American "Withdrawal" from AfPak: Analyzing the Fallout

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Within 3 years after the US withdraws from Afghanistan

1) There will be a terrorist attack on US soil, and the US will declare all-out war on TSPA/ISI.
No votes
2) Terrorist attack on US soil, and the US will sanction Pakistan economically.
3) Terrorist attack on US soil, and the US will conceal ISI involvement, blaming/attacking someone else (eg Iran.)
4) Terrorist attacks will rise in EU/NATO countries but none on US soil. US will sanction Pakistan.
No votes
5) Terrorist attacks will rise in EU/NATO countries, none on US soil. US will continue propping up Pakistan.
6) Terrorist attacks will not happen in Western countries but rise in West & SE Asia and Africa. US response weak/ad-hoc.
7) Terrorist attacks will go up and down globally with *NO* correlation to the fact of American withdrawal from AfPak.
8 ) There will be *NO* significant US withdrawal from AfPak at all.
Total votes: 56

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Re: American "Withdrawal" from AfPak: Analyzing the Fallout

Postby shiv » 10 Aug 2010 08:45

Christopher Sidor wrote:
Taliban also allows pakistan to focus sorely on india. with Afghanistan under its belt, it does not have to worry about its eastern frontier. A frontier where it has had more problems.

How would that situation be any different (for India) from what India faced from Pakistan from 16 August 1947 to 10th September 2001?

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