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Posted: 08 Apr 2019 22:32
by kit

As we look at America as antagonistic of China , we increasingly loose focus of their shared interests ...

though the above article puts focus on australia s outlook, parts of it are relevant to India as well

A new bipolar divide is beginning to entrench itself around the Asia-Pacific. Established lines of connection in areas ranging from trade and technology to student and research exchanges are being tested.

We know from neuroscientists and evolutionary biologists the split-second speed with which the human brain differentiates between “us” and “them”, and the evolutionary advantages the quick identification of the “other” may have provided individuals. In the context of contemporary societies, however, “othering” is a powerful and dangerous social tool.

A sophisticated form of othering is taking place at the refined levels of international relations scholarship, based not on the cruder foundation of race or religion but on differences in values.

Values matter in foreign policy, of course. They inform our way of looking at the world and the way we act in it. But values, like interests, are messy and complex. They are shaped by philosophy, religion, history and biology. And they change over time.