Cold Start & Nuclear Warfighting in Indian context

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Postby RayC » 05 Apr 2006 11:22

The Cold Start doctrine is basically to offset the tardy mobilisation of InA from all corners of India and therein losing tactical and strategic initiative.

Op Parakrama could not achieve its aim since the strategic initiative was compromised and consequently various factors came into play that "froze" the aim, or so one is led to believe. The tactical initiative was never there because of this.

While one fully realises that Pakistan is capable of nuclear irresponsibility, it will always be India's aim to keep the issue below the Nuclear threshold and, at the same time, capture territory while denying the same, so that the "real" battle is fought on the negotiation table.

It has to be realised that since India and Pakistan have the nuclear capability, there is the fear that wars between them can lead to a nuclear conflagration. Therefore, powers that be will intervene the fastest.

In such an environment, a quick kick off and capturing adequate territory without crossing the Nuclear threshold and, chiselling away areas in J&K into the Indian kitty, seems to be one of the answers.

It is just a thought!

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