Addressing Self Determination

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Re: Addressing Self Determination

Postby Calvin » 27 Nov 2003 21:16

nitin: While I agree with you, we have to be careful to not reduce this to an India-Pakistan thing. I'm not quite sure as to the strategy to adopt for this purpose.

There were two thoughts - one was to put together an op/ed, and the second was a longer article.

Op/Ed: Why the Kashmiris have Self-Determination
Discuss social philosophy of self determination, practical aspects of it.

Discuss political climate in JKL, and why the citizenry has self-determination

So why is there armed violence? Discuss the real basis of violence that uses self-determination as a figleaf to promote an evil agenda.
Article: Understanding Self Determination in the 21st century
1. What is self-determination? - Discuss social philosophy underlying it, discuss practical implications of self-determination (sort of the if it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, walks like a duck - it must have self determination).

2. Implications of Self Determination for (a) minority groups with full rights in constitutional republican democracies - examples of Puerto Rico, Blacks in US, Southerners in US, quebecois in Canada; and (b) minority groups denied individual rights in Democracies (Palestinians in Israel, Kurds in Turkey, Chechnya in Russia); and (c) minority groups denied individual rights in dictatorships (Kashmiris in Pakistan, - any other examples?)

3. Discussion of self-determination as a political tool

4. Summarize by distinguishing what are legitimate efforts for self-determination, and which are artificial.
Any references that may bolster each of these bullet points would be appreciated.

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