Marketing of Indian Defence Products

Sridhar K
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Re: Marketing of Indian Defence Products

Postby Sridhar K » 13 Dec 2002 04:58

Originally posted by Manne:
Reliance looking to buy 10 choppers

Can Dhruv do the job here ? If yes, why is Dhruv not in the race ?
I think that George J has answered the question. But a related question is whether the current HAL production lines can be modified to produce more Dhruvs per year to meet IA as well as other requirements? If yes, what are the factors involved/affecting in improving the thruput of HAL's current ALH production lines? With the absence of non-dorky info on the issue, we can request our BR's DRDO experts to enlighten us on the subject.

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Re: Marketing of Indian Defence Products

Postby Manne » 13 Dec 2002 10:42


Out of all those reasons, I see only 2 real reasons:

1. HAL cannot increase their production and does not see RIL requirement as a prospect.

2. RIL wants the choppers pronto. We don't know anything about this - there is no indication anywhere that they want 'em pronto.

By sticking to IA, not trying to tap opportunities when one might exist so close to home.....would sound like excuses and lack of vision. Let's put it this way, it should be easy to predict what Late Dhirubhai would do if he were running HAL, isn't it ? A chinese corporation would probably do the same.

I am not saying RIL should buy them; just hoping that HAL has noted and considered this RIL requirement. And I still want to know whether Dhruv can be used in this role.

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Re: Marketing of Indian Defence Products

Postby vverma » 13 Dec 2002 15:45

There is an intrinsic assumption here that the ALH was even considered a choice by Reliance. HAL cannot do anything unless it has been asked for price quotes.

Also, ALH is an unproven craft over a long period of time. To a civilian user, high availability and safety rank higher than cheaper and "indigenous". Reliance cannot afford their helicopters being grounded repeated because new problems are being found. The Army and the Air Force are a different story. They have huge maintainence infrastructure that can take care of new problems quickly.

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Re: Marketing of Indian Defence Products

Postby Aditya G » 13 Dec 2002 15:59

what are Reliance's requirements?

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Re: Marketing of Indian Defence Products

Postby Kakkaji » 13 Dec 2002 22:28

Originally posted by aditya.g:
what are Reliance's requirements?
I can guess Reliance's requirements:

A proven reliable, safe, low maintenance, all-weather craft that can get its workers and executives safely from shore to offshore platforms and vice-versa, on a regular basis and in reasonable comfort.

PROVEN SAFETY RECORD will be essential. Remember, Reliance top executives, including Mukesh and Anil Ambani, will be travelling by these when visiting the offshore platforms.

Given the above, it would be foolish for Reliance to consider a helicopter which is of new design, with engines of new design, from a company that has never before built helicopters for the civilian executive market, for this application at this time.

Remember, Dhruv is still undergoing trials with the different wings of the Armed Forces, and its different variants (utility, attack, airborne assault troop carrier, maritime reconnaissance etc.) for the armed forces are still evolving. A civilian version is planned but, not being the first priority at this time, is some way off. Pushing the design team for a civilian version at this time will set back priority for the critical military versions.

IMHO, the Dhruv priority, and schedule of development, should be in this order:

1. Military applications as outlined above

2. Police and internal security (counter-insurgency) applications.

3. Overland civilian applications such as supplying remote areas, emergency medical evacuation, flood and other disaster relief, ferrying Govt. officials to remote areas, ferrying politicians on election and 'Bhashan' tours :) etc.

4. Private sector transport overland.

5. Private sector transport offshore.

Therefore, I do not see Dhruv being ready for Reliance use for another ten years or so.


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Re: Marketing of Indian Defence Products

Postby shashidhar » 14 Dec 2002 01:39

Letting go of a deal to make profits is foolhardy.If there is demand the supply should be raised to meet it.
The question is-should HAL develop infrastructure for further meeting of private sector demand?Can the civilian sector be utilised for additional craft in times of war?Is the projected demand in either sector sufficient to warrant additional capacity expansion?Can we compete adequately in civilian sector without hurting our bottomline?

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Re: Marketing of Indian Defence Products

Postby Vick » 14 Dec 2002 01:44

There was a report a year ago stating the full speed manufacturing capacity for the Dhruv would be 36/yr.

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Re: Marketing of Indian Defence Products

Postby Vasu » 17 Dec 2002 21:24

India exporting to Myanmar under the new policy.

Myanmar gets low-calibre Indian artillery

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Re: Marketing of Indian Defence Products

Postby Nandai » 19 Dec 2002 18:36

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Re: Marketing of Indian Defence Products

Postby Kiran » 22 Dec 2002 08:33

There are probably many here that are involved in marketing to the industrial sector. Merely showing up at Trade Shows is not even half the story. In fact, many upstarts prefer to fly under the radar until they are big enough for the competition to take note.

To this extent, the cost of participating in these shows is more than compensated by the cost of a marketing team that is prospecting for business.

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