India Tests Prithvi based ABM

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Postby SaiK » 29 Nov 2006 00:33

Dileep wrote:I am not able to recall the word for the string right now.


or <x>guNA. since danush is the launcher named, it might well be danush-guNA.

of course pakis and chinkies or z now should get scared when they hear the sanskrit word

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Postby Dileep » 29 Nov 2006 00:36

Isn't it funny? Good Ole GJ complains about people quoting the entire post for a one liner reply, and joey quotes the entirety of THAT post and ask a one liner question!

And not to say about Wings of Fire!!


My first COLOR post!. Hey when at oracleland, post as oracle does. In COLOR :twisted:

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Postby Sudhir » 29 Nov 2006 00:43

I have been on BR since 1997 when we had that old forum software, fun times, some guys insisting we had a thermonuke.... and behold a year later it was tested in the Shakti series of tests.

No one believed the guy (forgot who it was)... but guess he was right. Similar parallels are here with the AXO and who knows what else is being worked on. Have faith people and be constructive to India's growth - don't act like a DDM that knows nothing about a subject but has a loud mouth and says the most. Who cares what they say.

Anyway with a lot of new members and old members (myself included) changing our names - the forum has changed and the quality deteriorated. Hope it changes for an improvement....

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Postby fanne » 29 Nov 2006 00:47

R Sharma wrote:How did you get on this conference call?

:roll: :eek: :D :wink:

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Postby SaiK » 29 Nov 2006 01:17

the problem with many oraclized desis (regardless of the blue pill or red pill), is that they don't know how to measure the distance between the cup and the lip, since they never gotten to hold it and feel it. ask their moms, they might be still feeding them., and their hands zimply doing nothing, groping for facts that is totally pirang.

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Postby mandrake » 29 Nov 2006 01:21

I'm not getting dileep's sarcasm or whatever.

All i want this is damn home grown missile and if someone says "i know indians capability", it simply pisses the hell out of me.

hopefully after some years pic will come and hopefully fannes post was not a joke.

there is money on bet.

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Postby Victor » 29 Nov 2006 01:32

From NRao’s post:
India is attempting to field a single missile design and has so far only demonstrated a comparatively basic but nonetheless noteworthy ability to put two missiles -- both of which are controlled by Indian scientists -- in the same chunk of three-dimensional space at the same time

A desperate attempt at playing down a VERY difficult thing to do which even the mighty unkil has been able to do only passably well after many years and billions of $$. For those westerners who do know just how difficult this is, it really must rankle that the bloody Indians did it right the first time for 1/1000th the cost.

Even to a non-technical person, it should be clear that even if the missiles flew in previously known trajectories, it would be like trying to make two toothpicks held in ones hands hit each other head-on in a quick swipe with your eyes closed.

I seriously doubt that DRDO scientists are stupid enough to stake their futures and claim this to be entirely indigenous when it is not. And specially if they are already under attack by the moron press.

This is not a Patriot/Arrow/s300 and the only reason it survived and was successful is because it was kept as far away as possible (and will continue to be) from the Rabinder Singhs of the world.

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Postby ramana » 29 Nov 2006 01:32

Telegraph, Kolkota's take Missile testfire with a ‘mystery’ twist

Missile testfire with a ‘mystery’ twist

Nov. 27: India unveiled its own ballistic missile defence programme this morning, firing a mystery interceptor over the Bay of Bengal that struck a Prithvi surface-to-surface missile 50 km above Earth off the Orissa coast.

The target missile was launched from a mobile launcher at the integrated test range in Chandipur at 10.24 am. A minute later, the interceptor was fired from another mobile launcher on Wheeler Island, 72 km from Chandipur.

The “exoatmospheric intercept systemâ€

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Postby ramana » 29 Nov 2006 01:37

Hindu update "New air defence capability a milestone"

"New air defence capability a milestone"

T.S. Subramanian

CHENNAI: The demonstration on Monday of India's capability of air defence against ballistic missiles, with one Prithvi-II intercepting and destroying another, is "a milestone," according to Avinash Chander, Director, Advanced Systems Laboratory (ASL), Hyderabad.

"For the first time, we have been able to develop a system which can intercept a missile in mid-flight in the atmospheric region," he said.

The ASL is credited with developing the Agni-II and Agni-I missiles.

On Monday, a Prithvi-II missile developed by the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) took off from the Integrated Test Range at Chandipur-on-sea, Orissa, and it was intercepted and destroyed in mid-flight by another Prithvi missile, which took off a few seconds later from the Wheeler Island, also off the Orissa coast.

The two launch stations are situated about 70 km apart. The interception took place at an altitude of 50 km above the Bay of Bengal.


Mr. Chander said the two missiles were supersonic and highly manoeuvrable. "All Prithvi missiles are supersonic," he added. Both were launched from mobile launchers.

"This is the first time in which the ground systems and network were integrated and proven," he said.

According to authoritative DRDO sources, the mission's success had "vast implications." They said, "We have credible deterrence against the Ghauri and Hatf series of missiles of Pakistan. "Further trials will have to be done," they added.

The sources stressed, "This is the first experiment we have done. We have a long way to go."

Pakistan's missiles

Pakistan has in its armoury Hatf 1, Hatf 1A, Abdali (Hatf 2), Ghaznavi (Hatf 3), Shaheen I (Hatf 4), and Ghauri (Hatf 5) missiles.

Ghauri has a range of 1,000 km and it was bought from North Korea.

Prithvi-II is a surface-to-surface tactical battlefield missile. It has two stages.

Prithvi series

It can be used both by the Army and the Air Force. It has a range of 250 km and can carry warheads weighing up to 500 kg. Other Prithvi series include Prithvi-I, Dhanush and Prithvi-III.

Wait for the shocked 'chatterati' to seek ban on ABM tests as part of detente with TSP.

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Postby JCage » 29 Nov 2006 01:44

krishnan wrote:
Ajay K wrote:This photo can in no means be a Prithvi. Must be a new kind of on missile with two stages.

Closely looking at this pic, makes me believe its not even real. look under the truck :wink: see those white patch :p

Look at those wheels , the lever


Its a PS work. I dunno whether the mobile launcher is developed in india or not. but this pic is a fake one

Heres another pic of the launcher. ... dia_01.jpg

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Postby JTull » 29 Nov 2006 01:46

jcage, link is not working.

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Postby ramana » 29 Nov 2006 01:46

Pioneer Editorial,28 Nov 2006
Flights of fancy

The Pioneer Edit Desk

Desperate DRDO pulls out a rabbit

Monday's missile test off the coast of Orissa - applauded by a harried group of DRDO scientists facing criticism for presiding over an organisation that remains mired in bureaucratic delays and inefficiency - wasn't exactly a frightfully impressive display of indigenous technology or power insofar as Integrated Missile Development Programme is concerned. Launched in 1983, the IGMDP is yet to deliver significantly on any one of its objectives: Apart from the Prithvi series, and to an extent Agni, none of the other vaunted missile programmes - whether they be Akash surface-to-air (long range), Nag anti-tank, or even Trishul surface-to-air (short range) - have, in a manner of speaking, left the drawing boards. Working on prototypes of reversed-engineered Soviet era SA-2 missiles, it's true that DRDO has successfully developed the Prithvi series; however, the missile system has its own set of problems. Its liquid fuel is highly corrosive and its precision and accuracy, too, leave a lot to be desired. First launched in 1988, the Prithvi series have had a score of test-flights; however, till date not more than 75 have been deployed with the Army that, it might be pointed out, has been a somewhat reluctant buyer. The Agni series, on the other hand, falls in the category of IRBM, and is a work of assemblage: It's the technological offspring of Prithvi and ISRO's SLV-3 rocket. What is surprising about Agni I and II is that these have been declared to be ready for serial production with just three test-flights apiece. Questions may justly be raised whether, in doing so, DRDO has jumped the gun. After all, precision and accuracy in ballistic missile defence (BMD) system can hardly be compromised. Developed nations take anything between 10 to 20 tests of their missile systems to fine-tune their dynamics. Is, therefore, DRDO trying to tell that it has done better than the great powers? It's because of its obsession with secrecy and tardiness - a damaging cocktail - that DRDO has failed to shake off the wide perception that, stung to the quick by series of adverse media reports, it has desperately pulled out a little known programme out of the bag to claim that its IMDGP/BMD is working well.

Clearly, DRDO needs to function more like a military-industrial complex with a corporate culture than replicate countless ailing PSUs. It must, therefore, before anything else, set realistic goals and deadlines and work towards them instead of making outlandish claims and commitments just to please the political leadership of the day. It must be critically aware of its limitations and not fall victim to its own ambitions. It must seek synergies and partnerships and press the political leadership for the same. Finally, it must introspect as to why such a large number of its projects have failed: From the Light Combat Aircraft, to the Main Battle Tank, and from nuclear-powered submarine to a slew of missile programmes - the off-Orissa test-flight of two Prithvis knocking each other down high in the sky notwithstanding.


Guess DRDO has made many doubters in its support!

I need a jhapad icon.

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Postby Vijay J » 29 Nov 2006 01:49


Value? What do you mean what is the value?

Can you imagine what it takes to ensure that two things flying at several times the speed of sound actually collide with each other?

Do you feel it is trivial to program and launch two missiles to collide with each other at a precise location in space and at specified time interval?

We have just demonstrated an exceptional control over our launch environments.

At the very least it indicates a level of maturity in handling the Prithvi that few could imagine existed.

The Pakistanis are now in trouble. They have to match this development or risk looking like India is far ahead of Pakistan.

It is not simply a matter of repainting some imports from China. They will have to demonstrate something that matches this performance, and yes we will be watching.

It is not just about range or payload. They have to demonstrate similar levels of control otherwise India will be higher than the Himalaya and deeper than the ocean and sweeter than honey.

If they just pretend, then they will only be fooling themselves, because we will know the truth.

The game has changed big time.

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Postby Dileep » 29 Nov 2006 01:50

I'm not getting dileep's sarcasm or whatever

I hope you got at least the first part. If not, here it is in plain english.

Do not quote an entire article when you reply. Quote only the relevant portion you are replying to.

Of second part: Wings of Fire is the autobiography of Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam.

I sure hope you wouldn't ask why that book is important.

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Postby JCage » 29 Nov 2006 01:51

JTull wrote:jcage, link is not working. ... _india.htm

And look for "missile vehicle".

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