Indian Navy -- News Folder -- August 2003

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Indian Navy -- News Folder -- August 2003

Postby member_201 » 01 Aug 2003 17:33

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Re: Indian Navy -- News Folder -- August 2003

Postby Naidu » 02 Aug 2003 01:30

Grand old sub bows out
[The Hindu, 02 August 2003]

Karanj, which had earned the epithet of grand old lady of the submarine arm of the Indian Navy, has sailed into history. Commissioned on 01 September 1969, at Riga in the ertswhile Soviet Union, Karanj is hailed by the Navy for the remarkable resurgance and preserverence she had displayed before being finally decomissioned at the Eastern Naval Command (ENC) at Vizag on 01 August 2003. A steady drizzle marked the solemn ceremony of decommissioning of Karanj with full service honours of sounding of the last post at sunset, lowering of the paying off pennant and handing over of the box containing the submarine's naval ensign to the Flag Officer Commanding-in-Chief of ENC, Vice Admiral Raman Puri.

The former Chief of the Naval Staff, Admiral V.S. Sekhawat (Retd.), who was incidentally the second commanding officer of Karanj, was the chief guest. The Assistant Chief of the Naval Staff from Naval Headquarters, Rear Admiral R.K. Sharma, who had commanded the submarine in the past, was present. Karanj was the second in the series of the initial induction of Foxtrot-class subs and was deployed extensively in all major operations and exercises including Operation Brasstacks in 1987. During the Indo-Pak conflict of 1971, the sub was vested with the responsibility of patrolling the waters of the north Arabian Sea for ensuring the blockading of enemy warships in Karachi harbour. Karanj was deployed on the east coast during Operation Parakram in 2002 to thwart any misadventure by the enemy.

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Re: Indian Navy -- News Folder -- August 2003

Postby Ananth » 04 Aug 2003 06:28

<a href = ""> Navy helps guard Mozambique coast</a>

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Re: Indian Navy -- News Folder -- August 2003

Postby vipul_karia » 07 Aug 2003 19:42

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Re: Indian Navy -- News Folder -- August 2003

Postby Arun A » 07 Aug 2003 23:01

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Re: Indian Navy -- News Folder -- August 2003

Postby Pranay » 12 Aug 2003 17:13

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Re: Indian Navy -- News Folder -- August 2003

Postby Nandai » 14 Aug 2003 16:13

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Re: Indian Navy -- News Folder -- August 2003

Postby Amitabh » 16 Aug 2003 04:03

US, India agree future defence cooperation
(Jane's Defence Weekly, 20 August 2003)

According to this article, the possible sale of the SM-2 theatre SAM was discussed at the 6-7 August meeting of the US-India Defence Policy Group. Among the exercises planned for this year are "Malabar 04" in November 2003, various search-and-rescue exercises and an anti-submarine warfare exercise in April 2004.

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Re: Indian Navy -- News Folder -- August 2003

Postby Vasu » 21 Aug 2003 08:19

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Re: Indian Navy -- News Folder -- August 2003

Postby Amitabh » 22 Aug 2003 02:22

Modernized Indian 'May' flown in Russia
(International Defense Review, 1 September 2003)

The prototype modernized Ilyushin Il-38SD 'May' maritime patrol aircraft (MPA) for the Indian Navy made its maiden flight on 3 July from Khodinka airfield in Moscow. The prototype will be delivered to India before the end of 2003, while the modernization of the remaining four aircraft will be carried out in Indian factories. The Il-38SD took-off with limited fuel and without the structure for its electronic support measures (ESM) device, which was dismantled in order to make the take-off run as short as possible. The aircraft flew to Zhukovsky, where the final equipment will be installed, to be followed by a re-paint at the nearby 402nd Aviation Repair Plant in Bykovo.

The Il-38SD has been equipped with new mission system Sea Dragon (hence the designation), an export version of the Russian Novella systems used on the Russian Navy's upgraded Il-38N aircraft. The prototype Il-38N is still undergoing state acceptance tests which began in November 2002. Externally, the modernized Il-38SD/N differs from standard Il-38 by having a box-type ESM antenna installed on supports above the front part of fuselage; an extended nose with an electro-optical (EO) turret added below; a reshaped magnet anomoly detector (MAD) 'sting'; weapon pylons added under the wing roots; and some additional or changed hatches.

The core of Sea Dragon system is computer-driven operations center with two system operator consoles. The Sea Dragon system for Il-38SD (designated 2SD) includes the following integrated subsystems:

- 2SD1 radar used for detection of surface and air targets (with a claimed detection range of 30-35km for periscopes);

- 2SD2 96-channel radio sonobuoy system, combined with new sonobuoys, handled by two operators;

- SD3 quantum MAD (magnetometer) with a 900m range;

- SD5 E-O system (the target to be observed can be cued by the radar);

- SD7 infrared sensor, enabling preliminary detection of a submerged submarine from indications of water temperature difference;

- 2SD9 ESM with all-round coverage, fitted in an external superstructure above the front part of fuselage; and

- radio and radiation reconnaissance devices.

The modernized Il-38SD/N with this new mission system is no longer narrowly specialized in anti-submarine warfare (ASW). It is now a maritime patrol aircraft capable - apart from ASW missions - of patrolling coastal zones, performing electronic reconnaissance, research and rescue missions, as well as detecting and attacking surface targets.

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Re: Indian Navy -- News Folder -- August 2003

Postby Sribabu » 22 Aug 2003 13:03

India'a Upgraded Il-38 flies
(Air Forces Monthly, Sept 2003)

The first modified IL-38 for the Indian Navy was flown on July 10th from Ilyushin's factory airfield at Khodynka in Moscow to the Gromov Flight Test Centre at Zhukovskii where it will shortly commence its flight test programme. The aircraft is the first of five Indian Navy 11-38s to be upgraded to the 11-38SD standard, where 'SD' stands for Sea Dragon, the new maritime patrol suite based on the Leninets- designed Novella system developed for Russia's own fleet of 11-38s (see Novella ASW System Progress, November 2002, pl9). The upgraded Russian Navy aircraft will have the designation 11-38N, for Novella. With the first flight comes confirmation that Russia has donated, at no cost, two used 11-38s as replacements for the two lost in a mid-air collision in October last year (see Attrition, December 2002, p72). This led to speculation that the upgrade programme would have to be abandoned and that an alternative aircraft might have to be acquired for the role [see India Seeking New ASW Platform?, March pl3). All five Il-38s will be upgraded to the 11-38SD configuration, which includes a ten- year airframe life extension in addition to the installation of the Sea Dragon suite.

Sea Dragon incorporates a digital mission computer with two operator stations, each equipped with a 13in (330mm) liquid crystal colour display, whilst the mission controller has a larger colour display and additional functionality. Also included in the Sea Dragon suite is a new radar, which replaces the original Wet Eye system, an electronic surveillance measures system (ESM), the antenna for which is mounted on a tripod above the cockpit, an electro-optical turret under the nose and new sonobuoys. These are thought to include RGB-41 passive non-directional, RGB-48 passive directional and RGB-58 active buoys, plus two RTB-93 sound velocimeter buoys and radically new RTB-81 magnetometer buoys. The new radar can detect airborne targets at 48nm (90km) and surface targets at just over 170nm (320km), the latter capability permitting it to be used for targeting the lndo-Russian Brahmos anti-shipping missile, which has a range of 156nm (290km). Airborne target detection is a new capability for the 11-38 and it is not known how this will be integrated into the aircraft's maritime role. However, it could be exploited in conjunction with Sea Dragon's built-in ESM to provide the crew with greater threat awareness in the operating area. After completion of the upgrade work and flight tests, the first 11-38SD (IN305) will be flown to Bykovo airfield, outside Moscow, for painting at the 402nd Aircraft Repair Plant before delivery to the Indian Navy before the end of 2003.

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Re: Indian Navy -- News Folder -- August 2003

Postby Prateek » 22 Aug 2003 23:23

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