Indo-UK News & Discussions- June 2017

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Re: Indo-UK News & Discussions- June 2017

Postby Vips » 09 Oct 2020 21:12

India and UK in nal stages of signing defence logistics pact, will extend reach.

India and the UK are in the nal stages of signing a defence logistics sharing pact, according to people aware of the development, adding to a
host of similar agreements with other Indo-Pacific nations that can expand the reach of Indian warships and aircraft in the region.
The logistics pact, which will enable reciprocal use of bases and airfields for fuel, supplies and spares, has been under discussion with the UK, besides an agreement on joint training.

India already has similar pacts with six nations that have interest in the Indo-Pacific region.

“India’s military logistics pacts have the potential to substantially enhance the Indian Navy’s operational reach in the Indo-Pacific region. From Reunion to Djibouti and Salalah to Guam, India now has access to the remote reaches of the Indo Pacic. A logistics agreement with the UK will, for the first time, offer India access to naval facilities in the distant Atlantic,” said Abhijit Singh, who heads the maritime policy initiative at the Observer Research Foundation.

While the practical use will be determined in the coming years, these pacts can give India access to a range of ports and military bases in the region – from major garrisons in the Gulf to the remote Keeling island in the South Indian Ocean, and strategic military locations like Okinawa and Busan.

India has logistics sharing pacts with the US, France, Singapore, South Korea, Australia and Japan. Advanced discussions are also on with Russia to ink the pact soon – possibly at the next bilateral meeting scheduled for this month.

“The agreement with the UK in a way provides a foundational access map for India across the Indo-Pacific. Depending on political will, through these logistics pacts India would not only have access to the entry and exit points in the Indian Ocean, but reach and presence at strategic locations in the Indo-Pacific,” said Darshana Barua, non-resident scholar, Carnegie Endowment.

While India has been very careful in using these pacts – occasional refuelling at sea and bases has taken place with the US, Indian planes have used the Reunion islands as a turnaround base and Singapore has acted as a hub – the potential to leverage these should be visible in the coming years as the naval footprint increases in the region to counter China’s ambitions.

China has started creating military bases in the Indian Ocean Region – starting with Djibouti – while India has opted for the more benign approach of entering into logistics sharing pacts that ensure adequate reach for forces, without any underlying territorial aspirations.

Major military logistics sharing pacts signed by India give access to warships and aircraft across the Indo-Pacific region, a capability that never existed before. From multiple options in the Gulf to the deep Indian Ocean and the sensitive South China Sea, these pacts will enable easy movement of the military, whenever the need arises.

Busan (South Korea)
Okinawa/Iwo Jima (Japan)
Cocoa Keeling (Australia)
Andamans (India)
La Reunion (France),
Djibouti and Bahrain (UK)
Guam (US)

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Re: Indo-UK News & Discussions- June 2017

Postby ArjunPandit » 09 Oct 2020 21:50

did you folks hear about the news that the covid no.s were underreported coz the excel hit the column limit in data

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Re: Indo-UK News & Discussions- June 2017

Postby Rsatchi » 14 Oct 2020 21:46 ... d=msedgdhp
Phrases like : 'Victim', 'Victim narrative', 'Harmful', 'Divisive' etc sound very familiar to Desi Liberandus getting their knickers in a twist on re-writing or rather correcting wrong discourse :D :lol:

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Re: Indo-UK News & Discussions- June 2017

Postby Haresh » 15 Oct 2020 22:10

and the atrocity narrative continues......

Woman is rescued after husband locked her in their toilet for ONE-AND-A-HALF YEARS in India

{Deleted Daily mail tabloid trash link}
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Reason: Edited link - we aren't giving them traffic.

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Re: Indo-UK News & Discussions- June 2017

Postby Suraj » 16 Oct 2020 13:29

I've removed the link to the tabloid garbage. I'd like to point out that keeping such links only give them $s. It doesn't fundamentally teach us anything we don't already know. It's better to describe who wrote it, or who owns Daily Mail and why they post something like this. The explanations may be trite 'because there's a ready market in UK for such 'news'' or something more profound. But whatever it is, it's better than giving them the clicks and nothing useful to us.

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Re: Indo-UK News & Discussions- June 2017

Postby Tanaji » 27 Oct 2020 14:06

The penetration of UK by Pakistanis seems to be deep and at all levels: ... -ipl-exile

Al Guardian calling for UK to do “something” about lack of Pureistanis in IPL. I wonder if they understand what the “I” in IPL stands for.

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Re: Indo-UK News & Discussions- June 2017

Postby vera_k » 27 Oct 2020 21:19

^ Well, this will complicate visas for players from the UK if next year's IPL is held in India. The standard duration for a terrorist training course in Pakistan is less than the duration of this planned ECB tour.
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Re: Indo-UK News & Discussions- June 2017

Postby Yagnasri » 28 Oct 2020 03:14

Communist rag. Why the F we care. If anything BCCI should be asked by GoI to force the kicking out of Pakis from ICC.

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Re: Indo-UK News & Discussions- June 2017

Postby Avtar Singh » 28 Oct 2020 04:18

The grauniad article above......
Author name “Liew” what kind of origin does he look like?

I suppose, with these british rags/tv channels sourcing self loathing brown skins/jnu types/commies to fill slots in their institutions, writing anti Indian articles…
I think they can do the same with chinese/ccp origin people, I am sure they offer a great deal of money to ensure these people get employed by said rags and hate on India.
Is it not the logical next step?

India should stick to its guns and keep its visa secure against these awful people…
As britain slides more and more towards pakistan rule/pakistaniyat (have I got that correct),
even the proper british/english will have to be shown the door by India.

It should be made clear that they can also receive the Indian cold shoulder…
The british should stick with their pakistanis citizens,
similarly for the so called British Indians in Name Only = BINO crowd.

I think the “Commonwealth” will also be set to loose India.
The british/english are too cowardly now, they cannot stop their girls being gang raped by paks.

Labour will become LIPoP, Labour Islamic Party of Pakistan.
SNP, is already Scottish National Pakistanis..

This should all be music to the ears of Indians who refer to them as “britsh#ts”
Not me…..

You reap as you sow and the pakistanis are giving it to them..
As the turks are giving it to europa..

India and Hindus should stay strong and wise when it comes to visa policy.

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Re: Indo-UK News & Discussions- June 2017

Postby Suraj » 28 Oct 2020 06:17

Funnily enough, the Guardian never reports on the actual IPL matches. Go ahead. Look for ongoing daily scores or even just an article summarizing happenings, or even saying the IPL is going on outside India. Nope. Nothing. That's because IPL is haraam Indian filthy creation not on par with county cricket and whatever it is they do when it isn't raining.

All this of course is completely irrelevant when the opportunity arises to harrumph and wag their finger about how exactly we should be running a tournament they otherwise prefer to pretend does not exist in the first place. And they say British humour values irony.

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Re: Indo-UK News & Discussions- June 2017

Postby hnair » 28 Oct 2020 07:36

Suraj, spot on! They don’t cover IPL leagues the way we cover these european rubbish leagues from which most Indians players are kept at arms distance. But even worse, I don’t get this Indian fad of reporting in detail about what the hell happened when some oafish football players met on behalf of European betting syndicates

For example, some sad faced Asianet reporter will waste some 5% of the prime 7:30 PM news slot, informing me that a mix of brutish british chavs, carribean housing-estate hoodlums and adidas stripe loving east European immigrants met to share a ball under banner of some Dingleberry-shire vs Poopenham. What is even worse is some Malabar-side classmate showing his “love for football” by over analyzing and posting in social media about WTF happened in the boring 90 minutes. Slapping on a surcharge on these leagues for every minute they get covered in Indian media is not a bad thing. Unless they have Indian players too

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Re: Indo-UK News & Discussions- June 2017

Postby Suraj » 28 Oct 2020 09:39

hnairgolis wrote:Dingleberry-shire vs Poopenham


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Re: Indo-UK News & Discussions- June 2017

Postby IndraD » 29 Oct 2020 03:44 ... 1603814222

Akshay Patra giving free meals to children in schools of England after govt runs out of money

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