Strategic Implications of India's ABM Test -2

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Postby Lkawamoto » 03 Jan 2007 13:11

this video is too funny if porkistan can not even design an animated video how could it design the real missile? (answer: let chinese dissect the tomahawk and then allow chinese spies from the usa develop the software and sell it to pakistan)

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Postby Vijay J » 05 Jan 2007 00:09

J E Menon,

You are right grand conspiracy is a great way of combining the detailed tactical level pictures. You have to use it only as a memory guide and not as a basis for policy formulation. In most cases the connections between the smaller pictures and the bigger pictures are very complicated so it isn't quite right to say that the global picture actually exists.

Everyone knows that Pakistan is an American public sector undertaking that is very sick.

Fixing Pakistan most probably requires a lot of changes to the entire PSU philosophy in the US, but that is even more work than just removing the current PSU Chairman, Musharraf. After the recent experience of removing another old PSU Chairman Saddam Hussein, I can see how America might not be very enthusiastic about replacing Musharraf.

No surprise no one wants to do it. Everyone in the USSR knew that their PSUs were sick, but did anyone want to tackle the bull by its horns? no, so why will America behave any differently.

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