Brig. RayC RIP

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Brig. RayC RIP

Postby ramana » 01 Jun 2015 20:18

We got news that Brig. RayC passed away in Kolkata on May 30th.

Link: Brig RayChaudhri is no more-Defence Forum India

Post by Admin DFI Yusuf.

With a very heavy heart and profound sadness I am informing our members that Brigadier Ray is no more.

He died on 30th of May at 2040 hours in Command Hospital in Kolkata. His last rites have just concluded. I just spoke to his wife and conveyed my condolences and on behalf of the forum.

Mrs Ray wanted me to inform all of you.

Brig Ray died of a heart condition due to which he couldn't breathe.

May his soul Rest In Peace.

He will be terribly missed

He was a great soldier and a fine gentleman.
We were honored to have him as one of our Administrators.

Our deepest sympathies and prayers fro his family.

May he rest in peace.

Please post your condolences here.


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Re: Brig. RayC RIP

Postby ramana » 01 Jun 2015 20:24

Atri wrote:Brigadier SK Raychaudhuri (BRFite with handle - RayC) of Mahar regiment is no more. He died on 30th of May at 2040 hours in Command Hospital in Kolkata. Brig Ray died of a heart condition due to which he couldn't breathe.

My Shraddhanjali!!

svenkat wrote:Humble shraddhaanjalis to the departed soldier.

sunilUpa wrote:Very sad to hear this. Shraddanjali.

Sachin wrote:Condolences..

SaiK wrote:RIP RayC

Karan M wrote:
Atri wrote:Brigadier SK Raychaudhuri (BRFite with handle - RayC) of Mahar regiment is no more. He died on 30th of May at 2040 hours in Command Hospital in Kolkata. Brig Ray died of a heart condition due to which he couldn't breathe.

My Shraddhanjali!!

Horrible news. RIP sir. :(

Comer wrote:Sorry to hear the news.

gakakkad wrote:RIP rayc

arshyam wrote:RIP RayC sir.

negi wrote:Some of us here did have the privilege of meeting Brigadier RayC in one of the BRF meets in the city of Joy , he was a jovial chap . Salute !

pandyan wrote:RayC saar - thank you for your service to our great nation! praying god for you and may you attain moksha.

ramana wrote:Sorry to hear the news about RayC passing away. Am opening a thread in mil forum out of respect for him.

Negi please post your reminiscences there. I will also write my memories from e-mails.



Viv S
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Re: Brig. RayC RIP

Postby Viv S » 01 Jun 2015 20:29

Didn't have the opportunity to converse much with him but always enjoyed his reading his posts.

Salut! Rest in peace sir.

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Re: Brig. RayC RIP

Postby fanne » 01 Jun 2015 20:31

RIP Sir!!

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Re: Brig. RayC RIP

Postby johneeG » 01 Jun 2015 20:36

Shocking news! I had interacted with him on defence forum of India. Condolences to the family and friends.

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Re: Brig. RayC RIP

Postby Bade » 01 Jun 2015 20:47

Condolences to his family....and grateful for his contributions as a soldier.

Rahul M
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Re: Brig. RayC RIP

Postby Rahul M » 01 Jun 2015 21:03

sad to know this. a very spirited and knowledgeable person.

negi, myself and a few others met him once long back for what was a very lively and interesting interaction.

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Re: Brig. RayC RIP

Postby chetak » 01 Jun 2015 21:09

Very sad to hear the sad news.

Thanks for your service Sir and RIP.

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Re: Brig. RayC RIP

Postby ShauryaT » 01 Jun 2015 21:37

Sad to hear this. Condolences.

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Re: Brig. RayC RIP

Postby Javee » 02 Jun 2015 01:42

Condolences, I have interacted with him quiet a bit, a jovial person, a good soldier and a fine gentleman.

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Re: Brig. RayC RIP

Postby niran » 02 Jun 2015 08:13

my humble Shadhranjali to a great person

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Re: Brig. RayC RIP

Postby abhishek_sharma » 02 Jun 2015 09:27

bahut dukh ki baat hai. Condolences.

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Re: Brig. RayC RIP

Postby partha » 02 Jun 2015 09:35

I never met RayC sir but remember him from my lurking days. One of the many posters I used to pay close attention to. Thank you for your service RayCji. Condolences to his family.

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Re: Brig. RayC RIP

Postby wig » 02 Jun 2015 10:16

It was always very informative to read his posts.
his posts were also a pleasure to read.
I hope the Almighty grants strength to his family to bear the loss and grants peace to his soul.

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Re: Brig. RayC RIP

Postby DexterM » 02 Jun 2015 10:18

Condolences to the family. Saddened by the loss.
He will be remembered as a good human being.

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Re: Brig. RayC RIP

Postby prahaar » 02 Jun 2015 10:50

Condolences to the family. Sad to hear about a brave soldier who shared hard information and occasional humor as well. Always looked forward to read his posts as a lurker.

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Re: Brig. RayC RIP

Postby member_28652 » 02 Jun 2015 10:57

I always read what he wrote. RIP Sir

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Re: Brig. RayC RIP

Postby Vadivel » 02 Jun 2015 11:03

Condolences to the family. RIP.

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Re: Brig. RayC RIP

Postby shiv » 02 Jun 2015 11:18

Personal loss. He was a forum jingo to the core and a staunch patriot. I will miss him.

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Re: Brig. RayC RIP

Postby geeth » 02 Jun 2015 11:30

Very sad news..RIP RayC sir!

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Re: Brig. RayC RIP

Postby maitya » 02 Jun 2015 13:14

RIP RayC Sir!! You were missed in the forum and now you will be missed forever - Again, RIP Sir!!

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Re: Brig. RayC RIP

Postby kancha » 02 Jun 2015 14:23

Sad news indeed. Remember him since the first time I discovered BRF.

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Re: Brig. RayC RIP

Postby Pratyush » 02 Jun 2015 15:03

May you find moksha and be welcomed in heaven, with open arms.

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Re: Brig. RayC RIP

Postby Klaus » 02 Jun 2015 15:46

Used to visit BR Archives to search for his posts, may he attain moksha!

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Re: Brig. RayC RIP

Postby SwamyG » 02 Jun 2015 15:57

Hope he has attained moksha. My interctions were limited but that was enough to note his service and distinguishing qualities. My respects.

Bala Vignesh
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Re: Brig. RayC RIP

Postby Bala Vignesh » 02 Jun 2015 18:16

My sincerest condolences to Brig RayC Sir's family.. Had very little interaction with him but have heard many fellow brfites speak highly of him.. May his family find the strength and the fortitude to get over this sad time with poise and grace and may he be blessed with eternal peace.. Jai Hind..

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Re: Brig. RayC RIP

Postby RamaY » 02 Jun 2015 18:59

My deepest condolences to Sri RayC's family. My prayers will be with them.

I pray that Sri RayCji comes back to enrich others lives and further strengthen Bharat!

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Re: Brig. RayC RIP

Postby soumik » 02 Jun 2015 19:30

Rest in peace Sir!
My prayers with his family.

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Re: Brig. RayC RIP

Postby nitinr » 02 Jun 2015 20:09

RIP Soldier.
You will be missed...

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Re: Brig. RayC RIP

Postby Sanjay » 02 Jun 2015 20:32

RIP Ray Sahib. I will miss all your contributions, guidance and especially your stories.

My deepest condolences to his family.

Ankit Desai
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Re: Brig. RayC RIP

Postby Ankit Desai » 02 Jun 2015 20:54

RIP RayC Sir !


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Re: Brig. RayC RIP

Postby KLNMurthy » 02 Jun 2015 22:50

I had always enjoyed RayC's posts. Sad to know he has left his physical body. May he inspire later generations of Bharat Rakshaks.

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Re: Brig. RayC RIP

Postby KrishG » 02 Jun 2015 23:16

Shraddhanjali to Ray sir!!

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Re: Brig. RayC RIP

Postby Sanju » 02 Jun 2015 23:20

Ray Sir was from the same Regiment as my Father. It is like a family member has been lost. We may not have met (I use the word may as I have been there at Regiment Reunions decades ago and met so many officers), there is always a special bond amongst the families of people who have served in the same Regiment.
IIRC correctly Ray sir was commissioned in 1968 and subsequently fought in the 1971 war. He had mentioned taking part in a raid 9 miles into enemy territory.

I hope and pray that Ray sir's "atma ko shanthi miley" and his family has the fortitude and strength in this difficult time.

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Re: Brig. RayC RIP

Postby Jagan » 02 Jun 2015 23:24

Rest in Peace

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Re: Brig. RayC RIP

Postby sohamn » 02 Jun 2015 23:48

RIP Brig RayC - may peace be on you.

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Re: Brig. RayC RIP

Postby UlanBatori » 03 Jun 2015 00:13

I will miss him, but am honoured to be able to say that I at least conversed with him through the Internet. What I recall from intensely studying his posts on BRF is that he would go to the edge without hesitation, defending the very idea of India, just as he put his life on the line defending the country as a soldier. He insisted on discipline, honesty and total commitment to India, no divisive sub-headings. A leader whom one would (and did) cheerfully follow no matter what the risk. Glad to be able to say that I stood up for him when it mattered.

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Re: Brig. RayC RIP

Postby Vayutuvan » 03 Jun 2015 02:10

I used to read his posts as a lurker for several years during my self imposed ban from brf. RIP RayC saab.

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Re: Brig. RayC RIP

Postby ramana » 03 Jun 2015 02:38


{quote="Raja Bose"}Taking the liberty to post some of RayC sir's better stories - hope he won't mind. Enjoy!

The unit was located in Naushera in J&K and was deployed on the hill sector along the Line of Control.

The Corps Commander was visiting the unit. This was not a normal event since Corps Commanders are very senior officers and three levels above the unit level.

Army, being over-reactive about their hierarchical pecking order, such events traumatised the protocol infrastructure and each level of command took hyperactive personal interest in ensuring that the visit went off flawless. None wanted their heads to roll. Each level of the hierarchy ensured so by checking, re-checking and re-rechecking ad infinitum right down to the ground level that all contingencies had been catered for and nothing was overlooked. In short, such visits were a torment to those being visited. Interestingly, Parkinson's Law always, without fail, did not fail to apply itself during such visits!

On the momentous day, every aspect of the visit of the Corps Commander to the unit was picture perfect. However, Parkinson's Law, right as rain, applied itself. The Corps Commander, who was to arrive at the unit Tactical HQ by helicopter, could not do so as the weather was foul. Hence, he landed at the Divisional HQ and was driving down to the unit. The drive would take about two hours and so there was ample time to react.

Everything had been catered for. However, what supposing the Corps Commander wanted to wash his hands, after the two hour journey, at the unit Base before commencing the ride up the hill to the Tactical HQ?

The Commanding Officer {CO} was a man of details and this aspect was bothering him intensely. He was a person who liked preciseness. He wasn't at all comfortable or happy about the departure from the set-piece programme of the Corps Commander with this driving down instead of landing by helicopter at the unit Tactical HQ.

The Quartermaster {QM} was at the Base. He was a pleasant, happy go lucky, rotund young officer with a bagful of initiative and a "never say die" attitude. The CO rang him up and told him to ensure that the Officers' Mess, at the Base, was shipshape, the toilet spankingly clean and to keep a safaiwala [janitor] ready at a moment's notice in the vicinity. And of course, some light refreshments were to be at hand that could be served so that the Corps Commander knew that the unit was "on the ball". Having ordered so, the CO went back to the practising of his Briefing for the 189th time!

Parkinson's Law didn't apply this time. The Corps Commander stopped at the Base to "wash his hands". There was the usual hustle and bustle of his personal staff, the Divisional and Brigade HQs staff who were accompanying and the Mess staff including the QM. They followed the Corps Commander towards the Mess as if being pulled by the vacuum created in his wake! It is only in the Army that a VIP relieving himself by answering nature's call is given the reverence normally associated with an event of national importance!

The Corps Commander entered the Mess. He looked at the QM and gave a shake of the leg as if shaking a boisterous housefly off the trouser. Bending at 80 degrees to the perpendicular, the Corps Commander wiggled his little finger of the left hand as if seized by an involuntary twitch and said "Which a-way to the Loo, old boy?"

The QM had never ever had the good fortune of a Corps Commander speaking to him. He was awe struck! He thought that he too had to answer in a fancy way and so he said, "That a-way sir" and before he could copy the Corps Commander's leg shake which he thought would be appropriate, the Corps Commander, fortunately for all, was on his way.

The Divisional Commander [next in the hierarchy] was taken aback by what he thought was the cheek of this junior officer to copy the Corps Commander's syntax. He would have been hopping wild had he realised that the QM had attempted the Corps Commander's leg shake. To him it appeared as if the QM had slipped on the water that had by then settled on the linoleum from the clothes of the various personalities [who were wet from the light drizzle] crowding the alley leading to the "Men’s’.

The Corps Commander had moved into the ‘Men’s’. The Divisional Commander decided to have another "dekko" at the arrangements. He stood aghast as his eyes laid on the savouries to be offered to the Corps Commander.

"Bondas?" :x he asked querulously and fixed a horribly immobile stare on the QM, who was beaming with delight that the Divisional Commander had observed the savoury that he had had prepared for them.

"Bondas?" :x :x echoed the Brigade Commander peevishly on cue as did any other officer worth his salt. All were aghast and all spoke in unison, so much so, the statement resounded like the Onida Bass Surround TV (Note: Back then Onida was a well-known brand of Television with big speakers). It was a different matter that they did not understand why the Divisional Commander was horrified and grouchy at the sight of Bondas.

"Are you aware that the Corps Commander is an Armoured Corps chap?" "and you have the temerity to offer Indian savouries and that too the type that would be found in a cheap halwai's shop?", bellowed the Divisional Commander, a decibel lower that what would reach the ‘Men’s’ where the Corps Commander apparently had nestled.

"Yes sir. I know that the Corps Commander is an Armoured Corps officer and they are reputed to prefer crumpets and strawberry in cream with their tea. However, sir, I don't know how to make them and also, sir, what could be better than hot hot bondas on a rainy day like today?", the QM said with a radiant smile that annoyed the Divisional Commander no end and even more, the Brigade Commander.

"Bakwaas!! You village bumpkin. :evil: :evil: You are the biggest idiot I have seen. A rum ball with a hot rum punch would have fitted the occasion and the weather; not these stupid, smelly, oily [he was spluttering in anger and had apparently run out of adjectives] bondas. Have you seen the size of the bondas? They are as fat and big as you are. How can he put them ever so gently in the mouth? You have no sophistication. You are a real rustic!", the Divisional Commander thundered. He, it appeared, was by now immensely inflamed and frothing at the mouth.

The QM cringed. :oops: However, Divine intervention saved him from a further berating. The Corps Commander had emerged from the "Loo" and was looking definitely much relieved. He seemed to be in the best of moods and was genially smiling as he emerged.

His eyes fell on the Bondas. The Divisional Commander and his 'faithful echoes' froze!

The Corps Commander took two steps towards the Bondas and stopped abruptly, practically screeching to a halt! A cold shiver went down the spine of the Divisional Commander.

"Ah, sir...", and whatever the Divisional Commander wanted to say was drowned in the shriek that emanated from the Corps Commander. All froze with fear waiting anxiously for the Corps Commander's inevitable indignation that was expected at this spread.

The Corps Commander pounced towards the table in what appeared a leap, swiped the largest Bonda,bit a massive chunk,.....and literally gloated, more like a cat which had filched a platter of milk. :D

"What a capital idea! Hot hot Bondas on a rainy day. Well done and well thought of, old boy! 8) 8) ", the Corps Commander was definitely rapturous as his gaze twinkled towards the QM.

The Divisional Commander and his gang emulated the Corps Commander's leap, swiped the Bondas, and echoed, "A wonderful idea indeed, sir!" They too beamed but definitely not towards the QM.

The broadest smile was on the QM's face. :D :mrgreen:

He had had the last laugh and damn the strawberries, cream, and crumpets!


{quote="Raja Bose"}

The biggest curse of modern life is the telephone. Alexander Graham Bell, if he lived today, would have been lynched by quite a few of us.

The telephone conversations in the Army are quite unique. It follows a set pattern. The syntax is mostly Punjabi, since the majority in the Army are from this community and their cultural invasion permeates the military fabric. Extraordinary is that South Indians, who have no clue of Punjabi, are prone to speak in this language, remaining delightfully untutored of the nuances of this unique language. I, too, though not a South Indian, am in their ranks.

Like it or not, Punjabi is the "national language" of the Army. The Punjabis are also polite fellows. In conversation, they like to build up bonhomie with a personal touch before coming to the point, more so when favours are required.

One day, I was in the office of a South Indian friend when a telephone call came.

"Colonel Nellakipalli Parambil Balakrishnan here!", said this friend of mine. He was also known as "Bala" to friends. Bala was pathological averse to North Indians calling him a South Indian. He repeatedly, ad infinitum, corrected all and sundry that there were four different communities in the geographical entity called South India and that they were as similar as chalk to cheese. He informed that he came from what was known as "God's own country" Kerala and that it was derogatory to club them with all and sundry from the South.

I couldn't hear clearly what the caller said since my friend was holding the earpiece glued to his ear as per the instructions on the "Use of Telephones", issued by the Corps of Signals.

"What do you mean you are fine? I never asked you about how were you. Please be to the point!" :evil:

I realised that the caller had replied "I am fine" as per drill since the first sentence normally was a "How are you?"

"Why are you asking how my Mother is?! :-? I don't think you know her. And anyway, she is dead."

There was a long-winded question from the caller as the next reply took some time. Colonel Bala was looking at me like a fish that had just been landed would gasp, when out of water as it slowly died!

"My father?! How is he??? God Bless the old man. I really don't know. He has already entered the Pearly Gates of Heaven. Since you have enough time at hand, as I perceive, why don't you contact God instead of me?!@#$%" :evil:

"What??? My dog?! Well, my dog is fine. Anyway, how does it matter even if he has had a touch of rabies? I say, can't you come to the point? What is that you have rung me for?"

"What? You want a vehicle? Well, I am not dealing with vehicles. And anyway, if that was what you wanted, then why the hell did you want to know about how my dear departed family was doing and that too when you didn't know the dear folks? You Punjabis are the limit. To get something out of a guy, you really do anything to be folksy and familiar. May I recommend that you do your homework first!" :x :x

"OK OK. I am not being angry but I have work to do. Also, to be frank I don't know Punjabi and so it took me more time to understand what you were talking about."

"What? A Whore?! What do you mean calling me a Whore????!! :evil: :evil: I can't give you a vehicle since I don't detail vehicles. But I must ask you to have a civil tongue in your head. There is no need to be offensive and call me a Whore! Even there you are wrong. By the way, I am a man so I can't be a whore."

"OK. OK. So, 'whore' is actually '...and what more' in Punjabi? Great. You guys up North can really confuse issues. If I asked you 'more' I am sure you would have thought I was taking about a peacock (in Hindi a Peacock is called a 'More'). Boy, you guys are rare! Thank God I am a Keralite. We at least have a sensible tongue to speak and understand!" :roll:

Having said that, Colonel Bala hung up. I could see he was livid but I thought he was being a trifle unfair.

So before he started haranguing me, I quickly said, "Malayalam [his language] is also queer, Colonel Bala. You say 'Sari Sari', when you mean neither a 'Saree' nor an Indianised 'Sorry'; and instead actually meaning, 'Correct' in Malayalam. So, I reckon all languages are funny if you interpret it in another language."

That stumped Colonel Bala. As I left his office having said it, I saw that he was still gasping for words like a fish landed out of water!

Please enjoy.

There is a website with all his stories and will find it.


Y I Patel
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Re: Brig. RayC RIP

Postby Y I Patel » 03 Jun 2015 04:22

Condolences to his loved ones. I remember the day when he first started posting at BRF.

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