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Re: Indian Interests (09-08-2014)

Posted: 01 Jan 2016 09:25
by Arjun
KrishnaK wrote:The idea that a few can spin a picture of the country that does not reflect facts on the ground is a nonsensical one. India is an open polity. Facts on the ground are clearly visible to people - from correspondents, diplomats and businessmen to ordinary people. When people find that their tightly held opinions is not accepted by others, they resort to conspiracy theories of a powerful clique poisoning the minds of everyone. History is replete with examples of this behavior.

Your position seems to be dripping with naivete, KrishnaK.

Lets test this out, shall we? The statistics on per capita rape incidents lead to the conclusion that Northern Europe in general and Sweden in particular deserve their reputation among informed circles- of being the 'rape capital' of the world. Despite this, Western media vultures like Udwin focus on a handful of atrocities (far lower on a per capita basis than in the West) in India and have likely succeeded in creating a completely inverse perception of India on this issue among the uninformed majority in the West.

Similarly, Dadri was a "fact". The per-capita incidence of hate-crimes in India vs US / Europe is also a statistical fact.

Which "facts on the ground" that are "clearly visible to people" determines your own view of India? Lets hear that first and then draw the appropriate conclusions as to whether cliques are capable of manipulating uninformed public opinion or not.

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Posted: 01 Jan 2016 10:01
by shiv
KrishnaK wrote:The idea that a few can spin a picture of the country that does not reflect facts on the ground is a nonsensical one. India is an open polity. Facts on the ground are clearly visible to people - from correspondents, diplomats and businessmen to ordinary people. When people find that their tightly held opinions is not accepted by others, they resort to conspiracy theories of a powerful clique poisoning the minds of everyone. History is replete with examples of this behavior.

This is certainly an opinion - one that illustrates the example that one opinion by itself it does not represent totality. On a similar note I saw a video about North Korea linked from another thread where they claim that everyone is happy and content with the great leader/Marshal. The argument that this one leader can keep all North Koreans satisfied is as difficult to believe as you find the idea that a small group can can wield undue influence.

But small groups can and do wield more influence than they should have and that too is clearly visible to me from multiple sources. One sceptic such as yourself means just that. One sceptic. The country is free enough for you to hold your viewpoint and the oligopoly of information thrives on such scepticism.

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Posted: 02 Jan 2016 02:28
by Prem
Pak woman gets Indian citizenship after 21 years of struggle

Recall, Her case was discussed on TV/ Media B4 Election14

mpur: Afsheen Murtuza, a Karachi resident, got married to Murtuza Khan of Rampur way back in 1994. She thereafter soon renounced her Pakistani citizenship. Ever since, she has been struggling to get Indian citizenship. On Wednesday, though, the Union home ministry sent a certificate of citizenship to her, not just ending years of fight for a document that would give her certain rights, but also giving hope to similar people stuck in a limbo all around the country.Rampur district magistrate Rakesh Kumar said on Thursday, "Afsheen Murtuza had applied for the Indian citizenship a long time ago. The process is finally complete now. Our office received the certificate from the ministry of home and we have delivered it to her."With tears in her eyes, Afsheen told TOI, "My husband and I had sent our pleas to the office of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. This is a dream come true for us."Afsheen, who is now a mother of three, had applied for the Indian citizenship in 1994 after she got married to her Rampur-based husband Murtuza Khan. She was provided with a visa which was renewed on a yearly basis ever since. In the meantime she relinquished her Pakistan citizenship in 2000."In the past 21 years, we kept getting clearances from one department to another, but the much-awaited citizenship kept eluding us. In fact, we had lost all hope when it actually arrived," her husband Murtuza Khan said."I thank PM Modi and Union home minister Rajnath Singh for making my dream come true," Afsheen said, waving her certificate to her neighbours even as she broke into an impromptu rendition of "Saare jahan se achchha, Hindustan hamara..

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Posted: 03 Jan 2016 02:54
by ramana

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Posted: 04 Jan 2016 10:52
by Prem ... ies/261376
Temple complex that stands on the pillar
Located in the Anantapur district in southern Andhra Pradesh, the hanging Pillar of Lepakshi is a mystery indeed. Built in the 16th-century temple of stone in Vijayanagar style, you can actually swipe a piece of cloth or paper mid-air that separates the ground and the pillar. As a matter of fact, a curious British Engineer tried to figure out the secret of its support, consequently dislodging it a bit. Some believe that the entire complex stands on the pillar.


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Posted: 05 Jan 2016 10:01
by Prem ... re-magical
These early 19th century views of India are magical
A selection of paintings by Sita Ram, who accompanied Lord Hastings on his voyage up the Ganga in 1814.

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Posted: 09 Jan 2016 09:31
by shiv

Re: Indian Interests (09-08-2014)

Posted: 14 Jan 2016 05:53
by Hari Seldon
Worthy achievement - spans both UPA and NDA tenures, hence here.

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Posted: 17 Jan 2016 15:44
by Varoon Shekhar
sanjaykumar wrote:[i]

There are many Indian physicians who are a disgrace to the field of medicine. The pattern is persistent-qualifications from abroad, in it for the money. Zero communication skills. No concept of excellence.

Very simple.

And another one came up yesterday, one Nagendra Nagareddy in Georgia, accused of over-prescription of dangerous drugs. He is possibly a "Dr. Death".

This item is from MSN news, which seems to be on the lookout for negative stories involving India or Indians/PIO's.

Someone mentioned 14,000 medical malpractice suits in the US- but MSN news appears to be highlighting Indian doctors.

Still, this is pretty bad, and the guy has been arrested. So this year alone, one doctor arrested/charged for medicare fraud, one for making child *****, and now this latest one for deadly prescriptions. What the...?

Anyone care to apply some balm on this one, because it's pretty depressing. Again, most of the Indian/PIO doctors are competent and ethical, but there have been noticeable cases of the opposite kind. And what they are accused of are not 'judgement calls', they are unethical if not criminal.

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Posted: 17 Jan 2016 19:56
by vishvak
This "Dr. Death" kind of nomenclature reminds of the Hindoo convert who, after numerous arrests and subsequent release many times, went from UK to ISIL territory with family. Someone may put up a poster of "what is wrong with the world" with his face, but the reality on ground is that the Satan thus found may be washing dishes, serving tables and running errands for arbitrary jihadis.

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Posted: 18 Jan 2016 06:40
by shiv
Don't fail watch this folks. Give yourself 20 minutes, turn on your Chromecast and listen

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Posted: 20 Jan 2016 15:18
by shiv
Here is an interesting research proposal ... kly_digest
Therefore, this project seeks to understand how the symbolic capital of Sanskrit is utilised by the Hindu nationalists groups, i.e. the Sangh Parivar, as a way to usher in their ultimate goal of overthrowing the world’s largest secular democracy and replace it with a Hindu theocratic state.

Gives me an idea for 2 more BRF threads to provoke thoughts in the following directions. That is after all how others like to talk about our future.
1. Consequences of Islamization of an ageing Europe
2. Firearm ownership: What will happen if the US becomes a failing state.

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Posted: 21 Jan 2016 05:18
by ramana
Please do that. We need to reverse the gaze on the West.

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Posted: 21 Jan 2016 08:57
by shiv
Got the ball rolling in GDF ramana

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Posted: 22 Jan 2016 01:04
by RoyG
Not sure if anyone has posted this in another thread. Seems like a significant development in more ways than one especially wrt to countering Donigers psychoanalysis of Indian traditions.

Siva Linga with early Brahmi inscription found


A Siva Linga with an early Brahmi inscription dating back to the first century AD has been found in Nandeshwar temple at Netrumpakkam village in Maduranthakam taluk in Kancheepuram district.

It could be the oldest Siva Linga in Tamil Nadu. The oldest Siva Linga in the country is in Gudimallum near Tirupati. An old Sivalinga with inscription is in Mathura.

Archaeologist R Nagaswamy said Netrumpakkam itself was very old and the presence of a granite stone belonging to the megalithic period confirmed its antiquity.

An idol of Durga worshipped as Ponniamman belonging to the Pallava period was unearthed, he said.

The lingam was found during renovation for the kumbabishekem (consecration) of a temple to be held in January 20. Panchayat president K. Prema Krishnamurthy immediately alerted the archaeologists.

Mr. Nagaswamy, who visited the temple on Monday, said the lingam with a square shaped Avudai had an inscription at the bottom reading CE N DA MAAN “Five lotuses were drawn with the middle flower blooming,” he said.

T.G. Loganathan, epigraphist of the State Archaeology Department, said the word might be a name of a sculptor.

“More research will throw light on the subject,” said Mr. Loganathan who along with G. Arjunan, former deputy superintendent archaeologist of the Department, Loganathan decoded the inscription in the Lingam after visiting the Shiva temple.

As per archaeological records, the inscription at the Sri Kailasanathan temple on ECR belonged to 9{+t}{+h}century.

The inscription at Nandeshwar temple pushes the Tamil-Brahmi script in Tamil Nadu to a very early period. “The finding of the inscription is significant because it takes the origin of Tamil–Brahmi script in Tamil Nadu several centuries earlier than it was believed so far,” said K. Sridharan, former deputy director, Tamil Nadu Archaeology Department.

Archaeologists had found Tamil–Brahmi inscriptions on bedrocks near caves where Jain monks had settled. Some of the noted Jain settlements are Kongarpuliyankulam in Madurai, Arunkulam near Tirutani in Tiruvallur district, Onambakkam and Perumbakkam in Kancheepuram district.


say it could

be the

oldest lingam

in State

IMO very likely it could've started out as a representation of a blooming lotus.

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Posted: 27 Jan 2016 13:42
by AbhiJ
After retiring as Commerce Secretary in 1974, Yunus was Special Envoy of Indira Gandhi and was Trade Fair Authority of India’s founder chief. He passed away in 2001. His son Adil Shahryar, who was convicted in US for 35 years in a bomb blast case, was released by US President Ronald Regan in 1985 under Presidential Pardon. Later, it was revealed that Shahryar was swapped for Union Carbide accused Warren Anderson in a secret Indo-US diplomatic arrangement. The US pardoned and released him few days before Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi’s arrival in US in 1985. Shahryar was childhood friend of Rajiv and Sanjay Gandhi. The marriage reception of Sanjay and Maneka was held at Yunus’s home. ... files.html

Re: Indian Interests (09-08-2014)

Posted: 27 Jan 2016 16:21
by chetak
AbhiJ wrote:After retiring as Commerce Secretary in 1974, Yunus was Special Envoy of Indira Gandhi and was Trade Fair Authority of India’s founder chief. He passed away in 2001. His son Adil Shahryar, who was convicted in US for 35 years in a bomb blast case, was released by US President Ronald Regan in 1985 under Presidential Pardon. Later, it was revealed that Shahryar was swapped for Union Carbide accused Warren Anderson in a secret Indo-US diplomatic arrangement. The US pardoned and released him few days before Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi’s arrival in US in 1985. Shahryar was childhood friend of Rajiv and Sanjay Gandhi. The marriage reception of Sanjay and Maneka was held at Yunus’s home. ... files.html

The marriage reception of Sanjay and Maneka was held at Yunus’s home.

there may have been another very pressing reason for this. :)

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Posted: 01 Feb 2016 08:33
by Prem
Kolkata Girl Makes It to Forbes 30 Under 30 List for Developing Pathbreaking Underwater Drones ... tter+India)

28-year-old Sampriti Bhattacharyya, a PhD scholar from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, has designed an underwater drone that can map ocean floors at places where GPS does not work. She is the founder of Hydroswarm – a startup that designs and markets small, autonomous drones for ocean exploration and maritime big data. These drones are shaped like an egg and are roughly the size of a football.She pursued engineering from St. Thomas’ College of Engineering & Technology in Kolkata and then went to Ohio State University to study aerospace engineering. She later switched to robotics at MIT.The absence of any easy way to study ocean floors inspired her to create an underwater robot. As of now, remotely operated autonomous underwater vehicles (AUV) are used to explore the deep sea. They are deployed for missions like studying oil spills, environmental monitoring, search operations, etc. But AUVs are very costly and mission-oriented. They are not used to study the ocean on a day-to-day basis to understand the underwater environment better.hese drones can withstand the immense pressure in deep oceans, can cover up to 100 square meters in one hour, and can swim across the ocean floors mapping the topography, studying aquatic life, etc.To commercialize her drone by starting a company, Sampriti joined a business programme at Harvard Business School. She was one of the top eight contenders to reach the finals of MIT $100K Entrepreneurship Competition, winning $15,000.

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Posted: 01 Feb 2016 19:57
by Vipul
India ranks 4th in number of thinktanks.

India ranks fourth on the list of nations with the most number of thinktanks, with nearly 100 new ones taking the country's total to 280 in 2015.

Last year, India ranked fifth with 192 thinktanks.

The US tops the list for 2015 with 1,835 thinktanks, followed by China and the United Kingdom with 435 and 288, respectively, according to the 'Global Go To Think Tank Index Report (GGTTI) 2015' released on Friday.

mong the 6,486 thinktanks worldwide, the US-based Brookings Institution emerged on the top for the eighth consecutive year. Six Indian thinktanks figure in the global top 175 list—Centre for Civil Society (CCS, rank 79), Institute For Defence Studies and Analyses (IDSA, 104), Indian Council for Research on International Economic Relations (109), The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI, 111), Observer Research Foundation (ORF, 118) and Development Alternatives (136).

If the lists of thinktanks in the US are excluded, then four more Indian thinktanks make it to the top 175 list (nonUS)—Brookings India, Gateway House-Indian Council on Global Relations, United Service Institution of India and Vivekananda International Foundation.

The report classifies and ranks think tanks in various ways, including by region, area of specialisation and even on aspects such as use of social media.

Thinktanks to watch out for are those who have done excellent research in the past 24 months and six Indian organisations made it to this list—ORF (10), IDSA (13), Vivekananda Institute of Technology (20), Gateway House (38), Council on Energy, Environment and Water (54) and Centre for Land Warfare Studies (69). The annual rankings are compiled under the auspices of the Think Tanks and Civil Societies Program (TTCSP) at the University of Pennsylvania.

"Flows of information for rich policy analysis and research today are often disparate and fractured, which leads to a vital need for resources that highlight the best policy research out there," said James McGann, director of the University of Pennsylvania's TTCSP in a statement.

"The independent index is designed to help users of information and policy analysis identify the leading centres of excellence in public policy research around the world," he added.

Re: Indian Interests (09-08-2014)

Posted: 01 Feb 2016 22:17
by member_29325
Why is Brookings India different from Brookings US? It is directly related by people, even if not money. It seems like a false classification there. Brookings India has hardly made a mark and has been around for only a couple of years. Seems like BI is being pimped up as being more than it actually the articles states "intent is for users of information to identify centers of excellence"..What has Brookings India actually produced in real terms for it to show up in the above list? Nothing.

Given Brookings support for the pakis and paki terrorist groups when the US left afghanisthan, and hosting the odious article by William Dalrymple that proclaimed India was part of the problem in Afghanisthan, Brookings smell pretty rotten as far as Indian interests are concerned...and we have ex-babus like Shiv Shankar Menon actually go work for that organization, after his stint as NSA of India.

Re: Indian Interests (09-08-2014)

Posted: 03 Feb 2016 09:41
by JE Menon
^^and who is ranking them

Re: Indian Interests (09-08-2014)

Posted: 03 Feb 2016 10:22
by member_29325
The annual rankings are compiled under the auspices of the Think Tanks and Civil Societies Program (TTCSP) at the University of Pennsylvania.

Ranking is done by the US -- highly self-serving no doubt, which is not surprising. What is mildly smelly is Brookings India's ranking as top Indian think tank, which is utterly bogus. ORF and VIF are far more influential than Brookings India (which is listed as a separate entity from Brookings US) -- self-serving as usual. This influence is not related to influence on the US govt. but the govts. where these think tanks exist.

Re: Indian Interests (09-08-2014)

Posted: 05 Feb 2016 03:43
by Prem ... ine-india/
Indian biotech firm says it has developed 2 vaccines for Zika virus

ndian scientists say they have developed two vaccines for the Zika virus, which is linked to underdeveloped brains in babies. The infection, dubbed a "global health emergency" by the WHO, is believed to have infected millions of people this year.The two candidate vaccines, reportedly developed by Bharat Biotech International in Hyderabad, India, were created following research that began nine months ago."On Zika, we are probably the first vaccine company in the world to file a vaccine candidate patent about nine months ago,” Bharat Biotech managing director Krishna Ella told NDTV..The formulated inactivated vaccine is expected to elicit a strong antibody response as we see humoral immunity offering a primary defense against Zika infection,” he told the International Business Times.They will now be tested in animal and human trials. If those trials are successful, a vaccine could become available to the public in around four months. The best case scenario is that the biotech firm could make one million doses in that time, according to Ella.

Ella has sought direct intervention from Prime Minister Narendra Modi since then, urging for the vaccines to be fast-tracked through clinical trials."The prime minister should take up this project as it helps communities like Brazil and Colombia where we can do vaccine diplomacy. We are a part of the BRICS group and we have to help them. We would love to help. We want global public health to benefit," he said.Declared a “global health emergency” by the World Health Organization (WHO) on Monday, the Zika virus has been linked to thousands of cases of the birth defect microcephaly, which results in babies being born with underdeveloped heads and brains..

Re: Indian Interests (09-08-2014)

Posted: 12 Feb 2016 10:20
by Prem ... aves-11007

LIGO project: India plays crucial role in historic discovery of gravitational waves

The scientists on Thursday confirmed the existence of gravitational waves in connection with the theory of general relativity, as Albert Einstein had predicted nearly 100 years ago.While addressing a news conference in Washington, the scientists said that the gravitational waves were detected during the final fraction of the second of the merger of two black holes in order to produce a single and more passive spinning black hole.The Indian groups have played a crucial role in the historic LIGO project that led to the discovery of gravitational waves. In fact, some of the activities that Indian scientists were responsible for were performed at IUCAA in Pune and ICTS in Bengaluru.The mathematical calculations which were used to model the gravitational wave signals from the orbiting black holes and neutrons stars were pioneered by a group of scientists led by Bala Iyer at the Raman Research Institute along with the French scientists.In the meanwhile, another group under Sanjeev Dhurandhar at the IUCAA carried out the foundation work for the project including data analysis techniques analysis in order to detect the weak gravitational signals. These signals were buried in the noise of the detector while looking for the best match of waveforms and signal.The other crucial role of Indian groups was to understand the detector to the signals and terrestrial influences. They also kept an eye on estimating energy and power radiated during the merger. The Indian groups confirmed that the observed signal agrees with Albert Einstein's Theory of Relativity.

Re: Indian Interests (09-08-2014)

Posted: 12 Feb 2016 18:23
by shiv
How India’s anti-Modi views help Pakistan ... /8944.html

It's uncanny. After every terror attack on India from Pakistani soil, a rash of articles appears in Indian newspapers. Some are carried on the front pages of well-known dailies, others on the editorial page. All stress caution. Don't blame Pakistan yet, they chant in chorus. Simultaneously, television studios erupt with choreographed debates. Panellists urge viewers in dulcet tones not to jump to conclusions about Pakistani involvement in the latest terror strike.


This orchestrated campaign has a single point objective: dilute the perception that Pakistan, "the state", had anything to do with the terror attack on India. It places the blame squarely on "non-state" actors over whom Pakistan's army generals, wringing their hands in helplessness, have no control.

This unadulterated nonsense continues to be spread by sections of the Indian media despite David Headley's confession this week to an Indian court of the Pakistani army's direct involvement in terror strikes on India. The narrative echoes Islamabad's standard line and is a result of a longstanding Pakistani project. The project, generously funded by Islamabad, is aimed at subverting India's effete elite. Let's analyse how it works.

For a rogue state like Pakistan, perception matters disproportionately. Islamabad bases its existence on being the antithesis of India. And yet it craves attention from India. With the United States, China and Saudi Arabia, Pakistan's relationship is that of a vendor-serf. It provides geostrategic real estate to the US and China, and outsources nuclear capability to Saudi Arabia. In return, it receives money but no respect.

Also read: Headley's testimony will ultimately not help India 'nail' Pakistan

The Pakistan army is a well-oiled, professional machine. Its officers are paid generously. Retired generals have a lifestyle that is entirely un-Islamic, lubricated by scotch, golf and holidays in Dubai and Macau.

The ISI's mandate, as Headley confirmed this week, is to play a dual role in India. Its principal task is to fund terror groups against Indian civilian and military targets. Its parallel role is to build a cabal of Indian opinion-makers who will provide credible alibis for Pakistan after terror attacks by the terrorist groups the ISI has nurtured for decades.

Who are these opinion-makers and how are they subverted? In the first tier are journalists and retired army officers. They can be relied upon to defend Pakistan in newspaper columns and television debates. In the second tier lie filmmakers, artistes and writers who constantly seek people-to-people contacts and sporting links with Pakistan - irrespective of its terror strikes on India.


In the third tier lurk opposition politicians who are quick to find excuses for Pakistan-sponsored terrorism ("But Pakistan is also a victim of terror") while criticising the Indian government's response. In the fourth and final tier dwell former Indian diplomats. They are track-II specialists who eagerly attend peace seminars in Pakistan and return with mellifluous tales of Pakistani hospitality.

Also read: How a news channel made Anupam Kher, not terrorists a threat to India-Pak talks

The ISI nurtures its Indian apologists as generously as it nurtures its terror groups. India's chattering classes have always been susceptible to Pakistani wiles. In the 1980s they thrilled to pre-satellite TV serials from Pakistan. In the 2000s no international summit in Delhi was complete without a swaggering Pervez Musharraf or supercilious Imran Khan.

The recent controversy over actor Anupam Kher being denied a visa to attend Karachi Literature Festival is a rare example of Pakistan's slick subversive machinery in India breaking down.


Pakistan high commissioner Abdul Basit then made a cardinal error which even the ISI's Indian apologists could not credibly defend. He denied that Kher had been denied a visa: Kher, he said, simply hadn't applied for one.

Usually though, Pakistan's strategy of cultivating Trojan horses in India has worked well. Most card-holding members of the Indian elite come from inconspicuous backgrounds. They have over the years climbed up the social, political and economic ladder, rung by rung. They host networking parties where politicians across the ideological spectrum mix with the rest of Delhi's nouveaux riches. Pakistani guests are often invited - visiting human rights activists from Karachi, TV anchors from Islamabad, retired army officers from Rawalpindi, and social butterflies from Lahore.

Also read: India must not allow Pakistan, China, US to sideline ties with Afghanistan

The fact that Pakistan has subverted a significant section of India's opinion-makers reflects poorly on successive Indian governments. During the ten years of the UPA-I and UPA-II, the atmosphere was especially congenial for the ISI to make deep inroads into the country's chattering classes. Track-II meetings, Aman ki Asha seminars and cultural exchanges were the flavour of the decade, rudely interrupted by the 26/11 terror attack. But even that was a temporary setback.

Modi government's inconsistent policy on Pakistan-sponsored terrorism has emboldened those in India who continue to speak for Pakistan. Headley's testimony won't change that: the subverted rarely reform.

(Courtesy of Mail Today.)

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Posted: 15 Feb 2016 17:47
by Lilo
On JNU anti-nationals In hindi,nothing we dont know here but definitely a must forward to others in Whatssapp,FB,linkedin and other networks.

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Posted: 16 Feb 2016 03:53
by Manny
A new book out there! on behalf of JNU folks who are fighting for free speech...I present ... ET95KDX643

Finally! Some books on this subject... Awesome! Hindus are finally coming out of the wood works and being assertive.. WE CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE! We ain't taking it anymore

You can browse through many chapters of this book by clicking on the Table of contents... you can read almost 70% of the book.. Some hilarious stuff.

What Every Hindu Should Know About Christianity Paperback – January 1, 2015
by Kalavai Venkat (Author)

WHAT EVERY HINDU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT CHRISTIANITY leverages cutting-edge scholarly researches in textual criticism and cognitive sciences to arrive at a reasonable understanding of Christian beliefs. The findings it presents reveal a hitherto unknown face of Christianity to the rational Hindu. It concludes that Christianity originated in a psychotic milieu, Christian beliefs are self-contradictory, and theology invalidates the need to believe. It explores the provocative question of whether Jesus is a myth. It systematically argues that Christianity lacks an ethical framework, 'Herem warfare' is the Christian code of holy extermination, Christian beliefs and practices may cause harm to both Hindus and Christians, and concludes that Hinduism and Christianity cannot coexist. It offers a prescription on and how to engage Christianity and why mutual respect cannot be the precondition for Hindu-Christian engagement.

Re: Indian Interests (09-08-2014)

Posted: 22 Feb 2016 03:42
by Prem
Later half is interesting.

Re: Indian Interests (09-08-2014)

Posted: 22 Feb 2016 05:32
by sanjaykumar
This Ravi Singh is an articulate speaker with cogent facts and arguments, hope he goes into politics.

Re: Indian Interests (09-08-2014)

Posted: 23 Feb 2016 20:20
by Lilo

56 Professors of IIT Madras take a public stand against "Scholarship of abuse and hate"

56 Professors of IIT Madras directly accuse media of conniving with ideologically bigoted social sciences academics (like those in JNU) to use impressionable young students as tools and proxies in their respective battles for supremacy of their violent ideologies (be it secessionist,anarchist,nihilist,communist,islamist,evangelist or just plain sadist) while destroying the futures of (often)poor and impressionable students admitted in their care .


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Posted: 25 Feb 2016 09:59
by Philip
India.Dubious distinction............ World's biggest arms importer!
(Ck link for full article and chart). ... 91491.html
Arms trade: One chart that shows the biggest weapons exporters of the last five years
Asia was the main importer of weapons in the last five years
Hazel Sheffield |

The number of major weapons switching hands around the world was up 14 per cent in the last five years, compared to the five years before that.

The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, an independent resource on global security, has released a study that shows that India is the world's largest importer of arms.

The chart shows that Asia was the main importer of weapons in the last five years, as the region races to arm itself ahead of its regional rivals: China and Pakistan. The high levels of Indian imports are also the result of its small domestic arms industry, which means it has to buy weapons from overseas.
Russia is the biggest supplier of arms to India, ahead of the US. But US imports there are growing. They were 11 times higher in 2011-2015 than 2006-2010.

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Posted: 05 Mar 2016 02:47
by Manny
I was reading the English translation of that speech by the JNU fellow...

What he said in his speech is pretty much what our Modiji says... No mention of Islamists and anti India speech.. nothing about Kashmir ..nothing about supporting ISIS and AQ or communists... nothing.. if more and more students are like this..its ok.. I have no issues.

But when you start saying that you want to overthrow a legitimate elected govt or support Maoism or Islamist radicals, the yeah.. then I have a beef with you.

We all should work to change the system from within to make it better,... not join with external enemies to break India. Good job fellow...

That haul to Tihar Jail did the trick.

If you are unable to course correct, hauling your butt to Tihar helps course correct. Lesson learned?

:rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

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Posted: 05 Mar 2016 04:36
by ramana
Shiv, Intertextuality

New word or technique

Combine it with post modernism.

Re: Indian Interests (09-08-2014)

Posted: 09 Mar 2016 10:12
by kmkraoind
Even While Calling Out Hinduphobia, It’s Important to Develop A Hinduism Lite R Jagannathan in Swarajyamag


Hindus need to develop the intellectual arsenal to combat subtle Hindu-baiting with sophisticated counters.

There are two lessons for Hindus who do not want to either join the fringe or become Hinduphobic themselves:

First, they must study their adversaries and adopt tactics and strategy based on local, national and global conditions for the spread of Indic ideas.

If Hinduism has to hold its own at home and expand abroad, it has to have at least two products – a sophisticated version for the western markets, and a Hinduism Lite for India, where the social content is emphasised more than high metaphysics.

Second, they must master the language of sophistication and modernity.

Consider how the anti-Hindu lobby is dealing with the rise of Sri Sri Ravishankar. They are attacking his World Cultural Festival on the banks of the Yamuna by talking about environment damage.

Re: Indian Interests (09-08-2014)

Posted: 15 Mar 2016 21:42
by ramana
In Indonesia, Gen Suharto was ousted once the people came to know the systemic corruption that he and his family had established. Activists made public his family holdings in all the many islands of Indonesia. ... tion_Watch

A similar effort needs to be done in West Bengal, UP, Kerala and Karnataka. All decentralized corruption once Congress got ousted from Delhi.

A systematic documentation of the vast property amassed by the neta, babu, & pandu network.
Each state should have its own webpage.

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Posted: 17 Mar 2016 08:24
by Prem
The Dialogue - "Is this India's Century?

Re: Indian Interests (09-08-2014)

Posted: 21 Mar 2016 04:35
by ramana
Just like in Mughal durbar days all think tanks and courtiers are plugging foreign interests.
Even renowned MEA retirees.

Very difficult who is for Indian interests.

all want India to align with some failing power to prop them up.

A Hindi word comes to mind bhad_a

NaMo is steering treacherous waters.

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Posted: 21 Mar 2016 04:52
by Manny ... south-asia

A New Petition: Don’t Replace “India” With “South Asia”

School textbooks related controversies, it appears, aren’t unique to India. According to a petition being promoted by Prof Vamsee Juluri, Prof Ramesh Rao and others a ‘small group of South Asia studies faculty recently asked the California Board of Education to change the History Social Science Frameworks (Syllabus) so that the word “India” will be removed and replaced with “South Asia.”’

Interestingly, while the South Asia studies faculty lobby apparently want to remove all geographical references to “India” they do want to retain it in places where Hinduism is being referred to. That means Hinduism would be referred to as “Indian religion”. Here is the relevant section of the petition:

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Posted: 21 Mar 2016 07:23
by vera_k
Decisions, decisions. Is having illiterate Trumpistanis in Indian interest or not in Indian interest :wink:

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Posted: 21 Mar 2016 22:58
by Prem