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J&K News and Discussion - 2016

Posted: 09 Mar 2019 01:19
by Peregrine
Pakistan's use of terrorism as instrument of state policy 'central problem': India at UNHRC – PTI

UNITED NATIONS: India has said that Pakistan's use of terrorism as an instrument of state policy is a "central problem" and the international community must unequivocally condemn terrorism and its perpetrators.

Addressing the 40th Session of the Human Rights Council on Thursday, Permanent Representative of India to the UN in Geneva Ambassador Rajiv Chander said, "Terrorism is the most fundamental violation of human rights and we overlook it at our own peril."

He told the Council that the "central problem is cross-border terrorism and Pakistan's use of terrorism as an instrument of state policy. This fact needs due recognition." Chander called for a UN-led consensus on zero tolerance on terrorism, saying the international community needs to unequivocally condemn terrorism and those who perpetrate it.

"We firmly believe that UN-led consensus on zero tolerance on terrorism is as much an international obligation as it is a commitment to our own people. We all need to unequivocally condemn terrorism and its perpetrators,” he said at the Interactive Dialogue with the High Commissioner for Human Rights.

On the issue of Jammu and Kashmir, the envoy said India's views on the state have been made clear in the Council.

"The whole state of Jammu and Kashmir is an integral part of India. Pakistan remains in illegal occupation of a part of our territory," Chander said

Read also: 48 countries condemn Pulwama attack, extend support to India

Earlier, Pakistan's Acting Permanent Representative Tahir Hussain Andrabi had made references to Kashmir in his statement to the Council.

Chander said India's efforts towards protection and promotion of human rights are second to none.

"This is reflected in the Constitution of India that guarantees its citizens fundamental political and civil rights and provides for the progressive realisation and enforcement of economic, social and cultural rights," he said.

The diplomat underscored that India is a secular state and safeguarding the rights of minorities forms an essential core of its polity.

"The Indian Constitution enshrines various provisions for the protection of rights and interests of the minorities. The State makes no distinction between caste, creed, colour or religion of a citizen," he said.

Chander underlined that along with being the world's largest democracy, Indian polity also weaves in immense diversity along with respect for tolerance and mutual understanding.

"An independent judiciary, free and vibrant media, and, a vocal civil society are all active in this regard within the legal framework of the State. National and State level Human Rights Commissions along with other specific Commissions continue to monitor complaints from minority communities regarding issues of discrimination and disadvantage faced by them," he said.

The government has issued Communal Harmony Guidelines which lay down Standard Operating Procedures to deal with communal violence, the envoy added

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Posted: 09 Mar 2019 03:09
by UlanBatori
Hey, there is some truth to the story that Omar Abdullah got kicked out of BERKELEY - of all places. Old news, April 2018. But archival quality. Apparently implied/stated that in 1989, Yindoos just ran away from Kashmir, what to do onlee. In past years he would have won loud applause. Here he was lucky they wear shoes in winter, or he might have gone home with a few lodged up his....

Awesome. ... id/1342572 ... ber/311205

Wails at lack of food delivered to him :(( ... university

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Posted: 11 Mar 2019 18:57
by sunnyP
The gaddars continue to come out of the woodwork.

"Totally For Election": Farooq Abdullah's Spin To Balakot Air Strike
All India Edited by Anindita Sanyal
National Conference chief Farooq Abdullah said air strike at Balakot was done only for the purpose of the coming Lok Sabha election ... ome-livetv

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Posted: 12 Mar 2019 03:08
by Bart S
sunnyP wrote:The gaddars continue to come out of the woodwork.

"Totally For Election": Farooq Abdullah's Spin To Balakot Air Strike
All India Edited by Anindita Sanyal
National Conference chief Farooq Abdullah said air strike at Balakot was done only for the purpose of the coming Lok Sabha election ... ome-livetv

These losers are however unintentionally acknowledging and reinforcing the fact that the Indian electorate wants strong action against Pakistan and terrorism.

Only in their delusional and arrogant brown sahib Lutyens minds do they see that as a problem rather than the hallmark of a healthy and functioning democracy.

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Posted: 23 Mar 2019 00:36
by ArjunPandit ... ndertaking

It is also registered as a “government company” with the Registrar of Companies, Jammu. The state government has a shareholding of 59.3% in the bank. This makes it the only bank in India where the major shareholder is the state government.

Besides being the state’s only listed company, over 60% loans and deposits in the state are controlled by the J&K Bank

It was not just the Valley that was up in arms against the decision. Last week, the Jammu Chamber of Commerce and Industry issued a statement protesting the move. “J&K Bank is the pride of the people of the state that not only is the backbone of the economy, helping the jobless, financing the entrepreneurs but also as a part of corporate social responsibility, helping all those in the need of hour, the flood relief given in crores to the government of Kerala is a glaring recent example,” it said. “The chamber took a serious view of the attempts being made to politicise the autonomy of J&K Bank which belongs to the people of the state.”

The bank’s employees took to the streets, fearing the institution could be co-opted into a larger public sector enterprise that would compromise its autonomy. “We feel it’s a step towards the merger of J&K Bank with a bigger bank,” said Madni. “Merging a private bank with a public-sector bank is like getting sky on to earth. But merging a public-sector undertaking with another state-owned enterprise is very easy. Like we have seen recently, mergers are taking place.”

wait a sec, pvt employees against nationalization, this is so non-Indian. I think this is a very smart move, to get visibility of the financial movements right into the heart of terror. Wonder if recent NIA raids/success is due to these things. May be that's why it was difficult to track money movement earlier.
Still, many saw it as an erosion of the state’s fiscal autonomy. “We had a sort of internally self-sustainable mechanism by which J&K Bank extended overdrafts to the government,” said Ejaz Ayoub, a foreign exchange trader in Kashmir. “In 2011, that got diluted. Centre cannot tolerate anything which is special about Jammu and Kashmir, be it bank, Article 370, flag or financial system. It’s obvious if you want to control a place you can control it either militarily or financially.”

The mess left by chacha is like an iceberg, smal on surface and runs deep below.
Many in the Valley also feared that converting the bank into a public-sector undertaking would destroy what is currently a profit-making institution. “We all know the condition of PSUs,” said Rather. “Most of them are running in losses and some can’t even pay salaries to their employees.”

Strange, had that been the case, there would have been massive protests by now in most of the India.
Nisar Ali, an economist and former member of the board of directors of the J&K Bank, was one of the few voices in the Valley who saw the “wisdom” of the governor’s decision to extend greater government control over the bank.

“It’s a fact that the bank has been performing poorly and the number of backdoor appointments has grown,” said Ali, who was also a board member of the state finance commission. But even he admitted that “the term PSU is problematic. That’s why there is a slight irritation from the public”. He added, “In my suggestion, it should have been called a semi-public sector enterprise where the government’s role will be confined to supervision and raising questions about the backdoor appointments. Not beyond.

The turbulence in the banking sector across the country has affected the J&K Bank as well. Officials of the bank said the 2014 floods and the mass protests in 2016 compounded the bank’s problems. In the quarter that ended September 2016-2017, the bank declared a loss of Rs 600 crore. Last year, the state government, the bank’s biggest promoter, infused Rs 532 crore in capital to put it back on track. While the bank shows signs of regaining stability, its non-performing assets (loans on which the principal or interest payment is due for 90 days or more) touched Rs 6,000 crore in July.

Slipping away the real story!!

“As far as Central Vigilance Commission guidelines are concerned, they don’t apply to J&K Bank because CVC is for banks where you have more than 50% equity from the government of India,” explained Mohammad Yusuf Khan, who was chairman of the J&K Bank from 1996 to 2006. “We have state government equity. In case they found something wrong, corrective steps should have been taken. There are other ways of handling this situation.”

now i cant understand that, but i guess some skeletons under cupboard may be...
Finally, it might have been financial considerations that prompted the about turn. According to Khan, not just local but foreign shareholders too reacted adversely to the proposal to turn the bank into a public-sector undertaking. The bank had not been “doing great”, he said, but in the days after the announcement, stock prices had started plummeting.

wait a minute
1. Foreign investors
2. DOing great with such high NPA, with little economic activity in the state. Are they running Ponzi scheme, of course yes, but it is India that is funding that ponzi scheme

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Posted: 23 Mar 2019 00:38
by ArjunPandit
Another thing to note from scroll is that it google heading v/s actual heading
Search head says
"Why governor reversed decision to turn J&K Bank into public-sector ..."
actual heading:
Why the governor is going to rethink decision to make J&K Bank accountable to the state legislature

Not sure if this is google thing or scroll thing

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Posted: 23 Mar 2019 00:46
by Sanju
Posting in Full - The Week
Centre bans Yasin Malik-led Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front
PTI March 22, 2019 19:54 IST

The Yasin Malik-led Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) was banned on Friday for "promoting" secession of the militancy-hit state from the Union of India, officials said here.

Banning the outfit under various provisions of the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act after a high-level meeting on security chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, officials said the Centre is of the opinion that the JKLF is "in close touch with militant outfits" and is supporting extremism and militancy in Jammu and Kashmir and elsewhere.

They said the outfit claims "secession of a part of the Indian territory from the union" and supports terrorist and separatist groups fighting for this purpose.

Union Home Secretary Rajiv Gauba said the JKLF has been banned as the government has a policy of zero tolerance against terrorism.

The JKLF has been at the forefront of separatist activities in J-K and was involved in the killings of Kashmiri Pandits in 1989 leading to their exodus from the valley, he said.

The home secretary said the government is committed to relentlessly pursuing a policy of curbing the activities of secessionist groups which are threat to the country.

The other reason for banning the outfit was that the cadres of the JKLF were indulging in activities intended to disrupt the territorial integrity of India, the officials said.

Malik is at present lodged in Kot Balwal jail in Jammu, and is likely to face trial in the three-decade-old case of kidnapping of Rubaya Sayeed, the daughter of then Union Home Minister Mufti Mohammed Sayeed, and gunning down of four IAF personnel in Srinagar.

The JKLF was founded by Pakistani national Amanullah Khan in mid-1970 at Birmingham in the United Kingdom and came into prominence in 1971 when its member hijacked an Indian Airlines plane flying from Srinagar to Jammu.

As many as 37 FIRs have been registered against the JKLF by the Jammu and Kashmir Police, Gauba said.

The organisation was also involved in the kidnapping and killing of Ravindra Mhatre, an Indian diplomat posted the UK, in 1984. A week later, India executed Maqbool Bhat, a JKLF activist, who had been sentenced to death.

This is the second organisation in Jammu and Kashmir which has been banned this month. Earlier, the Centre had banned the Jamaat-e-Islami Jammu and Kashmir.

Gauba said the review of security of Jammu and Kashmir-based separatists would continue. The government withdrew security of several separatist leaders in Jammu and Kashmir following the Pulwama terror attack in February when 40 CRPF personnel were killed.

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Posted: 23 Mar 2019 01:05
by ArjunPandit
MY reading on the moves in last 3-4 months is govt is slowly tightening the screws in background on J&K issue. The mess runs lot deeper than we would like to admit, just like the NPA banking mess. Right now all the pieces are put together. Financial/Banking set up legislative set up, citizenship set up (35A, 370). Expect fireworks in the second term on this issue.
..although I would have prerferred to have seen the J&K bank fail and the terror supporting abduls lose their deposit, and then it's take over by govt, but no govt can be seen to failing banks, esp in a global context

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Posted: 23 Mar 2019 02:35
by sarathy
ArjunPandit wrote:MY reading on the moves in last 3-4 months is govt is slowly tightening the screws in background on J&K issue. The mess runs lot deeper than we would like to admit, just like the NPA banking mess. Right now all the pieces are put together. Financial/Banking set up legislative set up, citizenship set up (35A, 370). Expect fireworks in the second term on this issue.
..although I would have prerferred to have seen the J&K bank fail and the terror supporting abduls lose their deposit, and then it's take over by govt, but no govt can be seen to failing banks, esp in a global context

True, I feel likewise. And we all can agree that it is long overdue. I shudder to imagine what will happen without a second term. Most of good work will be washed away and move towards will stone age will restart.

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Posted: 23 Mar 2019 18:48
by ArjunPandit
Recent news in J&K
I think after the GDF forum closure, we have lost many posters that posted news in J&K. This thread seems to be missing headlines, some very interesting in kashmir ... 17236.html
Syed Ali Geelani in a 17-year-old case of “illegal” possession of USD 10,000 in alleged contravention of the foreign exchange law, officials said Friday.
The foreign currency, that equals to about Rs 6.90 lakh, has also been confiscated by the agency as part of an order issued under the Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA) on March 20.

The foreign currency was allegedly seized during an Income Tax raid at Geelani's residence in Srinagar’s Hyderpora area in 2002.
Geelani’s counsel had then submitted a written reply and “denied” the recovery of foreign currency from his residence and the subsequent seizure.

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Posted: 23 Mar 2019 19:08
by ArjunPandit
Shah Faesal says his party won’t contest upcoming Lok Sabha polls ... 17285.html

Addressing a press conference at Press Club in Srinagar, Faesal said that they will strengthen the party first before taking the poll plunge.

paise nahin hain ... 17256.html

"How is it possible that my son who is in police custody in Delhi for last one month was nabbed on Thursday near Lal Quila in Delhi?" asked his father Ghulam Nabi Khan.

well what were they doing for one month? didnt anyone hear it? Is it too common for a son to be in custody for 1 month and not making any news

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Posted: 24 Mar 2019 05:09
by ArjunPandit ... n-rajouri/
After govt takeover fire in record room. Coincidence Anyone?

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Posted: 30 Mar 2019 21:55
by gaurav.p

the narrative needs serious change. Great work by opIndia.

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Posted: 31 Mar 2019 17:11
by gaurav.p

Re: J&K News and Discussion - 2016

Posted: 01 Apr 2019 05:14
by Muns
Hi guys, took to writing an article last night really on the question off Pakistan opening up a corridor to Sharda Peeth. While yet again Imran Khans most enduring fans of Mehbooba Mufti as well as Omar Abdullah have lauded this decision. Briefly I've talked about how such a decision could be really legitimizing the occupation of occupied Kashmir. Not only that it leads to the ongoing doublespeak and Taqqiya of the Pakistani state in molesting Hindu girls down south while offering this olive branch.

In any case, please take a look and appreciate any feedback ;

Why India should reject any corridor to Sharada Peeth. ... ada-peeth/

Adi Shankaracharya holds a special place in my heart. If the historical records are really true, he managed to accomplish several lifetime worth of work and effort in a mere 32 years of his life. In this time, he not only reformed Hinduism, but established four temples across the length and breadth of India at that point of time.

During the time that he lived, Shankaracharya sought to unify all four branches of Hindu thought of that era and to also instil a sense of oneness with the supreme being. He not only managed to re-instil the emotional connection with Bhagwan (the almighty), but also managed to do so without really eradicating any of the four major Hindu thought processes of the time.

As fate would have it however, this great temple of learning almost is equal to Takshila, which fell to another pillaging Islamic jihadist Sikander Butshikan. He was notoriously known as the iconoclast for the number of idols that the managed to destroy.

Many of these titles seem to ring almost ad nauseum… For destroying places of learning and killing all of the most renowned teachers and professors of the time one would be conferred the title of destroyer of images.

Pakistan would do well to remember that villages such as Kargil and Turtuk were villages on the Pakistani side of control by a few kilometers until they were merged back into India during the 1971 War. India has shown yet again that it will finally not bow to terrorism under its new dynamic leader Narendra Modi.

More than any community over the last millennia, no greater community than the Hindus has suffered the tragedy under Islamic terrorism tantamounting to genocide.

Sharda Peeth lies barely a few kilometres from the line of control (LoC). India should reject wholeheartedly any effort to create a corridor door into occupied land, especially with the atrocious nature of ongoing terrorism against Hindus in Pakistan.

J&K News and Discussion - 2016

Posted: 03 Apr 2019 02:37
by Peregrine
X Posted on the Terroristan Thread

India gets custody of 2017 CRPF camp attack plotter from UAE - Bharti Jain – TNN

NEW DELHI: India has secured the deportation of Nisar Ahmed Tantray, a Jaish-e-Mohammad terrorist and main conspirator behind the December 2017 attack on a CRPF camp at Lethpora in Jammu & Kashmir, from the UAE. Five security personnel were martyred in the attack during the intervening night of December 30 and 31, 2017, which ended with the killing of three Jaish terrorists.

Nisar Tantray, brother of Jaish divisional commander in South Kashmir Noor Tantray who earned fame as a “midget” terrorist being just four feet tall, was brought to Delhi by a special flight on Sunday and handed over to the NIA, which is probing the Lethpora case. Noor Tantray, said to have been instrumental in establishing Jaish in the Valley, was killed in an encounter in December 2017.

A warrant of arrest had been issued against deported terrorist Nisar Tantray by a special judge, NIA court, which facilitated his deportation. The UAE has been extending exemplary cooperation in deporting fugitives, including terrorists, in the past few years. They include AgustaWestland bribery case accused Christian Michel, alleged defence middleman Deepak Talwar, apart from several Islamic State sympathisers and terrorists, including senior Indian Mujahideen operative Abdul Wahid Siddibapa and 1993 Mumbai blasts accused Farooq Takla. Tantray is believed to have escaped to the UAE earlier this year.

This was just before another accused in the Lethpora case, Fayaz Ahmad Magray, a resident of Awantipora, Pulwama, was arrested in February. The three terrorists killed during the attack were identified as Fardeen Ahmed Khandey, a resident of Tral; Manzoor Baba, a resident of Drubgram, Pulwama; and a Pakistani terrorist namely Abdul Shakoor, a resident of Rawalakot area of POK.

Fayaz, arrested by the NIA, was an active overground worker of Jaish and a key conspirator who provided logistical support such as providing shelter to terrorists.
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Posted: 03 Apr 2019 02:48
by Skanda
gaurav.p wrote:

All these 3 videos are excellent. Love the editing and presentation style of Nitin. He speaks softly and his tone gels well with the remarkable images. He goes back and forth to make the same point but it comes out very naturally.

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Posted: 09 Apr 2019 08:29
by MeshaVishwas
Deserves praise IMO.Goal should be to hit the near zero count soon.


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Posted: 09 Apr 2019 21:25
by Varoon Shekhar ... 793799.cms

Another terror attack in Kashmir, RSS leader and PSO killed

J&K News and Discussion - 2016

Posted: 14 Apr 2019 17:40
by Peregrine
Will not allow Abdullahs, Muftis to divide India: PM Modi - PTI

KATHUA: Prime Minister Narendra Modi Sunday slammed the Abdullahs and Muftis, saying two families ruined" three generations of Jammu and Kashmir and he will not allow them to "divide" India.

The Prime Minister was referring to NC leader OmarAbulla's demand for a separate prime minister for Jammu and Kashmir.

He also targeted the Congress for the migration of Kashmiri Pandits from the Valley and said his government was committed to settle the displaced community in their native places and that work has started in this direction.

The Prime Minister also hit out at Punjab chief minister Amarinder Singh for skipping Saturday's event to pay respect to martyrs of the Jalianwala Bagh massacre..

On doubts raised by some opposition leaders on the Balakot air strikes, Modi said Congress has never trusted valour of Indian armed forces.

He said the wave in favour of the BJP was stronger this time than in 2014.

According to opinion polls and surveys, the BJP will get thrice the seats that Congress will win, he said.

By coming out to vote in large numbers in Baramula and Jammu, voters have given a befitting reply to terrorist leaders and opportunists, he added.

In Video: Baramulla Lok Sabha polls 2019: Dynasties a threat to our democracy, says PM Modi at Jammu rally

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Posted: 18 Apr 2019 19:46
by Supratik
Cross LOC trade stopped effective 19th April, 2019. ... e-currency

J&K News and Discussion - 2016

Posted: 02 May 2019 05:37
by Peregrine
X Posted on the Terroristani Thread

After 29 yrs, Kashmiri Pandit returns home, sets business, gets rousing welcome

Srinagar: On Wednesday 65 year old Roshan Lal a Kashmiri Pandit received a rousing welcome from locals in Srinagar’s downtown.

Locals of the area as a mark of respect wore him a turban, as others expressed their joy by distributing sweets.

Lal a trader was returning to Kashmir after a span of 29 years, he had left the valley after being attacked by suspected gunmen when the armed insurgency in valley erupted. “Four bullets penetrated my belly and then I woke up in the army hospital,” recalled Lal whose grey hair bears testimony to his age.

He was among hundreds of Pandits to migrate to other states of the country.

However, having spent more than two decades in New Delhi, the 60 year old Pandit decided to return to the valley. “I have a bustling business in New Delhi. But I missed Kashmir. I missed the love and care of my people, and that’s what brought me back to my roots,” Mr. Lal told The Kashmir Walla as he was flanked by locals of downtown.

“You won’t find the love and affection of Kashmir in any part of the world. Kashmir is a different thing, none other than Kashmiris will understand that,” he said. “A glimpse of which you saw when you witnessed how many people hugged and showed affection towards me.”

Having left behind the pain of past and business behind in New Delhi, Mr. Lal inaugurated a shop in Zaina Kadal area of Srinagar’s Downtown.

The video of shop inauguration soon went viral on social media. Mr. Lal has set up a dry fruit shop and will be particularly dealing with wholesale of dates.

Talking about the business, Mr. Lal said that despite most shopkeepers here dealing with dry fruit business none missed the chance to welcome him. ”This is what sets Kashmiris and Kashmir apart. You won’t find such things in Delhi. And this is what brought me back,” added Mr. Lal.

In a message addressed to Kashmiri Pandits, Mr. Lal said that they should take into consideration that majority of Kashmiris are willing to see them return to the valley.

“The Kashmiri Pandits should gauge what majority of Kashmiris are like. Are 99% Kashmiris bad or good? The answer to this question should answer their dilemma to return,” said Mr. Lal.

While this reporter interviewed him, a number of potential customers lined up to buy dates from the Kashmiri Pandit who was all smiles.

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Posted: 02 May 2019 10:31
by wig ... -of-india/
this article has appeared in a newspaper published in Jammu , It is authored by Sh Daya Sagar who is a Sr Journalist .
Moderators, I have copied The article in full.
Question is Does Article 35A technically & legally qualify to be an Article of Constitution of India?
Some petitions as regards Article 35A that appears in the text of Constitution (application to Jammu and Kashmir ) Order of 14th May 1954 C.0 48 of the President of India appended with Constitution of India as Appendix-I have been filed in the Supreme Court of India pointedly questioning the very existence of it as a valid Article of Constitution of India. Although the subject has become more live since 2014 in view of the petitions before the apex court but the pointed deliberations on the existence of this article had been initiated by the writer in 2009 after it was sensed that the constitutional protections available to the J&K Legislature and J&K Government have been used more to project that even after 26th October 1947 accession of the then princely state of J&K this ‘Indian’ state of J&K is still distantly placed from the Union of India less for using the ‘shelters’ available under Art-35A for the real benefits of even the indian citizens who have been categorised as Permanent Residents of J&K in Section-6 of J&K (PRoJ&K) Constitution.
Not only that when ever and where such drawbacks/ lacuna have been appointed out to the J&K State Government or/ and the State Legislature as regards their faltering approach towards administrative , legislative issues that appeared anti-people, anti-basic fundamental natural justice the Government, Legislature have been showing no intentions for taking corrective measure and one could not even hopefully approach the High Court, Supreme Court since Art35A is/was quoted as a constitutional protection to even ” bad provisions” where ever made by the State if they violated the fundamental rights of an Indian citizen who may be even classed as permanent resident of J&K like has been/ is the case with the women (PRoJ&K) , ST (PRoJ&K), SC (PRoJ&K) and the like. Even supreme court had shown helplessness quoting existence of Art 35A when an Indian citizen who was a non (PRoJ&K) had complained of violation of his fundamental rights.

So, in the greater public interest a need had cropped up for finding out the way out to save the rights of Indian citizens ( even some of whom are (PRoJ&K) and while options, remedies were being probed it was sensed that Article 35A technically & legally even does not qualify to be an Art of Constitution of India. Once the question on the very legitimate existence of Art-35A as an article of COI of India was raised instead of focusing on the good or bads of the Art-35A, like some had done in the past, those political leadership that had so far survived on the distancing ideology based politics sensed the legal implications worth getting disturbed and instead taking to legal defence started making attempts for pushing the “issues” raised from legal domains to instead political domains so desperately and in an illogical manner trying to link the existence of Art-35A ‘as an article’ of COI with the delayed accession of the then Indian princely state of J&K as also with (i) the J&K being Muslim majority state in 1947 , (ii) for preserving the Muslim majority character of Kashmir valley as a commitment to Kashmiris for their agreeing to come with India. Kashmir valley leadership ( that held reins of government ) has even after 2016 gone to the extent of even throwing threats challenging the “integrity ” of India in case the Apex Court accepts the petitions on Art 35A as regards the challenge to its legitimate existence. Such behavior of the so called “mainstream” Kashmir Valley centric local leadership simply exposed their intentions, their motives behind attempting to drag a purely legal issues to political rallies & political issue and unconcerned even for the cause of Indian citizens who are categorised (PRoJ&K) in Section-6 of J&K Constitution. Had it not been so the J&K political leadership, at least from NC & PDP, would have at least gone for making corrections, getting made corrections to the wrongs done to atleast (PRoJ&K) under the cover of Art-35A as had been regularly requested by the writer through notes / write ups so regularly even after 2014 but that has not been done.
So in the interest of the ‘subjects’ of J&K and for peace & stability in J&K the questions and discussions regarding “Art35A” as an article of COI should be limited only to the origin / ‘birth’ of Art 35A . Art-35A was added in the COI as a ‘New” Article neither by the Constituent Assembly of India (COI) nor by the Parliament of India (under Art 368) but is taken to have been added simply by an order of the President of India ( CO 48 of 14 May 1954) and that could be surely said as an illegitimate route/ process/action. This Article is neither part of Art 35 nor does this article exit in the main body of the constitution of India before Art 36. In my opinion even the Constitution of India could be named as the first victim of the 14th May 1954 Constitution (Application to Jammu & Kashmir ) Order that has been issued unauthorisedly in the name of Clause-1(d) of Art-370 by the President of India for amending the COI so as to add a new Article namely “Art 35A” after Article35 which other wise could be done legally only by Parliament of India under the constituent power vested in Art-368 of COI.
In the our opinion Article 35A technically & legally does not qualify to be an Art of Constitution of India and has already done enough damage & looking at the way ‘governments’ have handling the related issues it may not be wrong if some one says that in a way it has been indirectly ‘used’ more by some for promoting separatist ideologies.

No doubt , so far, Art 35A has been taken as valid and legitimate article of Constitution of India and now it is the legitimacy of its very existence that has been / is being put under question mark. But we will have to go with the opinion of the Apex court where petitions have been made by some for the Apex Court examine among other things the contents of the C.O 48 of 14 May 1954 as at Clause -4-J (After article 35, the following new article shall be added, namely:- “35A. Saving of laws with respect to permanent residents and their rights.- … ) and the authority that the President of India draws from / is conferred on President of India by Art-370 (1-d) in the context of adding a new article in Constitution of India by amending the COI. Need is to take Art35A out of political domains and limit it only with in legal domain ( as far as possible).

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Posted: 07 May 2019 18:25
by ArjunPandit ... n-pulwama/

Pulwama, Rajpora, Tral and Pampore recorded an overall voter turnout of 0.64 percent, 1.59 percent, 0.93 percent and 4.65 percent respectively. Out of the 450 polling stations, 211 saw no voter in the district.
All these assembly segments have largely been the strongholds of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and National Conference (NC). Before 2008, NC had been winning the elections from these segments, but in 2008, PDP replaced NC.

The situation in Tral segment was no different: at the end of the day, poll percentage was 0.93 percent. Majority of polling booths in main town Tral and its adjoining villages wore a deserted look. Moderate polling was witnessed in a few Sikh dominated villages, where all four major parties in the fray got some votes.

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Posted: 07 May 2019 18:27
by ArjunPandit ... niversary/

The students were holding banners and placards and offered prayers for the slain professor. Emotions ran high in the university campus when the students of sociology department recalled contribution of late Professor towards the department and his interest in teaching the students.

“He was a great support to all his students in terms of teaching and other assignments. He is still alive among us,” said one of the students.

The silent protest last for around an hour and later the students continued their classes in their respective departments.

Yeh kya naatak hai

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Posted: 10 May 2019 18:05
by MeshaVishwas
Post-Pulwama & Balakot air-strike not a single infilitration attempt on LoC nor any BAT action from #Pakistan finds #IndianArmy figures

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Posted: 10 May 2019 19:02
by Aditya_V
MeshaVishwas wrote:
Post-Pulwama & Balakot air-strike not a single infilitration attempt on LoC nor any BAT action from #Pakistan finds #IndianArmy figures

It also includes heavy cross border shelling where lost some civilians and soldiers and PA was made to pay a heavy price in Mar 19

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Posted: 14 May 2019 15:50
by wig
the discrimatory and illegal Art 35A was promulgated today sneakily on 14 May 1954.
this article is from 2017 but it details the misfeasance of the govts in the state and center, the gender discrimination wrought by Art 35A and downright mischief with human rights of Gurkhas and Safai Karamcharis made possible by Art 35A ... in-nature/
On May 14, 1954, the President of India issued an order called the Constitution (Application to Jammu and Kashmir) Order 1954. It came into effect immediately and superseded the Constitution (Application to Jammu and Kashmir) Order 1950.
Besides carrying out many modifications and changes, this presidential order ‘added’ to the Constitution of India, a new Article namely 35A as an amendment to Article 35. The 1954 order states it is being issued “in exercise of powers conferred by clause (1) of Article 370 of the Constitution, with the concurrence of the Government of Jammu and Kashmir”. No amendment in Indian Constitution can be done without Parliament without following procedures mentioned in Article 368.
Article 35A was never presented before Parliament of India. Unlike other amendments, it appears in the Constitution as an appendix and is not listed in the list of amendments either.
Article 35-A has discriminated Permanent Residents of Jammu and Kashmir instead of Protecting the Permanent Resident. But it is propagated that this provision is for the protection of Permanent Residents of J&K. This provision has multiplied the miseries of many people in J&K instead of protecting them. The main worst sufferers are:
Women Permanent Residents
Backed by Article 35-A Section 6 as adopted and strictly enforced by the State Government reads: (I) “Every person who is, or is deemed to be, a citizen of India under the provisions of the Constitution of India shall be a permanent resident of the State, if on the fourteenth day of May, 1954, (a) he was a state subject of class I or of class II, or (b) having lawfully acquired immovable property in the State, he has been ordinarily resident in the State for not less than ten years prior to this date” and (II) “any person who, before the fourteenth day of May, 1954 was a State Subject of class I or of class II and who, having migrated after the first day of March, 1947, to the territory – now included in Pakistan, returns to state under a permit for resettlement in the State or for permanent return issued by or under the authority of any law made by the State Legislature shall on such return be a permanent resident of the State”.
As for Sections 8 and 9, the former gives the State Legislature the right to define Permanent Residents and the latter empowers the State Legislature to alter the definition of Permanent Residents.
All the laws framed by Maharaja Hari Singh or subsequent Government were Gender neutral. They defined the Permanent resident not Male permanent resident or female resident. But later on notwithstanding anything in PRC act the concept of “Valid Till Marriage” got introduced in it without any legal sanction.
Up to 2002, the Revenue Department was issuing Permanent Resident Certificates (PRCs) to the female residents of Jammu and Kashmir with the endorsement as “Valid Till Marriage”. This became ground for a petition before the State High Court about 15 years back whereby selection of a doctor was challenged on the plea that she was married to non state subject.
The judgment of Single Judge whereby selection was quashed was challenged in the Division Bench of J&K High Court and keeping in view the involved legal issue a Full Bench comprising of Justice V Jhanji, Justice T Doabia and Justice M Jan was constituted.
The reference before the Full Bench was: “Whether the daughter of a permanent resident of the State of Jammu and Kashmir marrying a non-permanent resident loses her status as a permanent resident of State, to hold, inherit and acquire immovable property in the State?”
In view of the majority opinion, the Full Bench in a case titled Jammu and Kashmir Versus Dr Sushila Sawhney and Others held that a daughter of a permanent resident marrying a non-permanent resident will not lose the status of permanent resident of State of Jammu and Kashmir.
Though the State Government initially filed Special Leave Petition (SLP) in the Supreme Court against the verdict of Full Bench of J&K High Court but later withdrew the same after making an opinion that it will carry out necessary amendments in the Act governing issuance of PRCs.
In March 2004, an attempt was made by the PDP-led coalition government to bypass the High Court’s landmark judgment. It moved an official Bill after the tough stand of Hon’ble Supreme Court which was passed in a record 6 minutes.
But the Bill was declared “defeated” in the Legislative Council. The main reason was that the bill had created a storm in Jammu and at the national level as anti-women, reactionary and out-dated.
J&K High Court on four occasions delivered judgments aimed at ensuring gender equality. The judgments were unambiguous and were hailed by one and all.
Unnecessary confusion has been created to implement the judgement of Hon’ble High Court in Dr Susheela Sawney case and thereafter. After 15 years of Judgement the situation seems to be at the same point. Despite clear Judgement of Hon’ble High Court and law position a Committee has been constituted to deliberate on matters which are already settled. Central Govt cannot intervene because of Article 35-A.

If a woman marries outside the state:
When women belonging to the state of Jammu-Kashmir marry outsiders, they cannot settle in the state even if the circumstances so demand.
A man from another state marrying J&K a woman cannot get PRC, hence none of the associated benefits. Which means he cannot buy land, cannot apply for a government job, his children cannot study in state-run professional colleges and institutes.
This means if a woman marries outside the state, she is virtually forced to leave the state and settle elsewhere. Earlier, such women used to completely lose the ‘permanent resident status’. But still her off springs and spouse don’t get PRC which is not there in case of male.
Now questions are:
* When Permanent resident law is gender neutral then how discrimination is being allowed to women in the name of gender?
* Are there any separate laws for male permanent residents?
* Whether Article 35-A was introduced to protect Permanent Residents or to discriminate?
* Is it not Human rights violation?
The most depressing story is that of safai karamcharis in Jammu-Kashmir.In 1957, around 200 Valmiki families were brought from Punjab to Jammu-Kashmir, following a cabinet decision, specifically to be employed as Safai Karamcharis (sweepers).
These families agreed to work in the state after being promised that the ‘permanent resident’ clause would be relaxed in their favour. After a lapse of five decades, family strength of each family has increased and number of employees has gone up. However, their plight is that they are ‘permanent residents’ of Jammu-Kashmir only to the extent of being Safai Karamcharis.
Their children have studied up to graduation level but are not eligible to apply for Government jobs. Their children cannot get admission to government-run professional institutes. The educated youth from these Valmiki families are only eligible to be appointed as safai karamcharis only.
The educated Safai-Karamcharis already working in Jammu Municipality now qualify for further promotions. But as they can only be employed as sweepers, there is no hope. These Safai-Karamcharis can vote for Lok Sabha elections, but not for State Assembly or municipality elections.
The colony that was allotted to Safai Karamcharis to live in (Valmiki Colony, Gandhi Nagar, Jammu) has not been regularized till date.

Now questions are:
* Are these the standards of Human rights being claimed?
* Don’t these people and their Children have right to grow and develop?

Gorkhas were employed in all the ranks of army of Maharaja Ranjeet Singh and then Maharaja Gulab Singh. Their families settled in Jammu and Kashmir more than 200 years ago. They are around one lakh people. They have State subject granted by Maharaja but now they are not granted PRC on illogical grounds. This is due to Article 35-A giving State Government free hand to discriminate even the Permanent residents of State.

Now the point is that if Article 35-A was enacted to protect the rights of Permanent Residents of Jammu and Kashmir then how discrimination is being there with said people like women, Valmikis or Gorkhas and many more. If Article 35-A provides a shield to Government of J&K to discriminate the Permanent Residents of Jammu and Kashmir then why it shall not be abrogated with immediate effect. These points need to be given a serious thought to protect the Permanent Residents of J&K from further discrimination.

Mods: I have reproduced the article in full

J&K News and Discussion - 2016

Posted: 20 May 2019 21:26
by Peregrine
X Posted on the Terroristan Thread

Pakistan continuing with anti-India activities along LoC:ArmyPTI

UDHAMPUR: Asserting that the security situation in Jammu and Kashmir is "under control" , the Army said on Monday that Pakistan is continuing with its anti-India activities along the Line of Control (LoC) by trying to infiltrate terrorists into the Valley and promoting drug trade.
Cheers Image

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Posted: 20 May 2019 22:43
by ramana
Exit polls suggest PDP will not win any seats.
The 6 J&K seats are predicted to go

NC 2-3
BJP 2-3
Congress 0-1

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Posted: 22 May 2019 10:10
by A_Gupta ... apporteurs

India Calls Out UNHRC Bias On Kashmir; To No Longer Entertain Any Communication With Its Special Rapporteurs

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Posted: 23 May 2019 21:26
by Supratik

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Posted: 23 May 2019 23:41
by deejay
Supratik wrote:Zakir Musa encountered. ... 57147.html

Great day today.

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Posted: 24 May 2019 08:22
by vera_k
In Kashmir, Indian Democracy Loses Ground to Millennial Militancy

In the village of Dogripora, the first weekend of May began with a militant’s funeral and ended with a historic election.

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Posted: 24 May 2019 08:59
by tandav
It's well known that in Kashmir more than anywhere else in India the most Muslims have been brainwashed by their parents, their mullahs and also the state to consider India and Hinduism to be their enemy. Do we have a successful model of deradicalization that can be followed?

China has opted for large scale re-education camps, ensuring that all Mullahs / religious leaders are licensed / patriotic. Embedding PLA / Hans inside all Uyghur Muslim households to check radicalization at home. I think the gamut of tools they are using has a very high chance of success

Re: J&K News and Discussion - 2016

Posted: 24 May 2019 09:35
by sum
^^ 400% agree

As usual, we will be mocking them and making fun of them ( and joining US in poking at them) but definitely, looks like their model might have higher success chances compared to our do-nothing and pray for the best model ( already, we are loosing grip on even IMs in South states like Kerala/TN etc who are supposed to be more educated and non-mullah types)

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Posted: 04 Jun 2019 17:47
by MeshaVishwas
Count down starts.


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Posted: 04 Jun 2019 19:13
by Supratik
J&K assembly seats likely to undergo delimitation. ... 2019-06-04

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Posted: 06 Jun 2019 10:15
by OmkarC
Supratik wrote:J&K assembly seats likely to undergo delimitation. ... 2019-06-04

I was hoping for greater discussion on this on BRF.. Have been hearing conflicting news about the actual population of the 3 regions.. some say population of Jammu & Laddakh is not greater than Kashmir and hence this talk about Delimitation is going to be futile anyway.. how can Shah pull this off, if that is the case ?

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Posted: 06 Jun 2019 12:35
by wig ... r/1598473/

MHA clarifies amid row, says no proposal on table for delimitation of Assembly seats in Jammu and Kashmir