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Terroristan - April 24, 2018

Posted: 20 Jul 2018 18:54
by Peregrine

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Terroristan - April 24, 2018

Posted: 20 Jul 2018 19:32
by Peregrine
Such Gup

So Help us Darwin!

A lot of news and analysis is floating about to confuse us all. The most pernicious are so-called pollster predictions of the forthcoming election results that convey the impression that the game is over for the PMLN. Alien Whatsapp Groups are the most prolific. In the latest such offering, the wretched PMLN is fated to get only 57 MNA seats throughout Pakistan while the heroic PTI is slotted 116 MNA seats. That would suggest that the PTI will form a government in Islamabad and KP and maybe even in Punjab. The Aliens are also in an unforgiving mood as regards the PPP which has been allotted 27 MNA seats in all, of which 24 are in Sindh, suggesting that it may not be able to form a government in Sindh.

Before independent pundits dismiss these calculations, they might be advised to note the fact that the ANP’s election campaign has been “bombed” out, Bilalwal Bhutto has cancelled his trip to KP because of security reasons and the PMLN has been hobbled by the imprisonment of Nawaz Sharif and Mariam, its star vote-catchers. On the other hand, IK is complaining of thinning crowds at his jalsas and PMLN voters are charged like never before.

One such wishful analysis says that two old Aitchisonians Imran Khan and Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan will be PM and CM Punjab respectively. (The PTI is choked with Aitchisonians) Another claims that JKT’s disqualification will be reversed by the SC in appeal and he will be CM Punjab via a bye-election. Plans are apparently also afoot to seize the Pakistan Cricket Board regardless of legal niceties and risk of ICC suspension because of government interference, as in the recent case of Sri Lanka. The wags say that several people, including a British national, a current MNA and an ex-chairman PCB (who was kicked out for malpractices) are all lining up for the PCB Chairman’s job. So help us, Darwin!

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Re: Terroristan - April 24, 2018

Posted: 20 Jul 2018 19:51
by anupmisra
Slavery index
Look at the maps, especially the one on government response.

Re: Terroristan - April 24, 2018

Posted: 20 Jul 2018 19:57
by Falijee
Ganja Sharif Morphs Into A Social Worker !

Nawaz Sharif becomes ‘social worker’ after landing in jail

RAWALPINDI – The former prime minister Nawaz Sharif, who is currently serving his term in the Adiala Jail for concealing assets, has decided to start work for the welfare of fellow inmates. According to local media reports, the convicted Nawaz also held talks with jail authorities to carry out the activity.The three-time former premier has directed his personal staff in jail to get details of prisoners who could not afford the amount for paying the imposed fines by courts in their respective cases. Nawaz Sharif has vowed to pay the fines on their behalf in order to get them released from the jail. He also announced to install water facility inside the jail. ( Nawaz is well known for such impulsive generosity . When he was in power, he gifted some brand new BMWs to Fauji and other governmental officials :mrgreen: ) . Adiala jail authorities said that a list is being prepared of the inmates who have not been released due to non-payment of the fines. Nawaz was sentenced to a total of 11 years in prison and slapped a £8 million fine (Rs1.3 billion) while Maryam was sentenced to eight years with a £2 million fine (Rs335 million). Moreover, Maryam’s husband, Capt (retd) Safdar, is also serving his term in Adiala jail.

Re: Terroristan - April 24, 2018

Posted: 20 Jul 2018 20:07
by Falijee
Nawaz Sharif, Maryam Nawaz have started to collapse in Adiala Jail just a week after the arrest: :roll: Sources
20 Jul, 2018

RAWALPINDIN - Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and daughter Maryam Nawaz are not satisfied with the facilities they are provided with in Adiala jail and started to collapse in Jail.
Sources have revealed that both have started to suffer from psychological trauma and irrational behaviour has been reported by jail authority.
Father-daughter duo is finding it difficult to live in the cell they are staying in due to its shabby conditions. Maryam and Nawaz Sharif 's cells have a foul smell, with washroom being in an even worse state.
Pakistan "Deep State" has a "solid history" of inflicting such harassment to past political prisoners as well . Z.A. Bhutto requested a glass of water to quench his thirst in jail . In return he was provided a thermos flask of hot water !
They are subjected to solitary confinement and the distance between their respective cells is almost half a kilometre. Both of them also have complaints regarding the food that they are given.Maryam and Nawaz have complained that they are not terrorist offenders; hence solitary confinement does not apply to them.
Even the reporting of such news, would be considered , psychological torture and humiliation in normal countries !
Nawaz Sharif has requested the formation of a committee under the supervision of Bar Council to probe whether he and daughter Maryam are treated fairly in Adiala jail.

Re: Terroristan - April 24, 2018

Posted: 20 Jul 2018 20:16
by Falijee
Deep State Releasing Missing Activist :roll:

Missing activist Raza Khan returns home after 7 months
July 20, 2018

Social activist Raza Mahmood Khan, who had been missing for the past seven months, has returned home, DawnNewsTV reported on Friday citing police officials.
Raza, a convener of Aghaz-i-Dosti — a friendship initiative between the youth of India and Pakistan — was reportedly picked up by men in plain clothes from his Model Colony residence on December 2, 2017.
Activists belonging to various rights groups, along with friends and family, had since been agitating for Raza's release. They had condemned the ‘enforced disappearance’ of activists and attempts to silence and harass those speaking up for peace and human rights.
Anyone advocating Peace between India and Pakistan is considered a "potential traitor" by Deep State . Nawaz is the most glaring example !
Mohammad Imran, SP Investigation Model Town, confirmed on Friday that Punjab police had recovered Raza 10 days ago. He, however, did not disclose further details about where Raza was found.

Details will eventually leak out :D
Raza is in good health, according to the police official, but is refraining from making a statement due to "security concerns".
International rights organisation Amnesty International, in a statement issued following Raza's disappearance, had demanded that the Pakistani government ensure the recovery of the Lahore-based activist. "The Pakistani authorities must take all measures as may be necessary to investigate Raza Khan's fate immediately," Amnesty's Deputy South Asia Director Dinushika Dissanayake had said.
"Scarcely does a week go by without Amnesty International receiving reports of people going missing in Pakistan," Dissanayake had said. "Many of them may have been subjected to enforced disappearances, which is a crime under international law."
Prior to that, Zeenat Shahzadi, a young journalist who was pursuing the case of an Indian citizen, went missing in 2015. Driven to despair, her younger brother had committed suicide.

Terroristan - April 24, 2018

Posted: 20 Jul 2018 21:53
by Peregrine
Pakistan’s current account deficit peaks at $17.99b

KARACHI: The current account deficit, which remains the single largest challenge for economic managers, shot to a record high of $17.994 billion (5.7% of GDP) at the end of fiscal year ended June 30, 2018 mainly due to exorbitant imports and less-than-projected inflows.

This is 44.7% higher than $12.44 billion recorded in the previous fiscal year 2017.

State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) Governor Tariq Bajwa said last week that the deficit has grown to an “unsustainable level” due to soaring aggregate demand in the economy.

To tame demand, the central bank has let the rupee fall by close to 22% to Rs128 to the US dollar since December 2017, and made borrowing expensive by increasing the benchmark interest rate by 175 basis points to 7.5% in the last six months.

“The Real Effective Exchange Rate (rupee-dollar parity) and monetary policy (the benchmark interest rate) are two effective tools available with the central bank to deal with the situation,” he said. “We are using both of them.”

Rest can be done by the government to deal with the situation like imposing regulatory (additional) duties on imports and announcing an export package, he said.


The deficit is close to double the set target of $9 billion (2.9% of GDP) for FY18. Surprisingly, it is also much higher than the one estimated at around $16 billion by independent economists many months ago.

The gap has widened mainly due to the country’s exorbitant foreign expenditure (mainly imports and debt repayments) and sluggish income (mainly export proceeds and workers’ remittances).

The fall of the rupee over time has helped the country achieve 13% higher exports and slightly higher (1.4%) workers’ remittances. However, it has failed to offset the impact of record high imports and debt repayments.

The growing deficit has pushed the country near a default-like situation. The country’s foreign currency reserves have dropped to an alarming level of less than two months of import cover. They stood at $9.06 billion on July 13, a four-year low. PAKISTAN’ REAL FOREX POSITION IS IN US$ BILLIONS 1. SBI : 03.2636 - 2. COMM. BANKS : 06.6189 3. TOTAL : 09.8825

To tackle the situation, the caretaker government has kick-started the process of seeking a bailout from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to enable the incoming government to move along quicker if it chooses to exercise the option.

The SBP also said on Thursday that imports have surged 14.71% to $55.84 billion compared to $48.68 billion last fiscal year.

Exports have increased 12.59% to $24.77 billion compared to $22 billion. Workers’ remittances improved 1.41% to $19.62 billion compared to $19.35 billion last fiscal year.

Foreign direct investment (FDI) in different sectors of the economy has slightly improved by 0.8% to $2.76 billion in the fiscal year ended June 30, 2018, compared to $2.74 billion last fiscal year.

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Terroristan - April 24, 2018

Posted: 20 Jul 2018 23:07
by Peregrine
Size of Pakistan’s economy is $313.13 billion, says SBP

KARACHI: The size of Pakistan’s economy stood at $313.13 billion at the end of June, 2018, according to provisional figures released on Thursday by the country’s central bank, as a weaker currency took toll on gross domestic product (GDP) in dollar terms.

Pakistan’s GDP stood at $304.97 billion at the end of June, 2017, and the economy registered a 13-year high GDP growth rate of 5.8% in FY18. That said, the size of the economy shrunk in dollar terms as the rupee weakened against the greenback in four separate rounds since December 2017, with a 5.8% growth rate effectively reduced to 2.7%.

The State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) used a period average month-to-month exchange rate to calculate the GDP, which according to calculations came to around Rs108 to the US dollar. With the rupee having weakened further, the size of the economy is likely to have shrunk even more in dollar terms. The currency is currently hovering around the Rs128-mark as depleting foreign exchange reserves and a widening current account deficit create a headache for economic managers that are at a loss to save the country from a balance of payments crisis. The Calculation of Terroristan’s GDP at US$1 = TRs 108 gives a figure of the GDP = TRs 33818 Billion. Now that the Rate is US$1 = TRs 128 so that the new figure for the GDP will be US$ 264.20 Billion

The SBP has already increased the key interest rate by 175 basis points since January, taking it to 7.5% to tackle increasing inflationary pressure in the months to come.

Additionally, the 5.8% growth registered during FY18 is also not enough for a developing economy like Pakistan to absorb the number of job seekers that pile up each year. According to experts and global financial institutions, Pakistan needs at least 7% growth to create enough jobs and tame rising unemployment. However, the country is likely to face a slowdown in growth during the ongoing fiscal year as tighter policies to improve macroeconomic stability have a negative impact.

Ratings agencies, Moody’s and Fitch, have already lowered their forecast for Pakistan’s GDP growth, while the World Bank has also suggested that it will slow down to near 5% in FY18.

According to additional figures released by the SBP, Pakistan’s current account deficit stood at $17.99 billion in FY18, translating to 5.7% of GDP and more than twice than the government’s own estimates.

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Posted: 21 Jul 2018 03:18
by Falijee
Pakistan Telecommunications Authority Suspends Internet Services In Balochistan Till July 31. :roll:

Suspension of internet services in Balochistan to hamper election-related process, PTA tells ECP
July 20, 2018

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) on Friday suspended mobile internet services in several districts of Balochistan till July 31 on the directives of the interior ministry, thus casting doubts on the effectiveness of the Result Transmission System (RTS) during the upcoming general elections.
The RTS is an internet-based application introduced by the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) to transmit polling results from constituencies to the commission.According to a letter sent by PTA on July 20, the mobile internet services have been suspended in Pishin, Killa Abdullah and Mastung. Meanwhile, the service is already unavailable in Awaran, Kech and Kalat since February.
Balochistan receives "special treatment" from the Interior Ministry ( on the orders of Deep State ) in the forthcoming (s)election process. This is to ensure that the (s)election exercise goes according to the pre-determined plan :twisted:
Through its letter, a copy of which is available with DawnNewsTV, PTA notified ECP asking it to take "necessary action" in wake of the suspension of internet services.
"The blocking of data services will render the RTS and Vote Verification SMS Service (8300), developed by the ECP/ National Database and Registration Authority, ineffective in these districts," it read.
Mobile internet services also remain suspended in most parts of tribal districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa since June 2016.
For the first time in Pakistan, Nadra introduced an Android application which enables election officers to send the results to the ECP in real time. :((
With the help of RTS, all Presiding Officers (PO) will be able to transmit Form 45 (containing tabulated results of the polling station) via their phone to the ECP on election day.
The app also automatically uses GPS to record the result’s location and the time of the upload. The system will be used to announce constituency results as they are collated.
Besides a short message service, the commission has launched ‘Click ECP 2018’ application on Android’s PlayStore. The app can be download free of charge on your smartphones to access voting data and polling-related details. Through this app, voters can easily find out their polling stations, whether their vote is registered or not, and the constituency in which the vote is registered.Through ‘Click ECP 2018’, voters can also stay updated with the commission’s official press statements and election results.
The ECP has established General Election Information Centres in all its provincial, regional and district offices. The commission has also released the details of all centres on its website.
Paki I.T. ( not International Terrorism :twisted: ) entering 21st century :roll:

Re: Terroristan - April 24, 2018

Posted: 21 Jul 2018 03:26
by Falijee
Honour Killing Still Exists In Spite Of 21st Century (election) I.T. ( Information Technology ) :twisted:

Man kills brother over 'honour' in Karachi

A youth was murdered allegedly by his brother in Karachi's Ittehad Town on Friday, in what police suspect is a case of 'honour killing'.According to police, the suspect stabbed to death his 24-year-old brother, Kashif, inside their home in Block 2 of Abidabad. The suspect managed to flee the crime scene but was later arrested by police.
A youth was murdered allegedly by his brother in Karachi's Ittehad Town on Friday, in what police suspect is a case of 'honour killing'.According to police, the suspect stabbed to death his 24-year-old brother, Kashif, inside their home in Block 2 of Abidabad. The suspect managed to flee the crime scene but was later arrested by police.
While in custody, the man told the police that he killed his brother as he (Kashif) allegedly had "illicit relations" with his wife, a police officer told Dawn.
The police have registered a murder case against the suspect following a complaint filed by the third brother, Majid.

Re: Terroristan - April 24, 2018

Posted: 21 Jul 2018 03:54
by Falijee
The ABC's Of Election Rigging In Pakistan

Election rigging 101: How to steal a mandate

The general perception is that apart from the elections that were held in 1970 — which saw the then-East Pakistan break away from the West — none of the elections in Pakistan have really been “free” or “fair”. The Free and Fair Election Network’s (Fafen) General Secretary, Sarwar Bari, agrees.
Historically speaking, election rigging in Pakistan has occurred at multiple levels, with the connivance of state institutions, the establishment, polling officers and, of course, political parties and candidates.
The rigging process can be broadly divided into three categories: pre-poll rigging, polling day-rigging and post-poll rigging. Here, we break down how the polling process can be exploited.

Pre-poll rigging Manipulating the census
The main players in Sindh — PPP and MQM — had demanded an audit as they claimed the population of the province as a whole, and Karachi specifically, had been understated to deny it more seats than it should have gotten.

GerrymanderingAs discussed earlier, the ECP allots a quota of seats to every district according to its population (as counted in the census).
Therefore, if you want to rig at the constituency level, the delimitation exercise is what you need to target.
"Gerrymandering refers to drawing up constituencies in a way that one political rival is at a position of disadvantage in polls regardless of voter support"
Get your opponent’s nomination papers rejected
Rigging on the polling day
Capture the polling booth
Manipulate the vote count
Bribe the voters
Another manner in which political parties and actors can impact elections is by manipulating perceptions using print, electronic and social media, as well as dubious surveys and polls.

The NA-120 modelThe NA-120 by-election held last year on the seat left vacant by the disqualification of former premier Nawaz Sharif was 'unique', so to speak.

Re: Terroristan - April 24, 2018

Posted: 21 Jul 2018 04:45
by RCase
Suar Motor CJP pokes his nose once again.
ISLAMABAD : Chief Justice of Pakistan Mian Saqib Nisar has taken suo motu notice over unauthorised use of a Pakistan International Airline (PIA) plane for air safari of the Nanga Parbat.

The scandal surfaced on Tuesday when Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and PIA officials were accused of delaying a flight to take VIP passengers from Islamabad on an air safari comprising the K2, Nanga Parbat and other mountain peaks.

The plane was scheduled to fly from Skardu to Islamabad but due to unscheduled air safari, the flight was delayed causing inconvenience to dozens of passengers who had to wait for hours at Skardu airport.
The chief justice has ordered to fix the matter at the Karachi registry on July 22. The notices have also been issued to the attorney general of Pakistan, secretary aviation division, PIA CEO and Muneeza Nusrullah regarding their personal appearance before the court.

Re: Terroristan - April 24, 2018

Posted: 21 Jul 2018 05:27
by Falijee
Election Violence : Ex-PM’s son survives gun attack in Multan
July 20, 2018

MULTAN – Police in southern Punjab have arrested two suspects after a convoy of Ali Musa Gilani, son of former prime minister Yousuf Raza Gilani, was attacked by unknown assailants in his hometown last night. “Two assailants are arrested and further investigation is underway,” Punjab Inspector General Police (IGP) Dr Syed Kaleem Imam told the media
According to details, unknown assailants opened fire on the election rally of Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) near Multan’s Shah Rukn-e-Alam Colony. Ali Musa Gilani is contesting polls in NA-157 (earlier NA-148) in the upcoming general elections.
During the election campaign for the 2013 general elections, Ali Haider Gilani – another son of the former PM – was abducted and recovered after three years from Afghanistan.
The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has taken notice of the matter and issued directives for the provision of security to the PPP candidate. Whether security will be provided is anybody's guess :mrgreen:

Re: Terroristan - April 24, 2018

Posted: 21 Jul 2018 17:44
by Falijee
Ahmedi Town Boycotts The Paki Elections !

The town that doesn't vote: Pakistan's Ahmadis say forced to abstain
July 19, 2018

RABWAH, Pakistan (Reuters) - There are no campaign posters in the Pakistani town of Rabwah, and no election rallies on its streets. Though they could be an influential bloc in a key electoral battleground, nearly 90 percent of its residents will not vote in a July 25 poll.
The people of Rabwah, in Punjab province, are predominantly Ahmadi Muslims, and abstain from elections due to what they say are discriminatory laws that target their minority sect.Pakistan’s election laws place Ahmadis on a separate voter registration list categorising them as non-Muslim. Community leaders say this violates their right to religious self-identify as Muslim.
The late PM of Pakiland, Z.A.Bhutto declared them as Non -Muslims , to curry favour with the Mullahs . And this "gimmick" did not keep him in power either. He was hanged by Zia. But his edict remained on the books and has not been removed ever since !
“It’s a matter of our faith so there can be no compromise on that,” community spokesman Salim Ud Din told Reuters. Pakistan’s Election Commission did not respond to requests for comment. In a letter sent to Salim Ud Din, the commission said it was “following law which cannot be changed by the commission”.
The ECP follows the laws set by the GOP . And the "orders' from the Deep State :mrgreen:
Election observers believe if the country’s 500,000 Ahmadi were to participate, their vote could swing the results of more than 20 closely contested seats in Punjab, the most populous province where Pakistani elections are won and lost.
One of the men buried in Rabwah’s well-manicured graveyard is Chaudhry Zafrulah Khan, Pakistan’s first foreign minister.Community members often refer to him, saying the country’s founding father Mohammad Ali Jinnah chose an Ahmadi as Pakistan’s first representative to the world.To comply with laws forbidding Ahmadis to identify as Muslim, the Ahmadi community have erased all Islamic inscriptions from Khan’s gravestone.
The Ahmedis were in the forefront of the so-called struggle for a "separate homeland for the Muslims of India". And now the irony is that they are not considered Muslims !!!

Re: Terroristan - April 24, 2018

Posted: 21 Jul 2018 17:49
by Falijee

Re: Terroristan - April 24, 2018

Posted: 21 Jul 2018 17:54
by Falijee
US voices concern about LeT affiliates contesting elections :roll:
July 21, 2018

WASHINGTON: The United States remains concerned about the participation of Lashkar-e-Taiba-affiliated (LeT) individuals in the July 25 elections and has conveyed its concern to Islamabad as well, says the US State Department. However, in a statement a copy of which is available with Dawn, the department noted with satisfaction that the Pakistan Election Commission had rejected the registration of Milli Muslim League (MML) in June, “citing its linkages to LeT, an internationally-sanctioned terr­orist organisation”. The statement pointed out that the State Department also amended its Foreign Terrorist Organisation designation of LeT in April to add the MML as a Lashkar alias.
Expressing concern is one thing. Taking some concrete measures to punish Pakistan is something else . !
“We have repeatedly expressed our concerns to the Pakistani government about LeT, including the participation of LeT-affiliated individuals in the elections,” the statement added.
In an earlier statement, the State Department had stressed the need to continue the electoral process despite recent terrorist attacks targeting senior Pakistani politicians.
In a similar statement issued in Brussels, the European Union urged Islamabad to ensure that electoral activities in all parts of Pakistan continued in “safe and secure conditions”.Japanese Foreign Minister Taro Kono said last week that Japan strongly hoped the general election would be held this month freely, fairly and peacefully, without giving in” to terrorists who wanted to disturb the democratic process in Pakistan.In Washington, US State Department’s spokesperson Heather Nauert said that such attacks on political candidates and their supporters were “cowardly attempts to deprive the Pakistani people of their democratic rights”.

Terroristan - April 24, 2018

Posted: 21 Jul 2018 18:38
by Peregrine
Ātaṅkavadīsthan Ka Ujwal Chintan

IMF, finance ministry way off on Pakistan’s economic misery

ISLAMABAD: The International Monetary Fund (IMF) and Pakistan’s finance ministry have failed to make accurate forecasts about the country’s external sector for the last fiscal year, putting a question mark over the capability of both institutions. Once again Ātaṅkavadīsthan expects IMF to share the Blame! After all IMF Figures on Ātaṅkavadīsthan's INPUTS!

Projections of the Washington-based lender for the current account deficit and gross official foreign currency reserves for fiscal year 2017-18 were missed by a huge margin. Its first Post Programme Monitoring (PPM) mission had made these projections hardly six months before the close of the last fiscal year and released a report in March, three months before FY18 ended.

The IMF’s forecasts of external debt, imports, trade deficit and foreign direct investment were also wide of the mark. IMF Figures on Ātaṅkavadīsthan's INPUTS! Naturellement!!

The actual outcome has led to depletion of gross official foreign currency reserves at a more rapid pace besides exposing the country to external account financing challenges.

In its first PPM report, the IMF had revised upward its current account deficit forecasts to $15.7 billion or 4.8% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP). “Despite continued recovery of exports and some moderation of import growth, the current account deficit is expected to widen to $15.7 billion this year,” noted the IMF.

On this basis, the IMF had expected that in the medium term the current account deficit would remain elevated at about 3.8% of GDP, owing to continued real exchange rate misalignment and slow recovery of remittances.

However, the external sector figures that the central bank of Pakistan released on Thursday showed that the current account deficit shot to a record high of $18 billion or 5.7% of GDP at the end of fiscal year on June 30, 2018.

The IMF went off the mark by $2.3 billion or 14.6% just three months before the close of the fiscal year. Ātaṅkavadīsthan should stop blaming the IMF and accept the Blame of its own Establishment for giving the IMF the WRONG FIGURES.

The IMF has diverted its best human resource to countries where it has more financial exposure like European Union and Latin American nations, said former finance minister Dr Hafiz Pasha.

Compared to the $6.2-billion size of last IMF programme, Argentina got a $50-billion bailout programme, he added. Typical Ātaṅkavadīsthani.Typical Ātaṅkavadīsthani Ka Dil Always Mangay More!

Dr Pasha said that IMF’s forecasting remained poor throughout the $6.2-billion programme.

Last month, the IMF had also sent a technical assistance team to Pakistan aimed at helping the finance ministry to improve its macroeconomic modelling. Some of the technical team members were also part of the team that held PPM discussions with Pakistan.

These were IMF’s new Resident Representative to Islamabad, Teresa Daban Sanchez, Maxym Kryshko, and Hua Chai.

Although Pakistan has officially not announced it, the country remains in the process of taking another bailout programme, and a weak mission team at the IMF headquarter would further erode the fund’s credibility, according to independent analysts.

On the other hand, the Ministry of Finance is also to share the blame that has developed a habit of deliberately understating worsening macroeconomic indicators to paint a rosy picture. The finance ministry had projected the current account deficit to stand at $9 billion, which went off the mark by 100%.

In the PPM, the IMF had forecasted that Pakistan’s gross official foreign currency reserves would stand at $12.1 billion by June 30. However, SBP’s statistics showed that the reserves fell to $9.7 billion in that time despite availing the $1.5-billion China trade facility and a $500-million loan from China’s State Administration of Foreign Exchange (SAFE) to cushion reserves.

The IMF’s reserves projections went off the mark by $2.4 billion or almost one-fifth.

The IMF’s PPM report had conveyed confidence that despite deterioration on the external front, the country would still have over two months of import cover at the end of the fiscal year, said Dr Pasha.

At the current pace of imports, the foreign currency reserves are sufficient only for six weeks of imports.

The IMF had projected that imports (freight on board basis) would remain at $53.5 billion in the last fiscal year. However, the central bank reported $56 billion imports. On cost and freight basis, Pakistan booked record $60.9 billion imports in the last fiscal year, Pakistan Bureau of Statistics reported. Aha! So on cost and freight basis Ātaṅkavadīsthan's Imports should be US$ 63.75! MERA DIL MANAY MORE!

The IMF’s trade deficit projections also went off the mark by $1.6 billion.

The external debt and liabilities is an area where the IMF has been struggling for the last four years to make accurate projections. The PPM team had projected that the external debt and liabilities would peak to $93.2 billion by June 30. The central bank has not yet released the full year numbers but the debt has already touched almost $92 billion by the end of March. MERA DIL MANGAY MORE!

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Posted: 21 Jul 2018 19:03
by Falijee
Ganja's Trial In Adiali Jail Becomes A Matter Of Concern.

Jail trial issue casts shadow over caretaker govt’s role

ISLAMABAD: Though the caretakers insist that it was a routine matter and 'executed legally', the apparently hasty movement of a letter on last Friday, July 13, regarding jail trial of former premier-- after approval of the interim Prime Minister Justice Nasirul Mulk within five minute -- raised many eyebrows.
Critics argue the affair is indicative of pressure on the caretaker government – a view forcefully rejected by Law Minister Ali Zafar. The minister, Ali Zafar categorically denied any kind of pressure on the federal government to allegedly push one political force against the wall.
To conclude that the caretaker govt is "objective" and does not follow orders from the Deep State , must be a joke !
The PM Office and the staff hesitated to provide The News the viewpoint of Justice Nasirul Mulk, himself an eminent jurist, regarding jail trial issue despite hectic phone and fax queries over the last four days.
Another example of someone pulling strings behind the scenes !
According to available facts, The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) wrote the letter to the Law Ministry on July 13, Friday, the last working day of the week, seeking transferring of the premises of an accountability court to Adiala Jail, Rawalpindi, to hear cases against Nawaz Sharif and others.
The ministry swiftly forwarded it to the Cabinet Division, got signatures of federal ministers and most importantly of the prime minister within few minutes, sent the approval of the cabinet back to the Law Ministry in moments, and the ministry issued the unprecedented notification. In the past, only hardcore terrorists were tried in jail.
A more sophisticated way of pressure being applied to expedite the matter of the trial !
NAB officials deny the surprisingly speedy movement of the jail trial letter, while it could not be ascertained as to who was managing all this.
Like the example of who is behind the pressure being applied to the media :D
However, the federal cabinet withdrew its notification on Wednesday only after the accountability court adjourned the hearing of the references, earlier being heard on daily basis, till the end of July. The Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) leaders allege that adjourning the references until after elections is meant to ensure that the former prime minister is unable to make even a single public appearance before the July 25 general elections.
Ganja has to be boxed in at Adiala . There is no way that Deep State can afford to let him out on bail !
During an interview after issuance of notification of jail trial, Law Minister Ali Zafar explained to The News in detail how different hearings of the accountability court would be conducted in Adiala Jail and how journalists and even citizens willing to observe this trial would be allowed to witness each and every proceedings.No one from any department, division or ministry was ready to comment on this point though repeated questions were sent. Even Cabinet Division Secretary Abu Ahmad Akif, the Prime Minister’s Secretary Suhail Amir remained tight-lipped despite repeated questions on their phones and fax numbers. It was confirmed by The News that the fax was received.
After making so many calls to Suhail Amir, the secretary to the prime minister, The News sent him following questions: “For completion of a news story, I need response of the honourable Caretaker Prime Minister of Pakistan, Justice (R) Nasir-ul-Mulk on following questions: (1). On July 13, 2018 (Friday), Ministry of Law issued a notification regarding transferring of the premises of the accountability court to Adiala Jail, Rawalpindi for hearing of some NAB references. According to federal law minister, same notification was issued after the proper approval of the federal cabinet. The summary was finally approved by the honourable prime minister.
The federal government under Nasirul Mulk is responsible for ensuring conduct of a transparent and fair elections and can advise the president to promulgate an ordinance which can stop all this electoral engineering in shape of arrests and summons by NAB until the conduct of election and election of the new prime minister. :roll:
NAB is also summoning different candidates and important leader on daily basis and is ensuring that they are made to wait for many hours to waste their time of election campaign as maximum as possible.
Elections are rigged in favour of the Deep State's favourite candidate and no one can do anything about it !

Re: Terroristan - April 24, 2018

Posted: 21 Jul 2018 19:09
by Falijee
Pakistan Names Chini Built Maritime Vessel As "Kashmir" :roll:

PMSS Ship Called Kashmir Commissioned At China

PS: Another "novel" way of keeping the "Kashmir issue" alive :roll:

Re: Terroristan - April 24, 2018

Posted: 21 Jul 2018 19:11
by Falijee

Re: Terroristan - April 24, 2018

Posted: 21 Jul 2018 19:15
by Falijee
Mastermind of Mastung carnage killed in Qalat

July 21, 2018

QUETTA: Security forces on Friday killed the mastermind of the country's worst-ever suicide bombing in an early morning shootout in Balochistan, officials said.The operation was carried out on an intelligence tip off about the presence of an Islamic State (IS) operative identified as Hidayatullah in a house in the Darenjo village of Qalat district.
"The Frontier Corps (FC) raided the house and killed Hidayatullah after a strong resistance from him," Qaisar Khan, a senior administration official in Qalat, told AFP. A senior FC official, speaking on condition of anonymity, stated that Hidayatullah was the facilitator of Hafeez Nawaz, who carried out the suicide bombing last week which killed at least 150 people. The Islamic State group claimed responsibility for the attack at an election rally in Mastung district.
The provincial authorities identified the bomber as Nawaz, a Pakistani national who fought in Afghanistan before carrying out the suicide attack in Mastung. A senior administration official in Mastung Qaim Lashari also confirmed the Qalat raid.
"Hidayatullah led a group of IS operatives present in different areas of Balochistan, and we hope to track them down pretty soon," the official added. The news of Hidayatullah's death coincided with a small explosion in Chaman, which wounded four people.

Re: Terroristan - April 24, 2018

Posted: 21 Jul 2018 19:15
by rsingh
And why China ( with more then 1 Billion slaves) is not on the list?

Re: Terroristan - April 24, 2018

Posted: 21 Jul 2018 19:37
by Falijee
Renowned Human Rights Activist I.A. Rahman Once Again Laments Injustices In Pakiland !

Veiled & institutional wrongs
July 19, 2018

ON the eve of election 2018, people find themselves assailed by growing fears of violence and poll manipulation and are frustrated by the state’s reluctance to intervene on the citizens’ behalf which borders on collusion.
The terrorist attacks on election candidates in Mastung, Peshawar and Bannu have, on the one hand, undermined hopes of a peaceful poll, and, on the other, have exposed the inability of the security forces to protect candidates, their workers and other citizens. One wonders whether the terrorist groups’ decision to spare some parties and candidates amounts to their endorsement of them. More important is the fact that on polling day, the candidates, the polling agents, the polling staff and the voters will be under great fear and stress, and that could hamper fair polling.
And not to mention, that Nawaz Sharif is not allowed out of jail !
Further, the powers-that-be have resolved not to listen to the public clamour against pre-poll rigging. The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan is convinced that the election has already been massively manipulated. The Pakistan Institute of Legislative Development and Transparency found the environment unfavourable to fair polling quite sometime ago. According to Gallup, those who think the election will be fair are in a minority. A group of eminent professors, including A. Samad, Pervez Hoodbhoy and Rasul Bakhsh Rais, and author Ahmed Rashid, have protested against electoral manipulation to the Punjab caretaker chief minister and asked him to resign if he cannot set things right. The president of the All Pakistan Newspapers Society has spoken of large-scale manipulation of the electoral process. The attacks on media freedom are visible to all and sundry. The state sees no evil, hears no evil.
There was a time when the public perception of injustice was considered more important than the factual evidence of injustice, when zaban-i-khalq (voice of the people) was accepted as naqqara-i-Khuda (Divine proclamation). No more. Now the people are told to bring proof of wrongdoing by parties they seem mortally afraid of naming. This excuse for avoiding one’s duty is assailable on two grounds.
Firstly, the world is aware of forms of tyranny, torture and subtle arm-twisting that leave no trace of legally cognisable evidence except for the victim’s testimony if he were brave enough to offer it. Despite the slaves’ inability to provide evidence, the world recognised the evil of slavery. The injustices inherent in the patriarchal system have been recognised even though a majority of women of Pakistan are unable to offer evidence before their male tormenters. The world recognises what are called self-evident truths, and the self-evident truth in Pakistan today is that the 2018 election has already been manipulated beyond repair by elements ( and "everyone" knows who they are !) that are apparently more powerful than the ECP.
Secondly, how can the government decline to investigate complaints of electoral manipulation? It has a duty to investigate a crime even if a complainant cannot identify the culprit. If the people are for any reason unable to name a wrongdoer or to furnish evidence, the authorities have a clear duty to probe the causes. Maybe they will find a situation like what is conveyed in the popular Urdu hemistich “wohi qatl bhi karey hai, wohi lay sawab ulta” (strange that the one who kills is coming forward to claim the reward).
The state’s apparent abdication of its responsibility to address citizens’ concerns has brought into focus wrongdoing including corruption by institutions.
The subcontinent’s population has a long tradition of ignoring wrongdoing, including oppression, corruption and injustice if the custodians of power can remove some individual grievances. A large number of people still recall the colonial rule as the most benevolent dispensation they ever had .Only because of their efficient policing, the colonial rulers’ misdeeds are ignored. No notice is taken of the fact that the colonial masters did no justice between the natives and the ruling race, favoured feudals at the cost of other subjects’ interests and gathered so much wealth from the colony that they could finance industrialisation at home and in friendly countries. It was a most corrupt order.
India abolished the feudal order ( zamindari system ) after independence . Pakistan's feudal order now includes the faujis who have become ( big) zamindar themselves !
Likewise, many Pakistanis still praise the Ayub regime for its development work and policing of the country, and do not take into account its drive to bury the system of representative rule, its attacks on the judiciary’s independence and its policies that made 22 families richer and the masses poorer. There are people who hail Ziaul Haq for his promotion of religiosity and ignore the creation of a parallel judicial system that the judiciary opposed for quite sometime, and give him credit for constitutional changes though they destroyed the democratic spirit of the Constitution.
The most worrisome fact about the state of Pakistan today is that, while addressing individual wrongs, the institutions concerned are transgressing law and propriety. For instance, in the drive to fight individual corruption, the institutions concerned are resorting to measures that cannot be excluded from the category of unfair practices.
Similarly, much wrong is being done under the law made to proceed against terrorists. True, the anti-terrorism courts have convicted a good number of people accused of terrorism but the abuse of the law cannot be denied. The worst victims of the Anti-Terrorism Act have been factory workers and political dissidents. The Punjab government wanted to haul up more that 17,000 political activists under the anti-terrorism law. The chief election commissioner does not like this. But he is as powerless in this matter as the Gilgit-Baltistan administration has been in dropping the ATA charge against the most widely respected lawyer Ehsan Ali, or the popular icon Babajan. The use of ATA against political dissidents amounts to institutional corruption and is worse than any individual wrongdoing. (Since this was written, the government is reported to have decided not to charge PML-N workers for the Friday rally under the ATA. But the potential abuse of the law cannot be contested.)
Although there is a broad agreement among political observers about the election results, they would do well not to rule out the ordinary voter’s ability to defy his handlers. However, whatever the result, one should like to hope and pray that in the post-election years it will be possible to arrest the drift towards institutional corruption.

Re: Terroristan - April 24, 2018

Posted: 21 Jul 2018 19:45
by Falijee
Helicopter Crashes At Peshawar Airport

Two injured as helicopter crash lands at Peshawar airport

PESHAWAR – A helicopter crash-landed at the Bacha Khan Airport, leaving two people injured on Saturday. According to airport officials, four people were on board the aircraft.Rescue officials took all the precautionary measures required. Security officials cordoned off the area.In an earlier incident, two pilots of the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) were martyred after a jet crashed during landing at the Peshawar Air Base a month ago.As per reports quoting eye-witness accounts, the jet was steered towards the runway by the pilots before it blew up, in order to save the surrounding civilian neighbourhoods.
Mostly likely a fauji helicopter. Could be engine trouble, pilot error or worse , the heli was targeted by the angry Pashtuns :twisted:

Re: Terroristan - April 24, 2018

Posted: 21 Jul 2018 19:48
by Falijee
Ahead Of Election, Screws Being Tightened On Zardari And His Sister

Asif Zardari, Faryal Talpur declared absconders
July 21, 2018

KARACHI – Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari and his sister Faryal Talpur have been declared absconders in money laundering case by a session court in Karachi. As per details garnered, Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) submitted challan in session court in money laundering case against Summit Bank vice chairman Hussain Lawai and 20 others today.
Timing of the decision is interesting !

Re: Terroristan - April 24, 2018

Posted: 21 Jul 2018 19:52
by Falijee
Blast In A Karachi Madrassah

Blast in a seminary in Karachi: Media Report
July 21, 2018

KARACHI : A blast has occurred within the premises of a seminary in the Karachi city’s Rizvia Society. Police officials have detained at least three people, including the injured security guard, over their involvement in the blast.
Sindh Inspector General of Police (IGP) Amjad Javed Saleemi also took notice of the incident and sought a report from the Zone West police chief regarding the incident.Following the explosion, a large contingent of law enforcers, including Rangers and police, reached the site and cordoned off the seminary to inquire into the cause of the explosion and collect evidence.
Most likely election related or sectarian strife !

Re: Terroristan - April 24, 2018

Posted: 21 Jul 2018 20:05
by Falijee
Ayesha Siddiqa Retweeted
Aparna Pande
‏ @Aparna_Pande
Jul 20

Thrilled 2 be on @fpinterrupted list of 'Interruptors on #Pakistan' w/ so many friends & gr8 women @AyresAlyssa @CChristineFair @fispahani @KaafPay @MadihaAfzal @iamthedrifter @HudsonInstitute
So-Called "Experts Lists" On Pakiland Compiled By FPI ( Foreign Policy Interruptors ). Most Of The Usual Suspects Are There Including Dr UnFair :mrgreen:

Terroristan - April 24, 2018

Posted: 21 Jul 2018 20:05
by Peregrine
Falijee wrote:Pakistan Names Chini Built Maritime Vessel As "Kashmir" :roll:

PMSS Ship Called Kashmir Commissioned At China

PS: Another "novel" way of keeping the "Kashmir issue" alive :roll:
Falijee Ji :

Ātaṅkavadīsthan can’t even make Multi-Purpose Patrol Vessels with a displacement of 1,550 tonnes Multi-Purpose Patrol Vessels and has to rely on the Chinese whilst India is constructing the New Vikrant - I think she is of 40,000 Tonnes Displacement.



This manifests that Ātaṅkavadīsthan can create make, manufacture etc. only Ātaṅkavad and Ātaṅkavadīs!

Cheers Image

Re: Terroristan - April 24, 2018

Posted: 21 Jul 2018 20:36
by Falijee
Vikram Sood's Latest Analysis On The Pakistan Election Of July 15, 2018

Pakistan: Deep state goes to deep coma
By Vikram Sood
July 21, 2018
Economic Times

The process of subverting democracy and politicians began at the beginning of Pakistan.
Over the decades, the style and tactics may have changed, but not the intention. It has now been honed into a skill, except that coup-makers no longer come marching down from Rawalpindi led by the 111 Brigade of the 10th Division. Nowadays, the Pakistani Army carries out coups camouflaged in judicial robes. One of the "judicial robes" - the bearded Siddiqui of Isloo High Court has now- on the eve of election - a change of heart :mrgreen:
On July 13, Nawaz Sharif and his daughter Maryam called the army’s bluff and dared to land in Pakistan to face certain imprisonment following a blatantly farcical trial. That very day, Pakistan was rocked by a massive terrorist attack in Mastung, Balochistan. At least 130 persons were killed and more than 200 injured. Among those killed was Nawabzada Siraj Raisani, for whom army chief Qamar Javed Bajwa had special words of condolence, since he was reputedly a person of the Deep State.
He was lioned and then shown on a photograph, by the ISPR, stamping down on the Flag of India !
Afew days prior to this, the Taliban killed Awami National Party’s Haroon Bilour at an election rally in Peshawar.
The Taliban was/is an organ of the Deep State !
Haroon’s father Bashir Bilour had been assassinated while campaigning in 2013. Both the Bilour killings by the Taliban are meant to show their disapproval of the electoral system, frighten away the moderate Awami National Party (ANP) and its following to leave the political field open for Imran Khan and his mullah coterie.
The Mastung casualties would be explained away as collateral damage by a regime that seems to feel no need to protect its citizens. Just as the killing of 126 children at a Peshawar school on December 16, 2014, was explained. Elsewhere, these incidents are described as blowback, the unintended consequences of undeclared actions by the State. However, Pakistani military rulers are now seemingly suffering from Munchausen Syndrome. Clinically, this is defined as something that manifests itself in self-harm and bouts of pyromania in order to attract sympathy and attention. The Pakistani Army has been setting its neighbourhood on fire for decades and then claiming to be the injured innocent. This fire has now turned inward with killings of innocent Pakistanis by groups nurtured and trained by it.
As Hilary Clinton rightly said that you cannot keep snakes in your backyard and then expect them not to bite you :mrgreen:
The aim of the Pakistani military’s current exercise is to control democracy and secure its own future fromits own people. For this, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s (PTI) Imran Khan is the frontman, and he is backed by radical Islamist leaders like Maulana Fazlur Rehman Khalil of the Harkat-ul-Jihad (banned by the UN) who is supporting the PTI contestant from Islamabad.
For optic reasons, the PTI has denied that Khalil is a member of PTI !
Other spoilers are from the ultra-right wing Milli Muslim League (Lashkar-e-Taiba-backed), Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat, formerly known as the radical sectarian Sipaha Sahaba, and the Barelvi Sunni Islamist group, Tehrik Labbaik Ya Rasool Allah. They are all expected to bat for PTI by drawing away voters from the Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz). Not for nothing is Imran Khan also referred to as Taliban Khan.
And his sordid personal past and present is all detailed in his second wife's gossipy book !
The direction Pakistan would take had been set from the day the country was created with 16% of the total population of undivided India, 17% of the territory and 30% of the armed forces.
It was going to be a top-heavy army whose maintenance would take away alarge chunk of the budget. The malaise of autocracy among the politicians, bureaucrats and the army had set in very early.
Starting with DJinnah "begging" $ 2 Billion aid ( 1947 Dollars !) from USA offering Pakiland so -called strategic location against Soviet Union and the Paki Army/ DJinnah keeping the British COAS of their Army unaware of their Kashmir invasion !
This is shown by former special secretary in the Cabinet secretariat Tilak Devasher, who in his remarkable new book, Pakistan: At the Helm, takes us through the various phases of the country’s history. There is no better way of understanding a leader’s mind than reading what he writes, or listening to what he says. Devasher uses this technique when he relies on what Pakistani leaders said, or what the bureaucrats and army did, to keep control of Pakistan with themselves to the exclusion of others. Very soon, the army had won this contest. It has been so since.
Mohammad Ali Jinnah and Liaquat Ali Khan’s Pakistan ended soon after their death — the former by neglect and the latter by assassination. Jinnah’s hatred for ‘Hindu’ Congress and disdain for Mohandas Gandhi is well known — remember, Jinnah did not even mention Gandhi’s name when he spoke after his assassination. After all, Jinnah had declared that he had no equal, having won Pakistan with his stenographer and typewriter.
And with all this shenanigan, he still wished/ daydreamed to spend his days in his second home in Malabar Hill Bombay commuting back and forth from Karachi . !!!
Thereafter, it was the era of Generals Ayub Khan, Yahya Khan, Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq and Pervez Musharraf, interspersed with periods of controlled democracies beginning with Zulfiqar Bhutto, an arrogant feudal who frightened the army to the extent that they hanged him. All Pakistani generals had the same characteristic of arrogance, misplaced beliefs of invincibility and extremely susceptible to flattery. And Nawaz was no exception to this "flattery rule" !
Devasher brings out the army’s extremely patronising attitude towards civilians and politicians, of the Punjabi towards people of other regions in Pakistan, and religious superiority of Muslims over people of other religions, primarily Hindus. It is the story of Pakistan’s tragic-comic heroes.
The July 25 election results may well see Imran Khan in the throne room.
As observers have noted, it is only a matter of time, that he will be at loggerheads with the fauj !
But do not miss the Khaki Eminence that will lurk in the shadows holding the keys to the kingdom. Had Nawaz Sharif been allowed to contest in a free and fair election and lost, one could still say that democracy in Pakistan was healthy. Instead, an Imran Khan victory through manipulation and coercion would mean that democracy in Pakistan has gone into deep coma.

Re: Terroristan - April 24, 2018

Posted: 21 Jul 2018 21:34
by Falijee
Justice Shaukat Siddiqui Of Isloo High Court Rants Against ISI In This One Minute Video :shock:

Re: Terroristan - April 24, 2018

Posted: 21 Jul 2018 22:49
by Falijee
Paki Banker Warns Against Fresh IMF Loans . Also Rails Against Foreign Exchange Fleeing Abroad Under Fake Import Orders. Warns Against Devaluation Of Paki Rupee :D

Fresh IMF loan would be a suicide for Pakistan: Zafar M. Shaikh
By J. Choudhry

KARACHI: Fresh loan deal with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) will be suicidal decision for Pakistan. The Fund would force Pakistan to enhance tax revenue through more taxation, devaluation and frequent hike in the prices of petroleum, electricity and gas, etc.
Zafar Mahmood Shaikh, President/CEO Security Investment Bank in Karachi stated this on Monday. He shared his expert opinion with Karachi Editors Club (KEC) President Mubasher Mir, Secretary General Manzar Naqvi, founding-members Javed Mahmood and Muhammad Arif, about the ongoing economic scenario in Pakistan and gave his suggestions for improvement in the national economy and to contain the rapid economic erosion price hike. Zafar M. Shaikh is former managing director of the National Savings and ex-Director General of the Debt Management Office of the Ministry of Finance.
Begging bowl to IMF is THE only alternative for insolvent Pakis. There is no other alternative . ! ( unless they drastically reduce their defence expenditures :twisted: )
He said that the caretaker Finance Minister Dr Shamshad Akhter was toeing the agenda of IMF and her foreign masters and giving more serious jolts to the economy. The caretaker FM and the government was not supposed to take the strategic decision of frequent devaluation of rupee against dollar. Devaluation of one rupee means one hundred billion rupees increase in the national debt. He lamented that on Monday the dollar-rupee exchange rate has increased to over 125 rupees that exposes the bad governance of caretakers and their inability to control unwanted erosion in the strength of the local currency.
To lay the blame on the caretaker govt, in power for a few weeks only is not fair !!!
Zafar M. Shaikh claimed that the caretaker finance minister had been imposed on Pakistan under a well-thought out agenda of further destabilizing the economy of Pakistan and taking the country to the IMF to seek fresh loans with very tight and unbearable conditions for the masses and the country as well.
The "conspiracy against Pakistan" theory resurfaces once again !
Daily devaluation of rupee, and hike in petrol prices twice and once in the electricity cost by the caretakers was disturbing for all and sundry in the country and this would cause a serious setback to the economy and consumers as well. The caretaker government don’t have powers to take this kinds of strategic decisions, he said. :((
Caretaker Govt takes order from the Deep State . Secondly, there is no other solution . China and Saudia are not helping either :twisted:
To improve the national economy, he said the government must bring at par the imports with exports that would eliminate more than $33 billion trade deficit as the country was not in a position to bear this massive financial bleeding at this time.
Easier said than done. There is only so much Paki textiles and soccer balls that can be exported . Stoppage of imports will create an economic shortage of essential goods . There is no easy solution to this crisis ( unless they drastically reduce their defense expenditure :twisted: )
He also pointed out that more than $15 billion imports are fake that are meant to send dollars abroad from Pakistan through banking channel. He said that fake LCs and invoices are being made to cover up fake imports and to send billions of dollars abroad every year.
Everyone from top ( Dus Percenti, Malik Riaz types, Kiyani brothers, Mush etc etc ) to bottom ( clerks and chapprassis of customs and airports ) are indulging in this game like a well-oiled machine , so it is very difficult to stop :mrgreen:
To support his claim, he said that if the current imports are around $55 billion, the customs duty collection from imports should have been around $5 billion (more than Rs 500 billion) if we keep in mind average custom duty of only 10% on imports. Total annual tax revenue collection a year was lower than $4 billion and the customs duty share in tax revenue seemed less than $2.5 billion.
Zafar M. Shaikh urged the government and the supreme court of Pakistan to order a probe to find out mega scam of billions of dollars frauds in fake imports that was leading to transfer of money from Pakistan to abroad.
Govt is corrupt !. Supreme Court is corrupt ! Maybe, even Zafar M. Shaikh himself is corrupt !
He also said that the dollar-rupee exchange rate should be fixed so that the manipulators could not play with it to mint billions overnight. If the caretaker finance minister and the government supported devaluation of rupee and did not fix the exchange rate, the country would be heading towards economic failure, he added.
Not to worry. PM -in-waiting Imran Khan has "promised" to bring back the billions of dollars/ pounds / francs / riyals stashed abroad by his fellow Pakis . Not sure, if he will bring his own monies back from Bartania :mrgreen:
Chairman of Summit Bank Limited and Pakistan Stock Exchange Hussain Lawai, who had recently been arrested in 35 billion rupees money laundering case, had admitted that his bank had opened fake import Letters of Credit for some companies that were involved in flight of capital from Pakistan. This is also a major evidence of foreign exchange flight from Pakistan through fake import orders. Soon after his arrest, Mr Lawai had been terminated from the top position of Chairman of Pakistan Stock Exchange. Lawai is known as a close confidant of former President of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari, who is also co-chairman of political party, PPP.
This is the unlucky one who got caught because of his Zardari connections . What about the others who "cannot be touched" because of their powerful political and military connections !!!

Re: Terroristan - April 24, 2018

Posted: 22 Jul 2018 03:11
by Prem
Buddah Maqbool at 3.20 claim that paki F16s go blind outside Paki air space

Re: Terroristan - April 24, 2018

Posted: 22 Jul 2018 11:24
by CalvinH
Falijee wrote:Justice Shaukat Siddiqui Of Isloo High Court Rants Against ISI In This One Minute Video :shock:

So deep state is manipulating judiciary big time. No wonder Hanif Abbasi's case was fast tracked for final judgement right before the elections. The guy was sent to jail straight and everyone else was let go because of lack of evidence.

So much just to prop up Imran who is not able to hold on his own...

Re: Terroristan - April 24, 2018

Posted: 22 Jul 2018 12:51
by abhijitm
Dawn article
Why isn't desi food considered high-end cuisine around the world?

I've always loved desi food and nobody makes a meaner desi cuisine than Pakistani and North Indian mothers

Don't bother clicking the link. But notice how they have subtly started calling 'Indian cuisine' as 'desi cuisine'. 'Indian food' is a huge huge brand worldwide. I have seen pakistanis, bangladeshis, lankans run restaurants as 'indian'. Need to be careful of this paki attempt to generalize the brand as 'desi' before it gets caught on.

Re: Terroristan - April 24, 2018

Posted: 22 Jul 2018 14:40
by Kashi
That's not all they are claiming. You'll also find recent and renewed claims to the legacies of Yog, Saptasindhu civilisation, Sanskrit (Panini) and even Vedic philosophies.

Re: Terroristan - April 24, 2018

Posted: 22 Jul 2018 16:05
by ricky_v
That pakis are indians by descent is hardly an earth shattering news; what will the inbreds come up with next? that water is wet? that earth is round? or that bakris give common abdul a hard on? If they have to resort to start printing such articles to remind the masses of their lineage maybe that tells something about the cognitive dissonance that is widespread.
" Why do pious arap fathers call us indians, when we are a isalm pasand mulk formed from an orgy of turks,persians, arabs;warriors all with zulfikar in one hand and a erect mijjile in another?

OTOH,pakis have been a commodity very underutilized by us. It is their mandate to be a caravan dog, and every other player barring us seems to have realized it. Even today, a piss poor abdul plows four "women" dutifully to bring forth hell spawn for this very purpose. This is no time for agricultural abundance, most of the junta lives hand-to-mouth and even then these creatures breed going against natural behaviour. What explains this other than the fact that they expect the holy war to begin soon, pending which they would go on providing camp security just as their abba used to do,whoever that might be.

Terroristan - April 24, 2018

Posted: 22 Jul 2018 17:23
by Peregrine
Only option with govt is to drastically reduce expenditure

ISLAMABAD: While setting aside all proposals on table, the caretaker government has left the mammoth job of tackling the surging current account deficit to the next government.

“We have received several proposals from various quarters including the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) for curtailing the rising import bill,” a well-placed source in the Finance Division told Dawn on Saturday, adding that the proposals have been returned unattended on the plea that the Election Act 2017 bars interim government from taking major decisions.

Being a former State Bank governor and a development economist, Dr Shamshad Akhtar after becoming interim finance minister has also held several meetings with top officials to work out immediate ways for fixing the problems, but she was informed that ‘no major decisions’ can be taken as the law restricts it.

The current position raises the need for an economic emergency with a string of unpopular decisions.

The official said that despite this restriction, two major decisions were still taken to make some level of correction in the economy. The central bank has raised the interest rate to 7.5pc from 6.5pc and allowed depreciation of the rupee to an unexpected level. Both these decisions, according to the official, will contribute to the economy in the longer run.

The current account deficit at the end of five-year PML-N government touched $18 billion by end June, the highest in the history of the country.

The official said that for controlling the deficit, the third major step is cuts in expenditure. “We have reached a conclusion that a major cut is required in the expenditure to control the current account deficit,” the official said.

However, the interim government can’t take this decision, the official said, adding this issue was left for the new government to take, which would be left with no other option, but to take this unpopular decision, said the official.

The import bill has reached to $60.86bn by end June while export proceeds bought a mere $23.22bn, leaving a huge trade deficit of $37.64bn.

The import bill went up despite the imposition of regulatory duties two times and other restrictive measures taken by the central bank and Commerce Division in the outgoing fiscal year.

FBR has evolved several proposals as part of an effort to control the rising import bill and raise revenue for achieving the current fiscal year revenue target. A source in the bureau told Dawn that it was proposed to withhold all the relief measures announced in the last budget of PML-N government which, among others, give massive relief in income tax to higher-income individuals.

The interim government was informed that all these measures were tailored in a way which gives concessions to employees of multinational companies at the cost of national exchequer, the source said.

The interim government, according to the source, agreed with the proposal in principle but it lacks the power to reverse the decision. However, the source said FBR will take up these undue tax concessions with the next elected government.

The customs department has also proposed to further enhance the regulatory duties in a bid to curtail the rising import bill.

The government has imposed regulatory duties on 1,500 tariff lines in 2017-18. Of these, the import of nearly 700 items slowed down considerably, said the source, adding the collection of customs duty fell nearly Rs14bn in the outgoing fiscal year.

On the basis of this achievement, the customs department further recommends to raise regulatory duties on those tariff lines import of which is still on the higher side.

Statistics show that dutiable imports posted a growth of 13pc, while the duty free (zero pc) imports recorded a growth of 37pc during the year under review. The duty-free imports include import of LNG, turbine and other machinery imported under the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor.

Pakistan imported $2.5bn worth LNG alone in 2017-18.

FBR has also recommended halting further preferential agreements which are currently under negotiations. Similarly, it is proposed to further impose regulatory duty on those items which are presently allowed either at zero pc or preferential duty under the free trade agreements.

Cheers Image

Re: Terroristan - April 24, 2018

Posted: 22 Jul 2018 18:02
by anupmisra
Falijee wrote:Pakistan Names Chini Built Maritime Vessel As "Kashmir" :roll:

PMSS Ship Called Kashmir Commissioned At China

PS: Another "novel" way of keeping the "Kashmir issue" alive :roll:

That's alright. A part of Cashmere (and Gilgit-Baltistan) is under occupation by the pakis. They are only celebrating that reality. Besides, there's always INS Sindhurakshak for them to contend with.

Re: Terroristan - April 24, 2018

Posted: 22 Jul 2018 19:05
by anupmisra
Wheat export target missed

Pakistan missed the export target of two million tonnes for wheat and wheat products despite achieving record exports in the country’s history in FY18.
Around 21 per cent rupee devaluation against the dollar since December 2017 to date, coupled with world’s prices and attractive subsidy, boosted wheat exports to a new peak of 1.189m tonnes fetching $236m in FY18, versus 3,937 tonnes earning just $1m in FY17.
All Pakistan Flour Mills Association Central Chairman Chaudhry Ansar Jawed said export of wheat products remained disappointing despite the subsidy and rupee devaluation as Afghanistan’s market was captured by cheap wheat products from Central Asian States. He said the government should consider suspending further exports from surplus stocks of last year in view of the water shortage which may hamper wheat production.

Is OBOR being blamed here? ... get-missed

Re: Terroristan - April 24, 2018

Posted: 22 Jul 2018 19:14
by Falijee
Imran's PTI Party Is Not Welcome In D.I. Khan, Which Is Maulana Diesel's Turf :mrgreen:

PTI candidate Ikramullah Gandapur martyred in DI Khan attack

DERA ISMAIL KHAN: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf leader Ikramullah Gandapur was martyred in a suicide attack that wounded four others, a police official said, just days ahead of Wednesday´s general elections. The attack in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa follows a spate of bombings at political rallies before the election, the most devastating of which was a suicide attack this month that killed 149 people.
The Pashtuns of KP Province ( and Ex FATA !) are very, very angry at the Islamabad based Federal Govt for demonizing them and not resolving their grievances !
Sunday´s attack targeted the vehicle of Ikramullah Gandapur, a candidate of the PTI for Khyber Pakhtunkhwa assembly in the city of Dera Ismail Khan, two police officials told Reuters.
"Ikramullah Gandapur has been killed and we are conducting a post-mortem," said police official Zahoor Afridi.
The Pashtuns are well known for implementing their Code of Pashtunwali , which includes hospitality and safety for their "guests", and also badal or revenge which may have been done to them in the recent or distant past :twisted:
Video images from the scene showed three bleeding and unconscious passengers inside a badly damaged black sports utility vehicle. In 2013, Gandapur´s brother, Israrullah, who was then the provincial law minister, was martyred in a suicide attack on his home.
As political parties step up campaigning, attacks across Pakistan have stoked fears of more violence in a country of 208 million where political rallies can draw tens of thousands of spectators.The blast comes days after Awami National Party leader Haroon Bilour was killed in an attack at a corner meeting.In another incident, Mutthida Majlis Amal (MMA) candidate Akram Durrani was targeted in Bannu district of the during election campaign.At least four people were killed in the attack while the candidate remained unhurt.
DI. Khan and surrounding areas is the stronghold of Maulana Fazl - a supporter of the Taliban- and an arch enemy of Imran Khan and his PTI Party !