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Indian Army - News Folder - July 2007

Postby Rakesh » 30 Jun 2007 23:24

Please observe the following guidelines:

PLEASE DO NOT post a news article without the proper heading and the URL. Your HTML coding must enable the news link to open in a new browser/window. Also kindly refrain from posting links to other forums which are discussing a news story, as that does not count as news.

PLEASE DO NOT post an entire article unless there is no archiving available on the news site. In the absence of a link, kindly post the entire article providing the title, the source, the author (optional), and the date. This initial heading must be displayed in bold font.

PLEASE DO NOT paste excerpts from the news link in the news thread, as that violates copyright laws. Also kindly refrain from any comments and/or discussion on the news articles posted in the news folder.

PLEASE DO NOT add smilies, other animated graphics and pictures in the news folder.

Thanking You in advance for your cooperation.

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