India's Best Option In Afghanistan

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1) It is better for India that the US/NATO stay in Afghanistan indefinitely.
2) It is better for India if the US/NATO begin leaving Afghanistan by 2011 or so.
3) If you picked 1: India should offer troop deployment to Afghanistan to encourage US/NATO to remain
4) If you picked 1: India should use all leverage to encourage US/NATO to remain, short of offering troops
5) If you picked 2: India should revive the Iran-Russia alliance and back the mainly non-Pashtun, anti-Taliban forces.
6) If you picked 2: India should back Karzai with all available resources, including possible nuclear umbrella.
7) If you picked 2: India should back other actors, including Pashtun groups currently part of the "Taliban" if necessary.
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Re: India's Best Option In Afghanistan

Postby Johann » 12 Apr 2010 12:52

-The ideological (i.e. 'bad') Taliban is part of the Deobandi movement.
- Some elements of the 'bad' Taliban are willing to work with the PA, others fight it
-The Deobandi movement in Pakistan is strong in both Pakjabi and Pashtun areas.
- The Deobandi movement believes in Islamic emirates, and it believes in the ummah.
- It is not at all clear that the movement believes in modern Pakistani nationalism of the PA's variety
- The PA has no real control over the extent of the Deobandi movement's embrace of global jihad.
- The threat from both global jihad, and from stray nuclear material is what keeps the US armed forces in Af-Pak

The Deobandi movement is probably the PA's most dangerous rival, but also something it also finds indispensable despite its unpredictability and independence.

What are the Taliban's strategic goals? How do they fit in with the broader Deobandi ideological goals? How does this clash or mesh with Pakistan's strategic and ideological goals?

These are the gaps that will determine what is and is not possible for any other power - the US, India, China, Russia, the EU, Iran, the Gulf, etc to work with the Taliban and make any tangible gains.

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