Tackling Islamic Extremism in India - 3

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Postby Vijnan » 14 Jan 2008 05:09

Rushdie is visiting Mumbai and a section of the Muslim community are in a foul mood. We are going to see processions, if Rushdie does not cancel his visit.

Mumbai, January 13: Over 200 political activists protested author Salman Rushdie's stay in Mumbai and burnt his effigy Sunday evening, demanding that he be asked to leave the city.

The activists, led by Farooq Ghosi, the president of the Mumbai unit of the Samajwadi Party, also raised slogans against the Maharashtra and central governments for permitting Rushdie to visit India.

'It was due to Rushdie's blasphemous writings that 12 innocent youth lost their lives when the police fired on a protest march on them in February 1989,' Ghosi told IANS shortly after the demonstrations at Juhu in northwest Mumbai.

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