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Ukraine 2019

Posted: 27 Jan 2019 19:44
by Philip
Watch RT's documentary on how tge UKR crisis was a conspiracy engineered by the US/EU to effect regime change using the Right Sdctor neo- Nazis as key agent provocateurs on the ground.3 EU foreign ministers worked on the ground at the height of the crisis.

After the linking of the Crimea to Russia with the Kerch road/ rail bridge, the UKR tried provocative actions at sea in the Kerch Straits
and got their backsides tanned by the Ru N which captured their patrol craft.There are going to bd fresh attempts to create trouble in yhe UKR to keep Russia engaged as it has thrown its weight behind the Venezuela govt. trying to save off regime change by the US, UK, France, Germany.and Spain.
Will May have a second Brexit referendum? No.France is in chaos over the anti - Macron Jeune Gilets ( yellow vests) protests and Merkel tasted defeat in regional elections and will not stand again as Chancellor, yet these countries have the audacity to decide and demand what the Venezuelan govt. should lbe, led by a US pimp!

The Cold War-2 is now hotting up and on the brink of real
proxy conflicts around thd globe as we saw in Syria.Civil war in Venezuela is a direct prospect as the US has not ruled out military intervention.Should that happen, watch events in the UKR where the corrupt Kiev regime is facing growing disenchatment of the populace.