, Rajanikant Panchal, Ravindra Balaria, S R Biradodar, Suresh Engineer

LTMG HOSPITAL: Azim Kumar, Bjivji H Patel, Hemant S Vaidya, J M Shah, Javed, Laxmi Chand Nanji Gala, Manish Manohar, Manohar W Raut, Maqsud Danesh, N C Bhagat, N M Sabu, Naral Bhai, Nitesh Kumar, Parag Karamberkar, Prashant Sawant , R K Raut, Rajiklal Merchant, Sandeep K Jhawhar, Trikamalal K Padtara, Yogesh M Doshi, Yogesh Purane

V N DESAI HOSPITAL: Ashok Waghela (48), Dr Girish N Parmanand (70), Himanshu P Bandadil (25), Jitendra J Thaleshwar (27), Kunal S Shah (26)
Manish M Divekar (25), Mohan R Sarvangi (18), Ramesh S Kumavat (32)
Vinod A T (47)


BOMBAY HOSPITAL: Ritesh Saxeria (23)

Re: List of victims of Terrorist attacks in India

Posted: 18 Feb 2010 15:59
by skaranam
I have created a spreadsheet and published via GoogleDocs. Here is the link.

Victims of ISI Sponsered Terrorism in India

I can update the changes as and when situation changes.

Re: List of victims of Terrorist attacks in India

Posted: 20 Feb 2010 18:55
by A_Gupta
Dec 13, 2001, Delhi: Attack on the Parliament
Kamlesh Kumari
Kamlesh Kumari was a recipient of Ashoka Chakra Award, India's highest peacetime award. She was a constable of CRPF (Central Reserve Police Force) who died defending the parliament of India from terrorist attack on 13 December 2001.

Constable Kamlesh Kumari joined the force in 1994 and was first posted with the elite 104 Rapid Action Force (RAF) in Allahabad. Soon after, she was posted at the 88 Mahila Battalion on July 12, 2001. She became part of the Bravo Company, which is deployed in Parliament when in session.

Kamlesh Kumari was posted near the X-ray machine at Gate No. 12 of the Parliament House. She saw the ambassador brand car, bearing the license number plate DL 3C J 1527, heading from Vijay Chowk towards the gate. Kamlesh was the first security person to walk up to the car, laden with a deadly cargo and driven by men with the agenda of spreading terror and mayhem.

Kamlesh, realising something was amiss, ran towards the gate to shut it. The terrorists, their cover blown, opened fire. Eleven bullets from the guns caught Kamlesh in her stomach and she fell. It was 11.50 in the morning.

Kamlesh's alertness prevented a human bomb among the terrorists from executing his plan; the closing of Gate No. 1 and the alarm raised gave time for other security personnel to take position and shoot the bomber.


She is survived by Avdesh, her husband, and their daughters Jyoti and Shweta. They hail from the village Sikandarpur in Kannauj in Uttar Pradesh.The family was earlier staying in Vikaspuri, Delhi.

Re: List of victims of Terrorist attacks in India

Posted: 20 Feb 2010 23:08
by A_Gupta
Feb 13, 2010, Pune
Stories of the injured. (some later succumbed to their injuries).

Re: List of victims of Terrorist attacks in India

Posted: 21 Feb 2010 21:34
by A_Gupta
November 7, 2005, J&K
[personal note: This was from a previous attempt to remember those killed by terrorists. Like back then, now too I find the effort makes me moody, unsocial and withdrawn, and depressed. Therefore, I will contribute here at a very measured pace only. Collectively we can do it.]

Father and son
From and
In the afternoon today, unidentified gunmen appeared in an apple orchard near Indergam and they fired upon one Abdul Ahad Chopan S/o Abdullah Chopan R/o Yatipora, Pattan, killing him on spot. Unconfirmed reports said that Chopan had earlier worked with a counter-insurgent organisation.

Please note that, of Aug 28, 2001, had the following:

At Peth-Kanihama bridge in the same area {Magam} today, two militants intercepted Ghulam Mohammad Chopan S/O Abdul Ahad Chopan of Sanoorkalipora and shot him dead. Chopan was working as a cook with IRP 6th Bn which is a part of SOG Pattan. He was returning to duty along with a former militant, namely Yunis, when militants captured him and shot him dead. They did not harm his associate and later escaped on his Honda motorcycle.

I think it is the same family. The father, killed today, was a cook for the Indian Reserve Police; the jihadis killed his son {also a cook} in 2001.

Re: List of victims of Terrorist attacks in India

Posted: 21 Feb 2010 21:36
by A_Gupta
October 2005

Grim October in Jammu and Kashmir
It was not just the earthquake of October 8.

October 9 : Terrorists shot dead Zoshi, daughter of Abdul Rather resident of Panzat, PS-Qazigund at her father's residence.

Rajouri: Five terrorists came to Raj Nagar, Budal, PS-Budhal, Rajouri and dragged five Hindus from their houses and slaughtered them. The killed civilians were identified as Munshi Ram, son of Nehal Chand, Kala, son of Munshi Ram, Hans Raj, son of Munshi Ram, Shoba Ram, son of Karam Chand and Vickey, son of Shoba Ram.

October 10: Anantnag: Terrorists barged into the house of Gh. Rasool Bhat, resident of Arreh, PS-Kulgam and opened fire, causing death of his son, Nisar Ahmed Bhat and critically injured his daughter, Rozy Zan.

Rajouri: Terrorists killed five Hindus at Mohra Gabba, village Raj Nagar, PS-Budhal; identified as Kartar Singh, son of Sohan Singh, Gurdeep Singh, son of Kartar Singh, Punjab Singh, son of Kartar Singh, Kashmir Singh, son of Kartar Singh and Satvir Singh, son of Hakim Singh and injured Karnail Singh, son of Kartar Singh.

October 11: Pulwama: Terrorists fired upon the vehicle of Mohd. Safi Banday, Congress activist, at a place near Gabbarpora, PS-Pulwama, while he was on his way to Srinagar from Shopian. Bashir Ahmed (PSO) was injured and Mohd. Iqbal (driver) was killed during the incident.

October 12: Baramulla: Police personnel of PS-Sopore recovered a dead body of Fiyaz Ahmed Dar (ex-HM terrorist) son of Abdul Ajiz, resident of Warpora, PS-Sopore from Zanpora, PS-Sopore who was killed by some unidentified gunmen.

Pulwama: Terrorists shot dead Ashiq Ahmed Ganai, a carpenter, son of Abdul Rahim Ganai resident of Hatwara-Aloochibagh, PS-Pampore at Samboora.

[Update: One of Ganai's relatives is reportedly working with Army Intelligence. Last fortnight only, militants had similarly gunned down one of Ganai's cousin sisters at Sambora.

Source: ... ntry=INDIA

Rajouri: Terrorists killed one Abdul Majid s/o Shaik Hussain (42 yrs.) in vill. Chowkian, PS-Darhal.

(Names from

Re: List of victims of Terrorist attacks in India

Posted: 21 Feb 2010 21:58
by A_Gupta
October 29, 2005

The Delhi Bomb Blasts of October 29
On October 29, 62 people were killed and many more injured in three bomb blasts in Delhi.

Here are the names of the dead (from the Yahoo egroup IndianCivilization)

The names of some of the victims of the Paharganj blast who had been brought to the RML hospital are:

1. Yash Mishra, aged seven months (s/o Sunil Mishra),
2. Suman Jain, 57 (w/o Naveen Chandra, Sadanand Paswan,
3. 36 (s/o Jogender Paswan) all of whom were Pahar Ganj residents.
Besides, the identity of two of the dead was yet to be ascertained.

The Lady Hardinge Hospital has issued a list of eleven dead, also victims of Paharganj blast:
1.Narendra Sant, 27 (son of Rajender Sant, resident of Gole market),
2. H Aanant, 70. Raman(son of Hari Haran, resident of PaharGanj),
3. Neha, 17 (daughter of Mahendra, resident of Gole Market),
4.Shiv Raman, 58 (Resident of Officers' flats, Panchkuian Road),
5. Meena Shivam, 47 (wife of Shiv Raman, resident of Panchkuian Road),
6.Vinod Kumar, 31 (son of Shiv Raman, resident of Panchkuain Road),
7. Lakshman Choudhary, 42 (son of Mohanty Choudhary, resident of Railway Colony, Pahar Ganj, belongs to Bihar),
8.Navita, 24,
9. Valmiki.
Two of the bodies are yet to be identified.

In the Safdarjung Hospital, where 44 victims of the Sarojini Nagar blast died, 31 bodies had been identified:
1. Sonakshi Gupta, 14,
2. Indrajit Gupta, 41,
3. Prachi, 38,
4. Aarti, 17,
5.Komla, 45,
6.Rachna Gupta, 39,
7.Lalchand, 32,
8.Bablu Paswan, 30,
9. Kanchan Choudhary, 26,
10.Sushma Kochar, 48,
11. Mahesh Kochar, 54,
12. Maitri Bhatacharya, 8,
13.Kumbha Bhatacharya, 42,
14.Rajeev Nigam, 45,
15. Alwin Michael, 16,
16.Suman gupta, 45,
17. Balram, 8,
18.Gina Jha, 35,
19.Karan Podar, 7,
20.Suman, 32,
21.B S Murthy, 75,
23.Dilbag Singh, 35,
24.Upamaitra Sharma, 4,
25.Surender Prasad, 22,
26.Satyabrata Mukherjee, 45,
27.Supriya Mukherjee, 38,
28.Uttkarsh Gupta, 3,
29.Satya Narayan Bharadwaj,
30 Poonam, 18 and
31.Rajni, 40.

The two dead at the AIIMS have not been identified.

The total number of the dead now is 62 out which only 43 had been identified.

Re: List of victims of Terrorist attacks in India

Posted: 21 Feb 2010 22:04
by A_Gupta
Feb 13, 2010 Pune
Rajeev Agarwal ... ry-pu.html
Rajeev Agarwal was a month away from becoming a lawyer and taking up his first job when he was grievously injured in the Feb 13 Pune terror blast. After battling for life for a week, the 23-year-old student succumbed to his injuries early Sunday.

A former student of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan at Salt Lake, Rajeev Agarwal had left for Pune four years back for the law course.

Rajeev Agarwal is the fourth alumni of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan at Salt Lake to die in the Pune blast. Ankik Dhar, Anindi Dhar and Shilpa Goyenka had died on the spot.

'He had gone to have a cup of coffee at the German Bakery with four friends on that fateful day. After a while, two of his friends went out of the bakery. Agarwal and two others were at the cash counter making the payment when the blast occurred,' said one of Agarwal's relatives.

'All three friends had 60 percent burns. Their entire body was damaged,' he added.

The law student's parents and two siblings have been in Pune for the last few days arranging for his treatment at the Jehangir Hospital, where he was admitted by the police and rescuers soon after the explosion.

A relative, sitting at the Agarwals' residence at 25, Banarsi Ghosh Road in north Kolkata, said: 'We heard the news at 6 a.m.'

'He was to complete his course next month. He had also got a job through campus interview,' he said.

Describing Rajeev Agarwal as a brilliant student and a fine boy, the elderly relative said: 'He had no enemies, such was his modest nature'.

Re: List of victims of Terrorist attacks in India

Posted: 22 Feb 2010 12:22
by AjayKK
2006 Varanasi bombings

The 2006 Varanasi bombings were a series of bombings that occurred across the Hindu holy city of Varanasi in India on 7 March 2006. At least 28 people are reported to have been killed and as many as 101 others were injured.

The names of 14 of who died

1.Harish Bijlani, Varanasi
2.Shyam Sunder, Sidharth Nagar
3.Prabhakar Dwivedi, Varanasi
4.Manohar Lal, Varanasi
5.Shivangi, Varanasi
6.Manmohan, Varanasi
7.Subhash Das, Orissa
8.Ashok Kumar Verma, Ballia
9.Lal Chandra, Varanasi
10.Hargovind Sharma, Bihar
11.Mohit, Bihar
12.Subhash, Bihar
13.Ramnath Pal, Pratapgarh
14. Shringari devi, Bihar.


Re: List of victims of Terrorist attacks in India

Posted: 25 Feb 2010 01:20
by HariC
How many times do I have to paste this list?

List of Mumbai victims from 26/11

1 Shashak Shinde (Kirti Chakra) Insp, CST Rly GRP CST Attack
2 Ambadas Ramchandra Pawar (Kirti Chakra) 29 Const CST Attack
3 Murlidhar Lakshman Chaudhari 55 Head Constable, RPF CST Attack
4 Mukesh Bhikaji Jadhav (Kirti Chakra) 23 Home Guard Constable CST Attack
5 Bapusaheb Durugade (PPMFG) Sub Inspector, L.A.1, Naigaon CAMA Hospital
6 Prakash P More (PPMFG) SI, LT Marg Stn CAMA Hospital
7 Vijay Khandekar (PPMFG) ACP Date's team CAMA Hospital
8 Hemant Karkare IPS (Ashoka Chakra) ATS JCP Qualis Ambush
9 Ashok Kamte IPS (Ashoka Chakra) ATS ACP Qualis Ambush
10 Vijay Salaskar (Ashoka Chakra) Inspector Qualis Ambush
11 Balavant C Bhosale (PPMFG) ASI Qualis Ambush
12 Jaywant Patil (PPMFG) Constable, Kamte's Bodyguard Qualis Ambush
13 Yogesh Patil (PPMFG) Const Qualis Ambush
14 Arun Raghunath Chitte (Kirti Chakra) 38 Constable, Salaskar's Driver but killed separate Metro Cinema
15 Tukaram Gopal Omble (Ashoka Chakra) ASI, DB Marg PS Girgaum Chowpatty
16 Rahul S. Shinde (PPMFG) Constable, S.R.P.F. Group X, Solapur Taj Hotel
17 Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan (Ashoka Chakra) 31 NSG
18 Hav Gajendra Singh Bhist (Ashoka Chakra) 36 NSG
19 Sushil Kumar Sharma Railway Employee Assistant Chief Ticketing Inspector
20 Harika Bai Lalji Solanki F cleanliness staff at CST
21 Chandulal Kashinath Tandel 55 Newspaper Vendor - AH Wheelor Bookshop
22 Mohammad Mukhtar Mian 35
23 Illiyas Ansari Cook at Alishan Hotel
24 Mustafa Ansari Family member of Illiyas Ansari
25 Sarfaraz Ansari Family member of Illiyas Ansari
26 Raqeela Qatoon Ansari Family member of Illiyas Ansari
27 Arif Ansari Family member of Illiyas Ansari
28 Abbas Ansari Family member of Illiyas Ansari
29 Vinod Kumar
30 Ameena Begum Passenger at CST
31 Shiv Shankar Gupta Hawker at CST
32 Sunil Thackeray Toy Hawker at CST
33 Mastan Qureshi, Tour Guide at CST
34 Haji Ezaj Dalal 39 Passenger at CST
35 Azizbhai Rampure 55 Passenger at CST
36 Mira Chatterjee 66 Passenger at CST
37 Murugan 54 Passenger at CST
38 Aneesh Prabhu 27 Passenger at CST, Son of Victim Murugan
39 Poonam Nevadiya F Passenger at CST
40 Adit Yadav 4 Child - at CST
41 Nitesh Sharma 15 Passenger at CST
42 Sitaram Sakhare
43 Mishrilal Maurya
44 Raju Chitekar 10
45 Deepali Chitekar F8
46 Akash Akhilesh Yadav 6
47 Ayub Shaikh Yakub Visitor at CST
48 Avdesh Sudama Pandit 26 Passenger at CST
49 Manohar Sahani 30 Passenger at CST
50 Mulithaiyya Madivallaiyya Hiremath 28 Passenger at CST
51 Upendra Yadav
52 Prakash Jayant Mandal went to see off brother at CST
53 Bechan Prasad Gupta 35 Passenger at CST
54 Vinod Madanlal Gupta Passenger at CST
55 Nathuni Yadav 42 passenger at CST
56 Baban Ugde Security Guard
57 Bhanudeo Narkar 50 Security Guard
58 Gaurav Jain 27 From Indore.
59 Thakur Budha Vaghela Sweeper at GT Hospital
60 Bhaagan Gangaram Shinde, Wardboy at GT Hospital
61 Laxminarayan Goyal Lawyer from Hyderabad
62 Mohammand Omar 27 Taxi Driver
63 Phoolchand Bind 40 Taxi Driver
64 Zarina Samshuddin Shiekh F45 Residents of Ekta Nagar
65 Reema Mohammad Rabiul Sheikh F26
66 Kazi Hidayatullah 23 Employee of Café Leopold
67 Peeru Pasha Employee of Café Leopold
68 Malayesh Banerjee 27 Patron at Café Leopold
69 P K Gopalakrishnan Patron at Café Leopold
70 Meetu Asrani F26 Patron at Café Leopold
71 Shahabuddin Khan 46 Tailor at colaba Causeway
72 Subhash Vaghela 42 Chemist Shop beside Leopold
73 Dr. Michael Stuart Moss Montreal, Guest at Trident
74 Elizabeth Russell Montreal, Guest at Trident Partner of Dr. Moss
75 Sandeep "Sam" Jeswani, 43 US Citizen Guest at Trident
76 Alan Scherr US Citizen - Syncronocity
77 Naomi Scherr 13 US Citizen - Syncronocity
78 Brett Gilbert Taylor 49 Staying at Trident
79 Loumia Hiridjee 47
80 Mourad Amarsy 49
81 Lo Hwei Yen 28 Lawyer from Singapore
82 Hisashi Tsuda 38
83 Ajit Chhabaria 42 Husband of Monic Chabaria - Diner at Tiffin
84 Anand Bhatt Solicitor, Diner at Kandhahar
85 Ashok Kapur Diner at Kandahar rest - Chariman Yes Bank
86 Harsha Mohit Hajrani F36 Diner in Restaurant
87 Kannubhai Javeribhai Patel Diner in Restaurant - Chairman BIPICO Industries
88 Mohit Kanahya Hajrani 37 Diner in Restaurant
89 Monica Chhabaria F36 diner at Tiffin
90 Pankaj S Shah Developer, Diner at Kandahar
91 Reshma Parekh F Wife of Sunil Parekh, Diner at Tiffin
92 Rita Agarwal F42
93 Rohinton Baijee Maloo
94 Sanjay Agarwal 46
95 Sunil Parekh Business Man, Diner at Tiffin
96 Uma Garg F
97 Gordon Gregory Fernandez Asst Steward Trident
98 Sanjay Surve 42 Bellboy at Trident
99 Jasmine Singh F22 Manager Trident , Daughter of ITBP DIG
100 Giraha Kanmani Alias Jeena Masseuse at Trident Hotel
101 Shaunat Chemburkar Asst Lobby Manager
102 Maibam BimolChandra 30 Asst Manager
103 Amy Thakral Receptionist at Shanti Spa at Trident
104 Andreas Liveras 73 British yachting tycoon
105 Ralph Burkei 51 Munich media entrepreneur
106 Doug Markell 71 From Sydney - Guest at Taj
107 Chaitlall Gunness Exec Dir of State Bank
108 Hema Kasipillay F51 Guest
109 Jara Barbara Guest
110 Sabina Sehgal Saikia F Food Critic with Times of India
111 Vishindas Narang Diner at Golden Dragon
112 Nilam Narang F Diner at Golden Dragon
113 Gunjan Narang Diner at Golden Dragon
114 Roopinder Randhawa F Diner at Shamiana
115 Rajeev Saraswat Visitor - Manager with HPCL
116 Maqsood Shaikh 47 Visitor to Taj
117 Feroz Khan 30 Visitor to Taj
118 Vijay Rao Banja 48 TATA Group Employee - Chef
119 Gautam Singh Gosain 22 TATA Group Employee - Trainee Chef
120 Kaizad Kamdin 28 TATA Group Employee - Asst Chef
121 Zaheen Mateen 25 TATA Group Employee - Trainee Chef
122 Fuastine Martis 47 TATA Group Employee - Supervisor / Head Waiter
123 Sadanand Ratan Patil 25 TATA Group Employee - Trainee Chef
124 Rahamatullah Shaukat Ali 54 TATA Group Employee - Waiter
125 Boris Rego 23 TATA Group Employee - Trainee Chef at Shamiana Rest
126 Thomas Varghese 53 TATA Group Employee - Manager
127 Rabindra Jagan Kuwar 32 TATA Group Employee - Security
128 Rajan Kamble TATA Group Employee - Plant Room Tradesman
129 Hemant Talim 27 TATA Group Employee - Trainee Chef
130 Neeti Kang F38 Wife of GM Taj Hotel
131 Samar Kang 6 Son of GM Taj Hotel
132 Uday Kang 12 Son of GM Taj Hotel
133 Rabbi Gavriel Noach Holtzberg 29
134 Rivka Holtzberg F28
135 Yocheved Orpaz F60
136 Bentzion Kruman 28
137 Aryeh Leib Teitelbaum
138 Shvarzblat Rabinovich F50
139 Haresh Gohil 25 Resident at Colaba
140 Rajendra Kumar Sharma 30 Bomb Blast at Petrol Bunk
141 Salim Ali Harharwala 62 Resident in Apartment at Colaba
142 Mehenbi Salim Harharwala F57 Resident in Apartment at Colaba Wife of Salimbhai
143 Jeurgan Hetras Rudolph 68 Unverified
144 Stredder Daphne F50 Unverified
145 Afrin Shadab Quareshi
146 Ashfar Ali Sheikh
147 Farook Dinshaw Ihaliya
148 Fatima Ruban Shaikh
149 Fuchand Shriram Kishorbin
150 Hasibul Rehman Sheikh
151 Jahir Sayyed Nasir Ali (Matin) 25 Colaba
152 Jaykumar Durairaj Nadar
153 Kamal Motwani
154 Mohamd Amant Mohamad Ali
155 Mohd.Husain Mohm Algir Shaikh 40
156 Nita Prakash Gaikwad
157 Noorul Islam Azaharmulla
158 Paripasha Mehboob Ali Shaikh
159 Sarjerao Sadashiv Bhosale 30
160 Satpakkam Rehmatulla Shoukat Ali 43
161 Sheshabai Baburao Kharatmal
162 Shirish Sawal chari
163 Shoeb Ahmed Shaikh
164 Surendra Aliya Ajay Bindurao
165 Wilson Baburao Mandlik
166 Amarsingh Tandel Captain of Kuber
167 Ramesh Nanji Crewman of Kuber
168 Parbat Prabhu Crewman of Kuber
169 Mukesh Bandhu Crewman of Kuber
170 Nattu Nanu Crewman of Kuber

+ 9 Terrorist Pigs

Re: List of victims of Terrorist attacks in India

Posted: 25 Feb 2010 01:25
by HariC
Indian Victims of 9/11 Attacks on World trade center. While this is not a terrorist attack in India, people very easily forget that Indians are third in the list of countries in number of victims on 9/11. No.1 is USA, no.2 is UK. No.3 is India.

Alok Agarwal 36
Alok Kumar Mehta 23
Anil T. Bharvaney 41
Avnish Ramanbhai Patel 28
Deepa K. Pakkala 33
Deepika Kumar Sattaluri 33
Dipti Patel
Gopalakrishnan Varadhan
Hasmukhrai Chuckulal Parmar
Hemanth Kumar Puttur
Jayesh Shah
Joseph Mathai 49
Jupiter Yambem 47
Kalyan K. Sarkar
Kiran Reddy Gopu 25
Krishna Moorthy
Manika Narula
Manish K. Patel
Mukul Agarwala
Narender Nath
Neil G. Shastri 25
Nitin Parandkar
Pendyala Vamsikrishna
Prem Nath Jerath
Rajesh A. Mirpuri
Rajesh Khandelwal 32
Roshan R. (Sean) Singh
Sankara S. Velamuri
Saranya Srinuan
Shekhar Kumar
Srinivasa Shreyas Ranganath
Sushil Solanki
Swarna Chalasini 33
Vijayashanker Paramsothy
Vinod K. Parakat
Yeshavant Moreshwar Tembe

does not include guyanese indians. but may include ABCD origin indians.

Re: List of victims of Terrorist attacks in India

Posted: 25 Feb 2010 22:04
by harbans
Is it possible to have a thread on terrorist attacks in India with reference to who planned, perpetrated it, was convicted, who has escaped justice, who is hiding in another country. There should be a comprehensive list of terror attack perpetrators too for ready reference. Remember the coimbatore and other blasts in S India on churches were blamed on right wing hindu groups, but when they convicted an IM related group it was kept confined in page 17's of psec media.

Re: List of victims of Terrorist attacks in India

Posted: 26 Feb 2010 22:46
by Avinash R
Not a terror attack in India but names of Indians who were victims in the afghanistan bombings
shravan wrote:Kabul attack: 2 armymen among 6 Indians dead, special plane being to bring bodies

The deceased Indians were identified as Major Dr Laishram Jyotin Singh of Army Medical Corps, Major Deepak Yadav of Army Education Corps, engineer Bhola Ram, tabla player Nawab Khan, staffer of Kandahar Consulate Nitish Chibber and ITBP constable Roshan Lal, Indian embassy sources said.
Jyotin Singh was in Afghanistan to train local doctors at the Indira Gandhi hospital while Deepak Yadav was teaching English at the Afghan Military Academy.

Re: List of victims of Terrorist attacks in India

Posted: 27 Feb 2010 14:45
by Avinash R
Pune blast death toll rises to 17
The death toll in the February 13 German Bakery blast here rose to 17 with a 23-year-old woman succumbing to injuries Thursday night, hospital sources said.

The victim, Aditi Jindal, was from Chandigarh and undergoing treatment in Inlaks and Budhrani hospital, sources added.

A 21-year-old Sudanese student Anas Elphat Suleman passed away at Jehangir Hospital on February 24. He is the fourth foreigner to die in the blast that rocked the popular eatery in Koregaon Park.

The blast claimed lives of three other foreigners – a 26-year-old Sudanese student Amjad Elgazoli, an Italian woman Nadia Macerini and an Iranian man Sayyed Syed Khani—besides injuring more than 50 people.

2 Names are missing from the list, anyone has more info pls add to this
Shankar Pansare----------38-----Pune/India------------Rickshaw driver
Ankik Dhar-----------------24-----Kolkata/India----------IIT Alumnus / JP Morgan employee
Anindyee Dhar-------------19-----Kolkata/india----------Ankik's sister / Fergusson college student
Shilpa Goenka-------------23-----Kolkata/India---------Ankik's classmate / Nomura employee
Sundari P---------------- --22-----Hyderabad/India------BIT Mesra Alumnus / Amdocs employee
Binita Gadani---------------22-----Mumbai/India---------Amdocs employee
Aditya Mehta---------------21-----India----------------------Electronic engineering student of Bharati Vidyapeeth, New Delhi
Abhishek Saxena----------23------Lucknow/India--------BTech (Mechanical) student of D Y Patil Engineering College, Pune
Rajeev Agarwal------------23------Kolkatta/India---------Student

Gokul Nepali------------------21-----Nepali---------German Bakery employee
Saeid Kazem Abdolkhani----25-----Iran-------------Symbiosis college student
Nadia Macerini----------------37-----Italy------------Osho Commune visitor
Anas Elphat Suleman---------21-----Sudan---------Student
Amjad Elgazoli---------------26-----Sudan---------Student

Aditi Jindal-------------------23-----Chandigarh/India-------Student

Re: List of victims of Terrorist attacks in India

Posted: 04 Mar 2010 22:38
by skaranam
I have updated the list of victims. However, i decided to move away from google spreadsheets. I created a new blogspot, where a better grid display is present and u can sort and filter the data as u like.

Pune Blast Victims.

I am trying to consolidate the list of all victims.

Re: List of victims of Terrorist attacks in India

Posted: 05 Mar 2010 22:00
by JE Menon
An EXCELLENT idea for a thread A_Gupta and skaranam

At least in this small way we can contribute to their memories.

And we will keep a record in the public domain of what the Pakisatans have done to our people.

Re: List of victims of Terrorist attacks in India

Posted: 14 Mar 2010 22:06
by A_Gupta
Mid-Day story on Anindyee and Anik Dhar, victims of the Feb 13, 2010 Pune blast. ... t-Pune.htm

Re: List of victims of Terrorist attacks in India

Posted: 26 Mar 2010 14:26
by skaranam
Here is a comprehensive list of Injured and dead of the Mumbai Attacks.
26/11 Mumbai Attack Victims

Re: List of victims of Terrorist attacks in India

Posted: 12 Apr 2010 02:55
by A_Gupta

Re: List of victims of Terrorist attacks in India

Posted: 20 Aug 2010 16:44
by Aditya_V
Can we have a seperate thread for list of Deaths, Rape Victims , Mine workers killed, Truck drivers Killed, Policeman killed by Maoists as well.

Funny I have seem Ishrat Jehan Face many times on TV, SHorabudin's face, but none of these faces when come when Pakistani Hosts come on TV

Re: List of victims of Terrorist attacks in India

Posted: 08 Dec 2010 00:36
by Amber G.
December 7, 2010 Varanasi.
2 Year old, Swastika Sharma died.
35 Injured.

Re: List of victims of Terrorist attacks in India

Posted: 13 Jul 2011 21:48
by Amber G.
July 13, 2011
India: Terror attack kills 21, wounds 100 in Mumbai
Will edit and update when the names are available. (Count may increase :( )