Strategic Implications of India's ABM Test

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Postby NRao » 07 Dec 2006 04:38

I wonder if Kidwai line has trumpted JDAM.

Jidwai is transparent, TSP centric and can be incorporated into a policy.

JDAM is opaque, more west centric (at this point in time - although granted that India is a testing ground) and not easily talked about in public.

I think we can push - if the politicians have the guts - the Kidwai Line to the A'stan border. What we did not do in 47 we can do it now - take K'mir.

Need to get those 6 or so tests completed ASAP.

Sanjay M
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Postby Sanjay M » 07 Dec 2006 04:41

Don't worry, soon there'll be another ISRO/DRDO sex-for-secrets scandal, whereby Green Pine blueprints were sold to Pakis for a roll in the hay. Then Dr Kalam & Co will quickly appear in newsmedia interviews, stating that nobody should worry since it takes a lot more than blueprints to build an ABM system.

Our famous "so what" school, to borrow a phrase from Nixon.

Hey, if we could allow Pakis to catch upto us from a point of total nuclear inferiority, why can't we be complacent enough to let them catch up in ABM tech too?

Btw, looking forward to hearing Mushy or even Benazir say:
"We will have Green Pine even if we have to eat bark!"

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Postby hnair » 07 Dec 2006 05:18

US giving Patriots is troublesome, for more than any missiles, MKIs have to deal with them :( Post-Kargil, the conventional forces seems to be the only thing that keeps the idiots of PA in their barracks. And US has shown no inclination to think before approving AMRAAMs, conventional JDAMS etc.

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