Managing Pakistan's failure

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Re: Managing Pakistan's failure

Postby RajeshA » 29 Aug 2017 18:56

Tightening the Screws On Pakistani Immigrants in West

Trump Administration has announced a new policy of tightening the screws on Pakistan regarding Pakistan's support to terrorists. This policy however needs more muscle.

What is needed is to pressurize the Rich Anglicized Pakistani Elite (RAPE) class on one hand and on the other hand to go all out and bomb the main terrorist centers in Pakistan.

One ploy that Pakistan uses is to blackmail the world with aitum bumb. The reason Pakistan can afford to threaten with nukes is because most of the Pakistani Elite have families outside Pakistan to the West, where they know they are safe, where retired Army officers can emigrate to when they retire. Even if the hellhole that Pakistan is goes up in smoke or is glassed, they and their families would enjoy their lives living in the West. In order to neutralize this Pakistani thinking, the West, led by the USA, have to start treating Pakistanis living in the West as criminals and using administrative tricks in putting economic and police pressure on them or threatening to deport these well-to-do families.

This is the only thing that can neutralize the nuclear blackmail.

Once nuclear blackmail has been neutralized, India and the West can proceed to carve Pakistan freeing PoK and Baluchistan from Pakistan, thus creating alternative supply routes into Afghanistan.

The loss of Indian and American lives in this scenario would be zero!

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Re: Managing Pakistan's failure

Postby VKumar » 29 Aug 2017 22:38

USA has started showing its intentions by the action on Habib Bank. Panic will start if visa denials become the norm.

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