Sunni Terrorist Fragments of Unstable Pakistan - Apr 22 2015

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Re: Sunni Terrorist Fragments of Unstable Pakistan - Apr 22

Postby shiv » 10 Jul 2015 08:29

Jhujar wrote:Nawaz, Modi shake hands, exchange pleasantries
Victory Over Kuffa Yindian

OSLO: Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Thursday shook hands with his Indian counterpart Narendra Modi and exchanged pleasantries on the sidelines of Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) summit.Not much is expected from the two PMs meeting which is going to last for 30-minute.However, it is yet to be seen what issues come under discussion when the two key leaders of South Asia come face to face.

:(( :(( :(( :(( :(( :(( Modi has given away kaaaassshhhhhmeeeeeeeer!

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Re: Sunni Terrorist Fragments of Unstable Pakistan - Apr 22

Postby Anindya » 10 Jul 2015 08:35

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Re: Sunni Terrorist Fragments of Unstable Pakistan - Apr 22

Postby SSridhar » 10 Jul 2015 08:39

Indian electronic media are creating a big hype over the Modi-Nawaz meeting. It is unfortunate that Modi is meeting Nawaz under US pressure and possibly nudged by China and Russia too (the SCO carrot), but it is even more unfortunate that the media is creating a huge buzz of an 'ice breaker' in the offing.

Pakistan has been building up an equal-equal scenario for quite a few years now in order to break/blunt the Indian accusations against it. The simple point that is lost on us is that *Pakistan will never change its approach* whatever happens. It will try to do more of the same, being deceitful, perfidious and nurturing the sole desire of destroying us.

As Ghani of Afghanistan launched an initiative of better relationship with Pakistan, we said the same thing that he would soon find out the Truth and that has already happened. As we are still weak economically, politically and militarily (and with fifth columnists working overtime within India itself), we are possibly unable to delay the meeting. But, I hope that we do not give even minor concessions and in fact we toughen our stand so that the dialogue breaks.

Pakistan's tactics are obvious. It knows that the US would never allow another war or even a conflict to break-out between the two nations and therefore it uses that to its advantage to terrorize us even more just as nuclear weapons gave it a similar space. It knows that both the US and China, the two most powerful nations today, would never allow it to fail whatever may be its transgressions. It is just like Pakistan starting a war against us with only 15 days worth of ammunition because it always expected the US to intervene before running out of stock. Realistically therefore, there is absolutely no chance of Pakistan mending its ways. OTOH, it will only talk tougher. With the situation in Afghanistan what it is, both the US and China need Pakistan's assistance. In any case, China cannot afford to lose Pakistan in its India-strangulation policy.

India should not bother about the failure of the talks and any mud being thrown at it for failure. We may be too sensitive to being accused. That is unfortunately a personal trait we carry into practice of statecraft many a time. We must welcome failure of the talks and make it plainly known to everyone that India's redlines have to be met before any meaningful dialogue. The pressure must be transferred to Pakistan's supporters. Just recall that in 2002 Musharraf assured to India and the world community that Pakistani land would not be used for terrorizing others and he soon went about implementing the plan, arresting terror leaders (and releasing them through backdoor or allowing them to enjoy all freedom of a house arrest), seizing their bank accounts (after forewarning them to liquidate their accounts), making sure that terror related laws were not applicable to POK and FATA and the like. This is how Pakistan would operate *ALWAYS*.

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Re: Sunni Terrorist Fragments of Unstable Pakistan - Apr 22

Postby shiv » 10 Jul 2015 08:51



Gimme gimme gime my hourieees!

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Re: Sunni Terrorist Fragments of Unstable Pakistan - Apr 22

Postby pankajs » 10 Jul 2015 08:52

This time it is the SCO thing but I do not expect Modi to change track. Given the occasion, his words may be more solicitous than before and he may offer one or two tiny carrots but expect him to maintain the line. More importantly expect him to continue work on Dovals offensive defense.

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Re: Sunni Terrorist Fragments of Unstable Pakistan - Apr 22

Postby Shreeman » 10 Jul 2015 09:30

Begotten mit 72 houris, some rice.

B4TL, I am. Therefore.

Peachy pink, like ghazwa-e-behind bin zaid.

On a friday.

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Re: Sunni Terrorist Fragments of Unstable Pakistan - Apr 22

Postby Gagan » 10 Jul 2015 10:56

This version of the TSP dhaga provided much mirth to the readers with news of the arrest and caning in ksa of Zaid Hamid, the self styled emir of Pakistan and leader of gazwa-e-hind.
He truly represents Pakistan, its loud mouthed lies, lack of substance, lack of an iota of hard work, uneducatedness, tactical brilliance and bluster - in the end falling on its face and crying out to its masters for help.

The TTP killed 150 school kids in Pakistan, the deep state tried to pin the blame on India saying that burning people was a 'hindu' thingie. When reminded that the IS burns people too, silly excuses were given.

Pakistan finally released Lakhvi, played a shadow game with justice.

The army is out to destabilize all civilians using intimidation, street protests and political intrigue with an aim to resecure its stranglehold on Pakistan.

Finally, an Indian leader practised a policy that was just right wrt the land of the pure - ignore and smack them for all truancy - yay!!!

Pakistan continues to be willing to harm itself to spite india as witnessed by them continuing with the ill fated Neelum Jhelum project, sinking billions into it, inspite knowing that in the end there just won't be enough water in the neelum river to make the project successful.
There you go, billions of dollars have been sunk, exhorbidant loans have been taken, now the project is stuck midway for lack of funds - all this to spite India !!!

Oh my my!!!j

Happy 72 to this thread ...

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