Internal Security Watch

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Re: Internal Security Watch

Postby sum » 07 Sep 2008 09:28

KATHMANDU: It was a long trail — from Mumbai to Dubai and from there to Pakistan, and finally Nepal. But the long arm of law stretched across thousands of miles to finally swoop down on Riyaz Khatri alias Riyaz Abukar Lone — the third most wanted terrorist in India after Dawood Ibrahim and Tiger Memon, and a major player in the 1993 serial blasts in Mumbai that killed 257 innocent people.

The 40-year-old from Mumbai was caught along with another accomplice, Salim Abdul Ghani Gazi alias Asfak Ahmed Shah, by Nepal Police in a midnight raid on Thursday and immediately handed over to the CBI, who flew back with the duo to India on Friday.

Nepal metropolitan polices crime division said an informer in the Valley tipped off the force that Khatri, who had in the past worked as Dawood’s trusted driver. Khatri, who has an Interpol red corner notice against him for the transportation of arms, was living in Nepal.

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Re: Internal Security Watch

Postby G Subramaniam » 07 Sep 2008 19:46

SIMI islamists attack BJP MP Adityanath ... enDocument

Lucknow, Sep 7 (PTI) Seven persons were seriously injured as the convoy of BJP MP Yogi Adityanath was attacked today by angry protesters while he was on his way to address an anti-terrorism rally in Azamgargh district of Uttar Pradesh.
The BJP leader from Gorakhpur was whisked to safety by his supporters as dozens of people armed with sticks attacked his convoy pelting stones at it and trying to torch the vehicles in Takia area, police sources said.

The rally was organised by BJP and Hindu Yuva Vahini to protest a meeting organised in support of SIMI activist Abdul Bashar after his arrest on August 11.

Firing from both sides also took place in which over half a dozen people were seriously injured, they said.

Later, police reached the spot and fired tear gas shells and bullets in the air to disperse both supporters and protesters.

Official vehicles of SP Vijay Kumar Garg and Chief Development officer were also damaged in the incident.

Senior police and administration officials have reached the spot and the situation is under control, Home department sources here said.

Adityanath, later addressed the rally at another venue in the city and criticised those patronising terrorists.

Calling for strict action against such elements, he said petty politics should not be played in such matters as they were related to the country's security.

He also said that those organising meetings and protesting arrest of terrorists and their agents were anti-nationals who should be brought to book. PTI

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Re: Internal Security Watch

Postby nkumar » 07 Sep 2008 23:13

Chandan Mitra in Pioneer:

For Christ's sake

I am writing this from Orissa which, quite uncharacteristically, dominated national news space during the last week of August for altogether wrong reasons. Bhubaneswar, the State's neatly planned post-Independence Capital, is tranquil enough but interior districts are still simmering from the fallout of the heinous assassination of the venerated monk Swami Laxmanananda, 80-year-old messiah of the poor and downtrodden in one of Orissa's remotest and least developed districts -- Kandhmal.

To my surprise, I found passions running high even in the Capital particularly over what people allege is the biased and undeservingly negative publicity the State received in the aftermath of the murder and the violence that predictably followed. It is a trying time for the State's usually unflappable Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik who appears set to be elected for a third straight term in office when Assembly polls happen next year. The fallout has also been a test for his coalition partner BJP, whose Hindu constituency is outraged by the killing of the Swami.

Fortunately, the BJD-BJP alliance is holding firm despite hotheads periodically seeking to stir up trouble. The violence, which ominously affected villages rather than cities -- unlike the pattern of other communal disturbances -- is also simmering down. But the questions it has raised dramatically all over again need to be addressed if recurrence is to be contained in the future.

What has agitated average middle class people in Orissa is the manner in which a one-sided perspective is being peddled as fact in the national media, to the courts and even among school children. There is consternation over the one-day strike called by Christian organisations that shut down many schools and colleges across the country. "The Courts are quick to denounce strikes and bandhs everywhere. Political parties are even fined for calling a bandh. Why hasn't anybody condemned the enforced strike in Christian educational institutions?" asked an angry teacher.

Apparently, some school authorities even distributed a circular among students explaining why the bandh had been called. The letter complained in a high-pitched tone about the attacks on churches, priests, orphanages and ordinary Christian villagers by rampaging mobs. The circular, admittedly also regretted the murder of the octogenarian Swami, but only in a proforma fashion. The purpose of the explanatory letter was not really to explain but to condition young, impressionable minds into a particular line of thinking.

A parent told me about the following exchange with his school-going daughter: "Why is your school closed tomorrow?" he had asked. Pat came the reply, "Because Hindus are killing innocent Christians in Orissa." When he persisted and queried why Hindus are supposedly doing that, his daughter looked nonplussed and confessed she had no idea, but after some thought added, "They did that to Muslims in Gujarat also, No?" The brainwashing of children, especially in urban India, has acquired a new dimension.

Sometimes I get the feeling that a diabolical section of proselytising missionaries are determined to milk the post-Laxmananand violence to the hilt to further their cause. Significantly, as even diehard secular TV channels have revealed, the violence in Orissa, unlike post-Godhra Gujarat, was hardly one-sided. Christian-dominated villages persecuted Hindus as much as vice versa and, in any case the disturbances were confined to just two districts. And, by the way, no nun was burnt to death; it was a Hindu woman who was unfortunately trapped in a hut set on fire by vandals. No wonder large numbers of Hindus, especially women, converged on a relief camp for Christians in Tiklabari in Kandhmal last Wednesday, demanding that either everybody get official relief or the Christians-only camp be shut. They told visiting politicians and the media that they too had suffered in the violence. Besides, the police was strictly enforcing curfew preventing them from going to work to earn a livelihood. "Why are Christians getting all the attention while we are starving?" the charged crowds demanded to know. I am referring to this incident only to underline that the issue is not as simple as the counsel for Christian organisations made it out in the Supreme Court last Thursday.

It is a measure of the efficacy of the Christian network that within hours of the disturbances happening, the Pope issued a strong denunciation of the "persecution" of Christians in India. Worse, the Italian Foreign Office had the temerity to summon India's Ambassador in Rome to admonish him and demand an immediate end to the harassment of Christians in this country. Incidentally, both these actions have contributed to the anger of people in Orissa.

I was repeatedly asked why New Delhi had not issued a strong statement telling Rome and the Holy Seer that Orissa is India's internal affair and they should keep their mouths firmly shut. "Each time there are some problems between Hindus and Muslims, Pakistan too makes gratuitous noises about Muslims in India. But Delhi tells them to stay away from our internal matters. Why does the Government lack the guts to do the same with Italy?" asked an irate journalist, hinting that the reason for being deferential towards Italians, resident or non-resident, would not be very far to seek.

In fairness, though, the venerable Pope, as spiritual head of the Roman Catholic world, has a right to express concern if his co-religionists face insecurity in any part of the world. But the pontiff would have done well to appreciate the gravity of the situation and also recognised the root cause of the friction. There would be no trouble between Hindus and Christians, who are mostly a peaceful community living in harmony with Hindus for centuries, but for the aggressive campaign to "harvest souls", meaning, convert poor Hindus. It is the influx of massive funds, mainly from Europe, to further a renewed evangelical offensive in India that is the cause of mounting tensions between Hindus and Christians in many parts of India.

An Orissa legislator (not BJP) narrated some instances of glitzy audio-visual campaigns by Christian missionaries in the State's interiors. Although the State Government was forced to ban the entry of foreign evangelists following protests some years ago, there's no stopping the funds. Promises of good education, jobs and even careers abroad are freely made, tempting many impoverished villagers.

Dispensing with the usual paraphernalia of baptism, some priests apparently preside over mass conversions whereby those willing to change their religion need only to take a dip in the village pond to expiate their past sins. As many independent sociologists have pointed out, new converts in villages become particularly aggressive towards their erstwhile community and the resulting social cleavage eventually spills over into violence. This is probably the strongest argument for enacting watertight anti-conversion legislation.

The Government is required to preserve and promote social harmony, rebuffing the Church's ambition to "harvest souls". In the final analysis, however, Hindu society too is to blame for the steady expansion of Christian missionary activity. Why are their so few Swami Laxmananands among us? Why don't Hindu organisations work more effectively in backward and tribal-dominated areas? That is the only way to deny non-Indic religions a foothold in sensitive parts of the country and thereby preserving social harmony.

So, the reports of a nun being burnt alive was a propagandu carried by the 'secular' media.

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Re: Internal Security Watch

Postby G Subramaniam » 08 Sep 2008 01:11 ... r-sub.html

SC-ST tussle: the sinister subtext to Kandhamal communal divide

The Panos, who lost SC status on conversion, want ST tag; this is being opposed by the Kandhs

Phulbani: On the face of it, the communal unrest in Orissa’s Kandhamal district was triggered by the 23 August murder of a man considered to be a saint by Hindus who then went on the rampage in the area, torching and looting Christian homes and prayer houses.
The swami, also a senior functionary of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP), had been opposing, for more than 40 years, the proselytizing activities of Christian missionaries. So, when he was killed by unknown assailants, the suspicion fell on the Christians.
But, if people familiar with the demographics of the district are to be believed, there is a far more sinister subtext to the rioting.

“It’s the politics of reservation and the benefits that come from being a member of the scheduled castes (SC) and scheduled tribes (ST) that have played their role in these riots,” said a past principal of the Phulbani Girls’ College who didn’t want to be named. “The SC-ST divide has further fanned the communal fires.”
The Kandh tribals, after whom the district is named, are an ST community. “They are the original inhabitants of the area and were animists and even practised human sacrifice till the British came and put a stop to it,” said the academic. According to him, though the STs were animists, they had a cultural affinity with the Hindus. “Lord Jagannath, revered by Oriyas, is derived from the tribal Neelmadhab cult,” he said, adding, “Similarly, the goddess Sambaleshwari, patronized by the erstwhile king of Sambalpur, has tribal origins.”
On the other hand, the Christians of the district are converts from the Pano scheduled caste. The Panos, according to the academic, were originally Hindus who, centuries ago, came from outside the district and were also animists. “But, under British influence, they converted to Christianity in large numbers.”
So, over the years, the Kandhs embraced Hinduism in large numbers, while the Panos, who make up about a fifth of the district’s population, have turned Christians. “Tensions have always prevailed between the two with the Kandhs looking down on the Panos and very little social relations between the two,” said a senior state civil service officer who also didn’t want to be named.
However, in line with a government rule, those Panos who embraced Christianity lost their SC status and all the advantages that came with it. “For the past few years, however, the Panos are lobbying that they be given ST status,” said the same officer, adding, “Naturally, this was vehemently opposed by the Kandhs, who felt it was an encroachment on their turf.”
The genesis of the rift lies in a decision to expand the scheduled tribes list in the early 1990s to include the Kui and Kuvi communities in the ST category. “Many Panos speak the Kui language and hence demanded ST status for them as well,” said the academic. “They even formed an organization called the Kuijana Kalyana Sangha in Bhubaneswar but its registration was cancelled after the riots last December,” he said.
According to many Kandh and Hindu leaders, the demand for ST status is being made by the Panos so that they can benefit both from reservations as well as the sops doled out by the Church.
“They want reservation in seats in educational institutions as well as government jobs and also want to benefit from the money from the Church”, said Priyanath Sharma, an office bearer of the VHP. “Let them choose one, they can’t have both.”
Trust between the two communities, which was always low, is at its lowest. “The Panos would take away our land fraudulently or misrepresent themselves as Dalit Hindus even after becoming Christians to retain their SC status,” said a Kandh priest, who refused to identify himself. “Even now, they want reservation for Dalit Christians or ST status,” he said, adding, “Where will their greed end?”
Matters were made worse when the delimitation of assembly constituencies meant Kandhamal moved from a seat reserved for SCs to STs. “They sensed their power slipping away and could have fomented trouble,” said the academic.
Another ominous note is the shadow of the Maoists. “Religion and an SC-ST tussle are ideal situations for ultra-Leftists to take advantage of,” said the state bureaucrat, adding, “God help this place if they too get mixed up in all this.”

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Re: Internal Security Watch

Postby sum » 08 Sep 2008 09:22

Religious act sparks protest
DH News Service, Bangalore:
The attempts by a group of six persons allegedly to promote religion resulted in a foreign national and another person from Andhra Pradesh being dragged to the Halasur police station by locals.

An American national Cannon, Raju and Valluri and three others were engaged in a door-to-door campaign at Muniswamy Appa Road in Jogupalaya in Halasur from 4.30 pm. Presenting visiting cards to people, they urged them to visit their Church every Sunday and that their prayers would get answered.

Trouble began an hour later when they allegedly started taunting a group of five teenaged boys in front of a mammoth Ganesha pandal. The youngsters who were provoked decided to take them to the police station. As they approached them, the duo tried to abscond but were caught and dragged to the Halasur police station around 6 pm, said Naveen Kumar, who runs his business here. Over 50 people from Halasur joined them. As no inspector was around, the police refused to register any complaint. The group then created a commotion outside the station. Activists from Kannada Rakshana Vedike also landed at the spot.

The group then squatted in front of the station and raised slogans in Kannada, Tamil and Hindi and chanted ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’. We did not beat them or assault the duo in any manner, claimed the crowd.

A youngster said he had caught two other people a couple of months ago at Cambridge Road and brought them to Halasur police station but they refused to take any action against them. Halasur police have registered a case.

These foreign NGOs/preachers seem to be getting more and more brazen by the day!!!! :roll:

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Re: Internal Security Watch

Postby AjayKK » 08 Sep 2008 13:32

a_kumar wrote:A long list of charities and their alligiences was publised on BRF sometime back..

Can somebody point to that post or the details please?

Wasnt that quite sometime back? Dont think its archived. Does anybody have the same?

Meanwhile Vigilonline's black list of ngos grows

List and Book

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Re: Internal Security Watch

Postby Avinash R » 08 Sep 2008 18:08

Nagori, 4 aides sent to judicial custody in blasts case
Ahmedabad, Sep 8 (UNI) A local court today sent Safdar Nagori, one of the key conspirators of the July 26 Ahmedabad serial bomb blasts and his four accomplices, including his brother Kamruddin, to judicial custody till tomorrow.

Metropolitan Magistrate G M Patel remanded Nagori and his four associates to judicial custody for their alleged involvement in the Gujarat terror plot, in which 60 people were killed.

Ahmedabad Crime Branch, the main investigating agency of the serial bomb blasts case, deposed Narogi and his accomplices before the court on expiry of their five-day police remand granted by the same court on September three.

Earlier on August 25, the same court had granted 10 days police custody to the quintel.

Nagori had been brought here from Rewa Central Jail in Madhya Pradesh on August 24 by a police team consisting of officials of Ahmedabad Crime Branch and Gujarat ATS on a production warrant issued by a local court earlier. However, another team of Gujarat Police had brought four others from Indore Central Jail on August 23.

Nagori was the main suspect in the blasts that rocked emergency ward of the civil hospital on the dreadful night of July 26, causing maximum casualties of over 20 people.

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Re: Internal Security Watch

Postby G Subramaniam » 08 Sep 2008 18:41

A close look at the Orissa 'Dalit' Panos

Unlike most other SC castes, which have ritually low occupations
such as cleaning toilets or leather working, the Panos dont have these ritually 'unclean' occupations

So how did they end up as SC?

The answer is they made their livelihood by thievery and fraud and other adharmic occupations, the british even labeled them a criminal caste


I watched the U-tube, videos, and where many of the xtian dalit 'pana' were
being interviewed they were all extremely slimy smooth-talkers, ( very un-SC like )


Next anomaly,
Usually when a caste converts to xtianity, they all convert to one sect of
xtianity, and the pastors are usually upper caste, while the flock is mostly SC

In the U-tube videos, I find the panos have converted to a dozen xtian sects and there are several Pano Pastors

What is happening is that the Panos are gaming the xtian missionaries

By keeping dividing the pano conversions among the various xtian sects,
they are able to get money from all the xtian sects

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Re: Internal Security Watch

Postby Philip » 08 Sep 2008 19:09

"Love of money is the root of all evil".It is being displayed here in Orissa in stark reality.Conversions to any religion through the inducement of money and other perks is reprehensible and criminal.Firstly,the GOI should be serious about stopping the gobal funding of so-called "Christian" movements that "harvest" souls through such despicable means.But do we have the balls for it?Will the GOI ban all funds from the Southern Baptists or US Pentecostal churches to India at this moment,when the most pious neo-con of them all,Dubya Bush himself has assisted our good spin-doctor in getting the NSG waiver? I seriously also doubt whether our intelligence agencies have been on the ball when it comes to such foreign funding of evangelical movements,whose actions are adding to the already volatile cocktail of social inequality,caste politics-the bane of India ,and the land mafia who are using any means to acquire tribal land.The rule of law must prevail and any attempt to subvert it must be stamped out,while special task forces are needed to expose the dirty tricks of the diabolic.

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Re: Internal Security Watch

Postby G Subramaniam » 10 Sep 2008 04:17

Antics of AICC, a supposedly mainstream xtian organisation

Dalit Freedom Network is an evangelical [1]Christian organization whose official mission is to "empower the Dalits in their quest for social freedom and human dignity by networking human, financial, and informational resources." [2] Founded by Dr. Joseph D'souza, who heads the "All India Christian Council" and Nanci Ricks, DFN is located in Colorado. The Dalit Freedom Network is a partner of the All India Christian Council[3], a nationwide alliance of more than 2000 Christian denominations, mission agencies, institutions, federations in India.As per Dr. Joseph D'Souza's biography[4] on the The 700 Club's website : "The Dalit Freedom Network grew out of the AICC's (All India Christian Council's) need to facilitate work in the United States."

The DFN also hosted a conference entitled "Racism and Caste Based Discrimination in India: Implications for the US-India Relationship", where talks were given by Udit Raj and Kancha Ilaiah, both prominent critics of Hinduism. D'Souza has also frequently been cited by the Christian Coalition and other Fundamentalist Christian groups in the United States.[5]

Joseph D'Souza was invited to testify as an expert on the Dalit issue by the United States Congress at a hearing on October 6, 2005.[6]

In advocacy, Joseph D'Souza and Nanci Ricks have both been recognized as international experts on the Dalit issue and have been invited to testify in the United States and internationally on the subject of Untouchability. D'Souza was invited to testify as an expert on the Dalit issue by the United States Congress at a hearing on October 6, 2005.[6] He also testified before the UK Conservative Human Rights Commission on April 4, 2007.[9] Both Ricks and D'Souza testified before the Congressional Human Rights Caucus on the effects of Untouchability on women.[10]

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Re: Internal Security Watch

Postby vsudhir » 11 Sep 2008 05:29

Stop the presses! UPA sarkar has finally taken a firm, clear and unambiguous stand on fighting terrorism through legislative teeth in the country.

Centre tells HC it can't give consent to Modi's anti-terror bill (IE)

Ahmedabad, September 10: The Centre on Wednesday told the Gujarat High Court that it was unable to give consent to the Modi Government 's anti- Terror legislation as it was on the lines of POTA which has been repealed.

The court had asked the Union Home Ministry to give its reply on a petition filed by an NGO, Justice on Trial, on the delay in the clearance of Gujarat Control of Organised Crime bill (GUJCOC) which was pending before the President for the last four years.


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Re: Internal Security Watch

Postby sum » 12 Sep 2008 08:56

Today is the 60th anniversary of Operation Polo:
Taming the Nizam of Hyderabad
By K E Eapen
Choudhuri rode into Hyderabad as the head of an armoured column on September 17.

K M Munshi, Gen J N Choudhury, M K Vellodi, ICS. These are names not too familiar to the new generations of Andhrites. Munshi was India’s diplomatic envoy and Agent General to the Nizam’s State, Choudhury was guiding Indian army which readied to move into Hyderabad from five directions on the Id twilight of Friday Sept. 12, 1948. Vellodi became the civil administrator of Hyderabad later. More important persona in the drama were the twosome: the Nizam, Osman Ali Khan Azif Jah and Qazim Razvi, the Rasakar’s chief of the paramilitary force of some 10,000 Muslims, many of them refugees from Bihar and other Indian states.

The creation of Ittahad-ul-Musalmin had a nod and wink from the naughty Nizam, dreaming about an Independent Hyderabad nationhood. One needs to mention here that Britain was mischievously leaving Indian states in Trisanku Swarga. Sardar Patel and V P Menon liquidated some 560 native states through the traditional four methods: sama, dana, bheda, dhanda.

The uncharitables called the Wodayars of Mysore, His “Heaviness” and the Nizam, His “Exhausted Highness.” The main characteristics of Nizam was his miserliness, world’s richest man sitting on heaps of gold. He amassed the yellow metal: one means being nazrana (ceremonial offering) from favour-seeking nobles, he fancied to call to the palace, prompted by self-propelled whims.

Let me recall two stories reflecting his arrogance of power. As a young man who had to walk from the City’s Abid road to Narayanaguda YMCA, where I stayed, meant negotiating King Kothi Palace Road. All walkers had to remove footwear before the palace gates as policeman on duty would not want to disturb the ruler; Aala Hazrat Araam Karrchehain (His Majesty is resting). The other tale was his daily visit to the mosque across river Mussi in the Charminar area. Usually the long route was watered and closed for traffic, so that the Nizam’s Sedan car could zoom through.

As the Indian army was rolling towards Hyderabad, my Bengalee friends (Roy and Sen Gupta) and I cycled to Begumpet to welcome the unit. None else was in the streets. Rasakars had blown up many bridges. The Madras Sappers and Miners were quick in repairing them so that the army battalions could proceed to Hyderabad. The total strength of the Indian forces was around 35,000 compared to Hyderabad’s 40,000 under Major General El Edroos, the Nizam’s Commander in Chief. He was a tall and majestic Arab. He left the state before long. Rasakars who went to fight numbered about 10,000. To the Indian army’s causality of 10 or so, some 1400 of Razvi men perished along with Hyderabad’s 807 during the five-day “Operation Polo”.

Choudhuri rode into Hyderabad as the head of an armoured column on Sept 17. The Nizam went on air and asked his forces to ceasefire by 5:00 pm. He banned the Rasakars and allowed Union Troops into Secundarabad and Bolarum. Razvi was arrested on the 19th. Choudhuri took over the state as Military Governor. On Nov 24, he handed over control to a civilian Governor following Nizam’s accession to the Indian Union. Razvi had the support of Pakistan and had melted into that nation, India overlooking his departure.

This nostalgic wandering on the dim, uneven murky memory lane has to end after the mention of stumbling on royalty. Muffakom, the grandson of the Nizam wanted my help to set up a world class institute of mass communication in Hyderabad. I went twice to Hyderabad with a team of experts, but the project fell through as his advisers told the prince that it was too expensive and too ambitious for Indian needs of the day.

On another occasion, while in Hyderabad, Muffakom invited me to the devadi (palace) for dinner. He was apologetic that he could not provide a good meal. All his good cooks had migrated to Saudi Arabia, he said. The prince was trying to be too polite. Rare fruits, adorned the dinner table. Food was in plenty, excellent, and we ended with the famous “double ka meetta” of the City. He lives mostly in London these days.

This was a story which had three turns — walking near the palace on King Kothi road with shoes in hand, the breath-stopping five day operation polo, and sitting at table with the royal family. History makes us act different roles with the changing tides.

Were all these huge number of Razzakars deported to the land of the Pure or do they still slink around singing the glory of Pakiland in the old city?

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Re: Internal Security Watch

Postby G Subramaniam » 12 Sep 2008 09:04

There were not 10,000 razakars, but 200,000 razakars
( 80% of able bodied muslims in the Hyderabad Nizam kingdom )

Many thousands got lynched by the hindu public ( Sunderlal report )

The Razakar Leader, Kasim Rizvi got life imprisonment and Nehru commuted it to 10 years and deported him to Pakistan

Owaisi was a razakar leader
The hyderabad muslims still vote enmasse for him
and old city hyderabad is Razakaristan

Laik Ali, the Prime Minister of the Nizam was jailed for organising the razakars

He had a muslim woman in burkha visit him in jail
She took off burkha and gave it to him
Laik Ali wore the burkha and escaped from jail

He then was hidden in various IM ghettos and finally reached TSP

When he reached TSP, there was mass celebration of IMs
( like what happens when TSP wins against India in cricket )
and Sardar Patel got pissed
and asked the celebrators to leave for TSP

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Re: Internal Security Watch

Postby Avinash R » 12 Sep 2008 17:05

ULFA`s strike force member killed in upper Assam
Dibrugarh, Sept 12: An insurgent of the ULFA's elite strike force 28 battalion was killed on Friday in an encounter with Army in upper Assam's Tinsukia district along Arunachal Pradesh border.

Arms were recovered from him, police said. Acting on a tip off about the self-styled 'lieutenant' Shashankar Barua entering into Assam from Arunachal Pradesh, the soldiers of 19 Kumaon regiment surrounded Dirak and launched an operation to nab him.

In the encounter with the troops, Barua was killed on the the spot, the sources said, adding, an AK-47 assault rifle was recovered from the slain militant.

Shashankar belonged to the anti-talks faction of the 28 battalion and was also known as Ananta Gogoi alias Sarat Barua.

A search operation has been launched to find if there were other militants with him, the sources said.

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Re: Internal Security Watch

Postby Avinash R » 12 Sep 2008 18:41

Suspected SIMI activist held in Kolhapur
12 Sep 2008, 1647 hrs IST,PTI
KOLHAPUR: A suspected SIMI activist has been remanded in police custody after arrest till September 18, police on Friday said.

Faijulla Mohammad Karim Shaikh (30) from Darbhanga, Bihar, was arrested on Thursday.

Police recovered some incriminating documents in Urdu and newspaper cuttings related to the 1993 serial bomb blasts in Mumbai from Shaikh's possession.

Additional SP Shahaji Umap said Shaikh has been staying in different parts of Kolhapur district and Goa for the last one year.

He was earlier arrested in May 2008 following the recovery of a hand grenade in Chandgad Dam, police said.

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Re: Internal Security Watch

Postby sum » 12 Sep 2008 20:04

When he reached TSP, there was mass celebration of IMs
( like what happens when TSP wins against India in cricket )
and Sardar Patel got pissed
and asked the celebrators to leave for TSP

But the important thing is: did the turds leave?

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Re: Internal Security Watch

Postby sum » 13 Sep 2008 10:31

Praveen Swami on IM:
The hunt for the Indian Mujahideen’s ‘al-Arbi’

Praveen Swami

A profile of the top bomb-maker Abdul Subhan Qureshi.

Less than forty eight hours before over thirty bombs tore Ahmedabad apart in July, Abdul Subhan Usman Qureshi caught an overnight train to Mumbai — and disappeared.

Police forces across India, backed by the Intelligence Bureau, have made the hunt for the short, thin built man who the Ahmedabad bombers knew by the code-name ‘Kasim’, their top priority.

Based on the interrogation of Shahbaz Husain, a Lucknow businessman alleged to have led the cell responsible for a string of urban bombings carried out by a Students Islamic Movement of India front organisation calling itself the Indian Mujahideen, investigators are now certain that Qureshi trained the bomb-makers who fabricated the bombs used in the terror offensive.

Qureshi, police believe, was also the “al-Arbi” who signed e-mail manifestos issued by the Indian Mujahideen after each bombing — a finding supported by forensic detectives, who have determined that the rounded-‘A’ which “al-Arabi” used to sign the documents matches the rendering of the same character in his personal correspondence.
Against the grain

The story of SIMI’s top bomb-maker sits ill with the narrative often used to explain why Islamist terrorism has grown in India.

Qureshi studied at a secular school, not a seminary. He, unlike many inner-city Muslims, enjoyed access to both education and economic opportunity. Most important, Qureshi’s political radicalisation seems not to have been connected to the win poles that marked the growth the jihad in India, the demolition of the Babri Masjid and the 2002 communal pogrom in Gujarat.

Like many first-generation working-class migrants to Mumbai, Qureshi’s parents—who hailed from Rampur in Uttar Pradesh—took education seriously.

Qureshi graduated from the Antonio DeSouza High School, a church-run institution which caters to children from all major religious communities in 1988, securing a more-than-reasonable secondary school certificate average of 76.6 per cent. Interestingly, Qureshi’s parents offered all their children access to educational opportunity — not just, as is common among religious conservatives, the boys. Qureshi’s sisters, Asma and Safia, have Masters of Arts degrees; none of his three brothers, who also well-educated, appear to have been drawn to SIMI or other Islamist groups.

In the autumn of 1992 — months before Mumbai was hit by a murderous Shiv Sena-led communal pogrom which followed the demolition of the Babri Masjid — Qureshi began studies at the Bharatiya Vidyapeeth in Navi Mumbai. Neither the communal pogrom, nor the serial bombings which followed them, appear to have directly touched Qureshi’s life. In 1995, he obtained a diploma in industrial electronics, and landed a part-time job at String Computers in Mazgaon. Later, in 1996, he went on to earn a specialised software maintenance qualification from the CMS Institute in Marol.

Armed with these qualifications, Qureshi had little difficulty finding work. He joined Radical Solutions, an independent computer firm operating out of the upmarket Fort area in south Mumbai in November, 1996, on a starting salary of Rs. 2,450 per month. By the accounts of his co-workers, Qureshi was an exceptional worker — an assessment that is borne out by his resume. Just three years into his professional life, Qureshi succeeded in quadrupling his pay. He handled several major independent projects, including an intranet implementation for Bharat Petro-Chemicals carried out by Wipro in 1999, and then landed a job with computer major Datamatics.

But then, Qureshi suddenly decided to leave in his job. In his March 26, 2001, letter, he offered the firm only “I wish to inform you,” the letter read, “that I have decided to devote one complete year to pursue religious and spiritual matters.”{What happens to these people suddenly? Seems similar to the UK pakis case}

Qureshi’s friends and family claim to have no knowledge of what led him to make the decision. His family claims not to have met since SIMI was proscribed later that year. This seems improbable: Qureshi’s youngest child, with his wife Aafia, is, after all, just two and a half years old.
A career in terror

Mumbai police investigators have begun to reconstruct Qureshi’s career in terror. No one is certain just how he was recruited, but by 1998, Qureshi appears to have been a committed SIMI activist. He was charged, that year, with defacing public property, by pasting SIMI posters. Later, he went on to edit one of SIMI’s house-magazines, Islamic Voice, from New Delhi.

Police sources told The Hindu that Qureshi participated in the October, 1999, SIMI conference in October, 1999. Sheikh Yasin, the head of the Palestinian Hamas and the Pakistan Jamaat-e-Islamic chief Qazi Husain Ahmad, were among those who delivered speeches, through telephone links. Seven-year-old Gulrez Siddiqui was reported to have been trotted out in front of the estimated 20,000-strong crowd to read out this couplet: “Islam ka ghazi, butshikan, Mera sher, Osama bin Laden” (Warrior for Islam, destroyer of idols / My lion, Osama bin Laden)”.

SIMI’s growing links with the global jihadist movement became increasingly clear in the months and years that followed. In January, 2000, for example, police in West Bengal arrested Chinese national Abdul Rahman just after he crossed the Bahirhat border with Bangaldesh. Investigators learned that Rahman, who had escaped from a prison in China’s Xinjiang region where he had been serving time for the murder of a police officer, had been brought to India to train Lashkar-e-Taiba operatives. His handlers Aziz-ul-Haq and Nazrul Islam were both SIMI members. Later, in May, 2001, eight SIMI members involved in an abortive plot to bomb the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh’s headquarters in Nagpur were found to have trained with the Hizb ul-Mujahideen in Jammu and Kashmir.

By the time of SIMI’s 1999 Aurangabad convention, which Qureshi is believed to have helped organise, many of the speeches delivered by delegates were frankly inflammatory. “Islam is our nation, not India,” thundered Mohammad Amir Shakeel Ahmad, one of over a dozen SIMI-linked Lashkar operatives arrested in 2005 for smuggling in military-grade explosives and assault rifles for a planned series of attacks in Gujarat. Among those listening to the speech was Mohammad Azam Ghauri, one of the co-founders of the Lashkar’s India operations. Ghauri, some SIMI members present in Aurangabad say, was offered SIMI’s leadership, but refused.

Qureshi was, investigators say, one of the principal organisers of SIMI’s last public conference in 2001. SIMI leaders told the estimated 25,000 followers who attended the conference that the time had come for Indian Muslims to launch an armed jihad which would have the establishment of a caliphate at its final aim.

In the wake of the attack on the World Trade Centre in New York in September, 2001, SIMI activists organised demonstrations attacking the United States of America for being an “enemy of Islam.” SIMI literature hailed Osama as a “true mujahid [Islamic warrior]” and celebrated the demolition of the Bamiyan Buddhas by the Taliban. Muslims were exhorted to “trample the infidels.”

Finding Qureshi — as well as figures like Qayamuddin Kapadia, the missing Vadodara based computer-graphics artist who police believe led the SIMI cell which targeted Surat — could prove key to preventing the next big terror bombings. But the threat will not end with his arrest. Investigations of other SIMI-linked terror cells have thrown up evidence which suggests Qureshi trained several hundred recent recruits to the Islamist group’s terror cells, at camps held across India from 2007 onwards.

India, it seems probable, will be compelled to live with this threat for many years to come.

If the IB(assuming that Praveen Swami puts across the views of IB in print) has come to the conclusion of the last sentence of the article, very bleak days are ahead... :cry:

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Re: Internal Security Watch

Postby Singha » 13 Sep 2008 15:43

they generally come across radical tabliqs who guide them for the next step. a friend of my
dad (colleague in office too) who we used to visit came in the grip of one such 'peer' at a
dargah in assam and totally lost is mind, claiming to hear voices speak to him, gave up his
job and did nothing for a few yrs until retirement ago. now I hear he is still not fully
recovered but better. whispers spoke of the peer putting a djinn on him.

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Re: Internal Security Watch

Postby sanjaychoudhry » 13 Sep 2008 16:25

UPA is a threat to India's unity: Modi

Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi expressed his grievance over the lack of a tough anti-terror law in the state at the Bharatiya Janata Party's national executive in Bengaluru on Saturday.

Modi attacked the Centre for sitting over his proposal to enact the Gujarat Control of Organised Crime Act. "Those concerned about terror obviously support the GCOCA and those concerned about terrorists understandably oppose it," Modi said.

"The country stands at the crossroads of a crucial phase, when the government of the day has become a threat to the unity and sovereignty of the country," thundered Modi.

Modi said, "Historically, the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, Jan Sangh and the BJP were parties that advocated aggressive nationalism. The Communists and the Muslim League were subversive in their stand on the issue of sovereignty and integrity. The Congress has traditionally held a middle path on these issues."

Modi said that an analysis of the United Progressive Alliance's functioning showed that the government had compromised the interest of the nation.

"The government has been soft on terror to prove that it is minority friendly. The repeal of the Prevention Of Terrorism Act and the Afzal Guru issue is evidence of this fact. The government has agreed to demolish the Ram Sethu to hurt the sentiments of the majority community across the country. The decision to withdraw allotment of land to the Shri Amarnath Shrine Board was an evidence to appease the separatists," said the Gujarat chief minister.

"The illegal immigrants from Bangladesh continue to invade India and the government does not see that as a threat," said Modi, and added that no action was taken against religious conversions by missionaries, though it has an adverse impact on the demography.

Modi also took the opportunity to praise his own governance, saying that he fully supported the intelligence agencies and investigating bodies in Gujarat. He claimed that the culprits of the Ahmedabad blasts case could be tracked down and nabbed because he did not allow vote bank politics in his state.

Modi added that though Gujarat was 'handicapped' by the lack of a proper anti-terror law, he was determined to carry on his battle against terrorists.

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Re: Internal Security Watch

Postby Tamang » 13 Sep 2008 18:31

Serial blasts in Delhi...breaking news.

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Re: Internal Security Watch

Postby sum » 14 Sep 2008 08:50

Group clash: 1 killed, 6 injured
DH News Service, Haveri:
One person was killed and six were seriously injured in a clash that broke out over a trivial issue and later took communal turn at Kanavali Village in Haveri district on Friday night.

More than 150 persons were arrested on Saturday in connection with the violence involving dalits and Muslims. Police stated that the situation in the village was under control, but still tense. Platoons of and KSRP and DAR police have been stationed in the village.

The war of words during the school sports meet in the village on Friday led to clashes in which one Hanumantappa Shivappa Sottappannavar (60) was killed. When one of the schools did well in the sports meet, the other group objected. A truce was brokered in the evening. But a fresh trouble started on Friday night over the same issue, leading to violence.

In the violencet, four houses were set on fire, four grocery shops were looted andnearly 200 houses in the dalit colony was destroyed. Fearing attacks on them, the dalits from the village fled their houses and hid themselves in the nearby fields throughout the night.

IGP visit

Inspector General of Police (North) Ragavendra Auradkar, Deputy Commissioner P S Vastrad, Superintendent of Police Vikas Kumar, and Dr Ambedkar Development Corporation Chairman and MLA Nehru Olekar visited the village on Saturday and consoled the dalit families.

Mr Auradkar assured the dalits that police security would be provided to them until they felt safe. Mr Olekar promised them that he would try to get them compensation from the government for their rehabilitation as most of their household things had been destroyed.

Meanwhile, the Social Welfare Department has announced Rs one lakh for the family of Hanumantapp. Also, Rs 25,000 each compensation has been announced for the seriously injured, and Rs 10,000 to those who suffered minor injuries. The funeral of Hanumanthappa was held amidst tight police security on Saturday.

Look at the reason for the clash....A "particualr community" not liking the results of a school match and barging into the village to attack the other school supporters...Even the Hindu(of all papers) explicitly states this!!!! :eek: :eek:

Another in the same day:
Ban orders in Tiptur locality

TUMKUR: Prohibitory orders under Section 144 were clamped in Gandhinagar area of Tiptur town in Tumkur district on Saturday midnight following clashes.

At least 50 civilians and 10 policemen, including Tiptur Circle Inspector C.C. Patil were injured. Eight shops of people of a particular community were torched on the Gandhinagar Main Road. Many vehicles were burnt. Trouble began, according to police, when the Ganesh Utsav approached the Gandhinagar Masjid. It was alleged that some miscreants pelted stones and the devotees retaliated.

The police resorted to lathi-charge to bring the situation under control.

Not sure as to how many more days will the frustration of the people, already rattled by monthly blasts in the name of a "particular god", will hold with such pin pricks.... The "particular community" sure isnt winning any points on the good behaviour front!!! :roll:


Re: Internal Security Watch

Postby ChandraS » 14 Sep 2008 09:15

B Raman on Indian Mujahideen (Rediff)

Preventive intelligence also comes from the thorough interrogation of those arrested in connection with the previous blasts. All the arrests made so far, whether in UP or Jaipur or Ahmedabad , were mainly of those involved in those blasts. They apparently did not enable us to identify and arrest those trained with a capability for assembling IEDS, but who had not yet participated in any terrorist strike.

It should be apparent by now firstly, that we have only identified the tip of the jihadi iceberg in our midst. The iceberg itself remains unexposed. Secondly, we have not yet been able to identify the command and control of the IM. Thirdly, like al Qaeda, the IM is divided into a number of autonomous cells each capable of operating independently without being affected by the identification and neutralisation of the cells involved in previous blasts.

All these years, our focus was on the training camps for jihadi terrorists in Pakistan and Bangladesh. Interrogation of those arrested since the beginning of this year has brought out that many training camps had been held in different parts of India by SIMI. We were apparently oblivious of the details of these camps and the identities of those trained.

It is important to have a common investigation cell for the whole of India to identify the various elements involved in this wide area network and neutralise them. Piecemeal investigation in different states ruled by different political parties each with its own partisan perception and agenda will result in our continuing to bleed at the hands of this network

A federal agency, either new or carved from existing facilities, tasked with anti-terrorism operations is the crying need of the hour. Lack of coordinated effort and the tempo of ops depending on the bias of the political party in power is the bane of the current system. No wonder, despite excellent investigations and cracking the case to a significant extent in the previous blasts by the local agencies does not prevent the future blasts. We are currently reacting more than anything. We need to be more proactive and take the fight into the terros' court. Most of our successes in previous insurgencies/terrorist problems have come due to active action against the orgs and their masterminds rather than the few foot soldiers executing the plots.

Mannaniya Pradhan Mantri, Griha Mantri, Ati Mukhya Vyaktis & Ati Ati Mukhya Vyaktis,

Enough of expressing shock & grief and appealing for calm and peace. Get off y'er bloomin' A$$e$. Now on, only those terrorists/assorted flavors of extremists/jihadis, ityadi should be appealing for truce and mercy from us with none being given. :evil:

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Re: Internal Security Watch

Postby Raghavendra » 14 Sep 2008 09:22

sum wrote:Link
Group clash: 1 killed, 6 injured
DH News Service, Haveri:
One person was killed and six were seriously injured in a clash that broke out over a trivial issue and later took communal turn at Kanavali Village in Haveri district on Friday night.

More than 150 persons were arrested on Saturday in connection with the violence involving dalits and Muslims. Police stated that the situation in the village was under control, but still tense. Platoons of and KSRP and DAR police have been stationed in the village.

The war of words during the school sports meet in the village on Friday led to clashes in which one Hanumantappa Shivappa Sottappannavar (60) was killed. When one of the schools did well in the sports meet, the other group objected. A truce was brokered in the evening. But a fresh trouble started on Friday night over the same issue, leading to violence.

In the violencet, four houses were set on fire, four grocery shops were looted andnearly 200 houses in the dalit colony was destroyed. Fearing attacks on them, the dalits from the village fled their houses and hid themselves in the nearby fields throughout the night.

Inspector General of Police (North) Ragavendra Auradkar, Deputy Commissioner P S Vastrad, Superintendent of Police Vikas Kumar, and Dr Ambedkar Development Corporation Chairman and MLA Nehru Olekar visited the village on Saturday and consoled the dalit families.

Mr Auradkar assured the dalits that police security would be provided to them until they felt safe. Mr Olekar promised them that he would try to get them compensation from the government for their rehabilitation as most of their household things had been destroyed.

AoA, dalit "intellectuals" like chandrabhan and his supporters like John Dayal will be very sad that their dream of dalit-muslim unity against 'brahminical forces' will remain a pipe-dream.
Most of the elected representattives of recent state assembly of BJP are dalits. Now watch out for peaceful retaliation from dalits for the peaceful acts of muslim.

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Re: Internal Security Watch

Postby Gerard » 14 Sep 2008 09:34

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Re: Internal Security Watch

Postby Raghavendra » 14 Sep 2008 10:02

The crime branch has claimed before metropolitan court while seeking remand of the accused that SIMI members were involved in conversions and they indoctrinated these new converts into Jihad. Abdul Rehman Shaikh (earlier Jayanti Parmar) is another person who remained in police custody for a while after the blasts. Shaikh, a scrap dealer who shifted from Shahpur to Juhapura after embracing Islam, was picked up by the crime branch on August 12 and released after seven days.

This is the reason people oppose conversions. Terrorist groups like SIMI convert dalits to islam then incite them to attack hindus and promise them jannat and 72 houris. These illiterate and poor people are duped in believing all such $hit and they destroy themselves.

In tamil nad it is the AL-UMMA group that does this type of conversion.

One such converted terrorist was holed up in banglore. The TN police came to bangalore to arrest him and this jihadi fired at them. The police killed him and took their bodies to his native in TN and muslims during his funeral shouted revenge revenge. If cases had filed against such criminals then and there this virus of jehad in TN could have nipped in the bud. Atleast TN would be safe but no cases were filed and these pigs are free to roam the streets singing jehad jehad.

In karnataka after the nation wide ban on SIMI yet another jehadi outfit SIO has raised in ugly head.

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Re: Internal Security Watch

Postby Gerard » 15 Sep 2008 05:00

U.P. authorities stalled action against Delhi suspects
Mujahid and Kazmi were held, but their arrests provoked widespread protests by local Muslims who claimed the two men were innocent. As a result of the protests, Uttar Pradesh authorities ordered police to ease back on operations targeting SIMI. Among those who thus escaped arrest was Qasmi, an Azamgarh-based seminary student-turned-SIMI-activist, who the Gujarat Police alleges was the central figure in the July 27 serial bombings in Ahmedabad.
Uttar Pradesh authorities refused to order their arrest or detention for questioning, saying that interrogation reports from Gujarat and Rajasthan did not constitute adequate grounds for such action.

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Re: Internal Security Watch

Postby putnanja » 15 Sep 2008 08:19

'Illegal' foreign planes in airspace a worry

'Illegal' foreign planes in airspace a worry
15 Sep 2008, 0131 hrs IST, Pradeep Thakur,TNN

NEW DELHI: Many foreign-registered aircraft are making unrestricted flights in Indian airspace without the knowledge of the country's security establishment. The startling finding came to light during the Customs department's ongoing investigation in the Rs 9,000 crore aircraft scam.

Sources said both Customs and security agencies were probing these aircraft and the destinations they had covered in India and if national security had been compromised in any manner.

So far, the probe agencies have dug out details of at least six aircraft — one Boeing 727, three Challenger make aircraft, a Lear jet and a Gulf Stream — registered abroad but freely operating across India in violation of norms.

It was found that most of these foreign-registered aircraft were being piloted by expatriates whose security clearance had allegedly not been done by agencies, a mandatory provision in case a foreign national is hired to fly aircraft in India, sources said.

As per rules, a foreign-registered aircraft can enter Indian airspace for "a flight to or across India". If it has to make a halt for some purpose, prior permission has to be taken from the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA).

However, permission to halt is given on the condition that the aircraft will not make trips within the country and will remain stationary till its flight back, sleuths investigating the case said.

In any case, the permission for halt cannot be for more than six months. But, sources said, these aircraft had come into the country and gone back and re-entered Indian airspace, making several sorties within the country using different airports, like the AN-26 aircraft that was involved in the Purulia arms drop case in 1995.

After the Purulia case and in light of 9/11 security fiasco, the government had laid down stringent guidelines to secure Indian airspace. In the Purulia case, an AN-26 aircraft with a Latvian crew had made several sorties and had even landed at many airports.

Customs authorities have been in touch with the ministry of civil aviation and the DGCA seeking details on how many such foreign registered aircraft have come into the country and whether the details of crew members were shared with security agencies.

Civil aviation secretary Ashok Chawla and Kanu Gohain, the director general of DGCA, refused to come on line despite repeated calls.

Meanwhile, in the aircraft scam, the Customs authorities have seized 13 aircraft and received Rs 1,100 crore in lieu of bonds and bank guarantees from suspected evaders who imported jets by allegedly misdeclaring facts.

Officials are questioning more than 70 operators who had imported at least 250 aircraft in the last two years and many of them are believed to have evaded Customs duty by allegedly exploiting loopholes in the licensing policy. The aircraft brought into the country for chartered and passenger services were found to have been diverted for personal use.

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Re: Internal Security Watch

Postby svinayak » 15 Sep 2008 10:21

Complete Text of the Indian Mujahideen's e-mail:

From: Arbi Hindi []
Sent: Saturday, September 13, 2008 6:26 PM

In the Name of Allah.

Indian Mujahideen strikes back once more,
Within 5 mins from now ...
This time with the Message of Death,
Dreadfully Terrorizing you for your sins,

And thus our promise will be fulfilled. Inshallah

Do whatever you want and stop us if you can.
Exclusively from Indian Mujahideen

And here is the verifying proof... - albadr123 - aluhud123

Pdf Attachment:
In the Name of Allah, The Most Beneficent,
The Most Merciful.

Praise and Glory be to Allah, The One, The Supreme, Who
didn’t create the creation for nothing, and didn’t leave them in vain,
rather created them to worship Him Alone, but only the intelligent
ones obey Him and the miserable ones disobey.

And peace and blessings of Allah be upon His Beloved Messenger
Muhammad (peace be upon him) and on all those who obey and
honor him.

And all praises be to Allah, the Lord Of The Worlds, who Revealed
in His Qur’an :

(O you who believe) When you encounter (in fight) those who
disbelieve, strike their necks first, till when you have completely
massacred and wounded many of them, then bind them firmly
(taking them as captives). Thereafter is the time, either for generosity
or a ransom until the war lays down its burden. (Qur’an 47:4)

And remember when the disbelievers plotted against you (O
Muhammad) to imprison you, or to kill you or to get you out from
your home and they were plotting a plan and Allah too was plotting a
Plan and Allah is the Best of those who plot a plan. (Qur’an 8:30)
It is not hidden from you anymore that after tasting the bitterest
of defeats by our hands at Ahmedabad and Surat, the INDIAN
MUJAHIDEEN- “the homegrown Jihadi militia of Islam” – have
once again attacked to make you face the disastrous consequences of
the injustice and oppression inflicted upon the Muslims all over the
country. With this message, we once again declare that our intense,
accurate and successive attacks like the one you will see exactly 5
minutes from now, Inshallah, will continue to punish you even
before your earlier wounds have healed. To dreadfully terrorize you
this time, by the Will and Help of Almighty Allah, we are about to
devastate your very first metropolitan center, your ‘most strategic
hindutva hub’, your ‘green zone’- yes! It’s your own capital – New
Inshallah, that are almost going to stop the “heart” of India from

By this attack we intend to prove to you the ability and potential
of INDIAN MUJAHIDEEN to assault any city of India at any time
with the Help and Permission of our Almighty Allah. This accurately
planned deadly strike is just another reaction to all those pre- and
post- 26 July harassments imposed by your ATS and police on the
innocent Muslims with complete, but hidden, backing of Central
Congress government, aided by the state governments of Gujarat,
Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Andhra
Pradesh and Karnataka. This shows the never ending hostile hatred
in your hearts against Islam and its people. But now it is time that
you must realize the fact: you cannot deal with us unjustly any more.
This attack has now confirmed that all your attempts to stop our
advance have failed and whatever false claims made about the
crackdown of the terror modules by the b@st@rd P.C. Pandey in front
of a huge press conference, shows how shameless the Gujarat police
and Gujarat ATS have become. Now is the time that the public and
media should question this disgraced unprofessional rascal that if he
boasts of arresting masterminds and key terrorists “all over India”
then which “mastermind” executed today’s attack? Which “terror
module” slapped your ugly face today? The public should not forget
that this corrupt old hag is the same base-born criminal of the 2002
Ahmedabad genocide and one of the filthy loyal dogs of Modi who
should be the first guilty offender to be put behind bars. The great
insult and shame which P.C. Pandey has brought to the entire antiterrorist
force, by projecting the forged story of this “crackdown”
doesn’t need any more clarification and all those who possess even a
little sense and intellect are witness to his shameful blasphemy. Far
from solving the entire Ahmedabad bomb blast case, this imbecile has
still not been able to solve the mystery of a simple email from

INDIAN MUJAHIDEEN that insults you and proves your lack of
ability from time to time.

Taking into account all that followed after July 26, it seems that
the entire Mumbai ATS has failed to take heed from our previous
warnings and is deliberately committed to mess with us. You should
know that your acts are not at all left unnoticed; rather we are closely
keeping an eye on you and just waiting for the proper time to execute
your bloodshed. We are aware of your recent night raids at
Ansarnagar, Mograpada in Andheri and the harassment and trouble
you created there for the Muslims. You threatened to murder them
and your mischief went to such an extent that you even dared to
abuse and insult Maulana Mahmood-ul-Hasan Qasmi and even
misbehaved with the Muslim women and children there. If this is the
degree to which your arrogance has reached, and if you think that by
these stunts you can scare us, then let the INDIAN MUJAHIDEEN
warn all the people of Mumbai that whatever deadly attacks you will
face in future, the only responsible elements for it will be the Mumbai
ATS and their guardians: Vilasrao Deshmukh and R.R. Patil. You are
already on our hit-list and this time very very seriously.
The continued oppression on Muslims is also frequently proved
by yet another unit – the Rajasthan ATS. The brutal lathi-charge on
Muslims demonstrating against the arrests at Jodhpur has done
nothing but provoke us against you once again. Following the
footsteps of Gujarat police, you too claim to have cracked down the
Jaipur blast case. It seems you too have been affected by the same
disease of enjoying much false praise. Let us notify you, as we did to
the Gujarat Police that all the Mujahideen who shook Jaipur are
absolutely safe and secure, and are heavily preparing for our next
targets, one of which is A.K. Jain – the DIG of Rajasthan. In similar

lines, nothing better could be expected from the miserably
communalized judiciary which orders a FIR to be registered on those
who raise their voice against the arrest of the innocent blast accused
Abul Bashir against whom there is no evidence at all. The manner in
which the Rajasthan High Court has so attentively responded to the
demands of dogs of ABVP, who lodged a petition against Imam
Bukhari, makes it clear that you have forgotten the Jaipur massacre
very soon.

The INDIAN MUJAHIDEEN salutes those courageous and
fearless Muslims of Azamgarh who disciplined the b@st@rd Yogi
Adityanath and other wretched Hindus who tried to march from
within the Muslims in order to tease them and support an antiterrorist
His anti-Islamic slogans deserved bullets
instead of stones as an answer, and here is an open challenge to him
that if he and his cowardly supporters are able to gather all their guts
and grit to stand in front of us once more - they must try it, and if
not, then just wait for a spine chilling brutality from our side.

Be it the ATS of Maharashtra, the ATS and ACB of Gujarat,
the OCTOPUS of Andhra Pradesh, or be it a psychological
propaganda war by the biased media, none shall be spared when it
comes to vengeance – the QISAS. The coverage of news by both the
electronic as well as print media clearly depicts the level to which
their immorality has reached while obeying their loyal masters of IB.
But let us clarify here that you forgot your own principle: that
sometimes the stories untold serve the purpose more than the stories
told. Look at the way you handled the blasts in which Sangh activists
have been involved.

With the Will of Allah, the Most Sublime, both the Bajrang Dal
activists were killed and sentenced to Hell fire while they were
engaged in bomb making - an art which needs extraordinary
intelligence - at Kanpur, and this was rightly reported by the Indian
Express mentioning that the police was astonished to see the quantity
of bombs found. The ‘apes’ of Bajrang Dal were too foolish to plot a
revenge blast in Kanpur on 24th Aug. 2008 against the Muslims.
The blast which occurred on 24th August hardly found even a
single column space in The Times of India the next day. Hindustan
Times carried the news, but without mentioning the identity of the
wretched ones who were killed. The only information it delivered
was that the father of Piyush Mishra, one among the dead, was
running a private hostel in the locality! On 26th August, the Indian
Express and Mail Today mentioned the news in some detail (heading:
“The bajrang bomb?” - Indian Express). There were hardly any
follow up stories in TIMES OF INDIA. Stories of Omprakash alias
Bunty, a gang leader who was gunned down by the police was the
topic TIMES OF INDIA gave to its readers the next day. Times
spent more than a page for Bunty the gang leader. On the following
days, there was an extensive coverage of police cracking down the
Jaipur blast mystery, 'investigative' stories on Shahbaz Hussain, the
'computer savvy' master mind (yet another forged lie) alleged to be
behind the serial blasts. But a dreadful silence was kept about the
origin of bombs dug out from the camp of Sangh Parivar all along. A
great number of human rights activists and organizations demanded
an immediate probe to investigate the explosive agenda hidden by
Sangh Parivar. The statements issued and press conferences
conducted in this regard were limited to single columns in the
national newspapers.

There was a clear and solid evidence of the Sangh Parivar's
involvement in making bombs and other explosive devices. There are
many instances in which VHP and RSS were caught in trouble.

There was a bomb blast in the VHP office in Madhya Pradesh, in
1992, where one VHP member died and two were injured while
making bombs. Again in 2002, there was a bomb blast in a temple in
Mhow. When the police arrested the VHP activists after
investigation, they confessed that they were even given training to
manufacture bombs. Again, in 2006, in Nanded, there was a bomb
blast in the house of an RSS activist where two RSS activists went to
Hell. After that in March 2008, there were bomb blasts at two places
in Tamil Nadu. This time also VHP activists were arrested by the
Tamil Nadu police who confessed that “Yes. We were involved”.
The coverage of the Sangh Parivar violence in Orissa, by the
mainstream media reveals the bad character of the Indian press. After
the very first day of violence, the most b@st@rd national daily in the
country, Times Of India, didn’t find it worthy enough to mention it
in the front page! After 26th of August, the Times' reader can hardly
find news from Orissa, unless he dives into the inner pages. TIMES
OF INDIA has written an editorial demanding to put an end to
violence against Christians in Orissa. From the day next, the
newspaper runs as if it had completed its duty and has better things to

Look at the effort the Times News Network takes to endorse
the VHP argument that Lakshminanda Saraswati was killed not by
the Maoists but by the Christian missionaries (heading: Maoists
didn't kill VHP leader –TIMES OF INDIA 31st August). On the
other hand, the Orissa violence made a clear appearance in other news
papers like The Hindu, Indian Express and Hindustan Times. They
have given extensive coverage to the plight of hundreds of Christians,
who were forced to run. Why is it that the Sangh Parivar violence is
never dealt with in the same intensity as 'Islamic Terror' is treated?
The media always uses double standards to measure terrorism.
The word 'terrorism' is never used when a story on Sangh violence is
told, no matter how large scale the violence is. The violence

unleashed by the Sangh Parivar in Gujarat was defined only as
“expression of communalism” and the same is the case with what
happens in Orissa at present. At this moment we ask you as to why
the 'Sangh terror' on all the minorities including the Muslims, Dalits
and Christians is a rarely noticed idea?

With this message, we have hereby justified as to why the
b@st@rd Times Of India and its columnist Tarun Vijay is on our
crosshair right now
and this time too we warn you that the time has
come for your breath to be arrested in our lethal claws so that you
may suffer the agonies of “psychologically” fighting us. Even if you
defend the criminals of VHP and RSS, shielding them from us, the
INDIAN MUJAHIDEEN has plenty of ways, already planned, to
make them cry for their sins, and one of which they have already
faced in the parking of LG and Civil Hospitals. So next time
whenever you are there in the hospital premises for the “blood
donation” program it is our assurance to you that we’ll be there too
for our “blood reception” program. Hence in future it is expected that
you will not be so careless!

It is high time now that all the state governments must know
that the trouble faced by us will be definitely repaid and if the
Muslims are terrorized, the Hindus can never breathe in peace. The
injustice and pain inflicted on Kashmiri Muslims during the
Amarnath crisis has once again landed you in great trouble, and it
seems like our blood you spilled in the police firing is cheaper to you
than that of the Hindus of Jammu. With this triumphant attack
which we pay as a tribute to all our brethren martyrs in Kashmir, we
announce that from now on Inshallah, the Muslims won’t cry alone,
our women won’t be widowed alone, our children won’t be orphaned
alone and scores will be settled evenly.

The Central Congress Government which pretends to be the
well wisher of Muslim interests has always treacherously hurt them
and used them to come in power since Independence. It is this

double-faced attitude of the Congress that has secured its vote bank,
and still allowed it to silently commit one of the most heinous crimes
against the Muslim nation ever witnessed by history - the demolition
of Babri Masjid. It has failed to take heed and still continues to cheat
the Muslims under the label of “secularism”. These serial bomb blasts
at Delhi are yet another intimidation to the Congress Government to
desist from agitating the Muslim sentiments anymore. Your approval
to the bills like GUJCOCA and POTA are not at all going to deter or
affect the determination of the Mujahideen in any way, rather it will
make our tasks easier for us.

We, the INDIAN MUJAHIDEEN, ask Allah, the Almighty to
accept from us these 9 explosions, which were planned to be executed
in the holy month of Ramadan. We have carried out this attack in the
memory of two most eminent Mujahids of India: Sayyed Ahmed
Shaheed and Shah Ismail Shaheed (may Allah bestow His Mercy
upon them) who had raised the glorious banner of Jihad against the
disbelievers in this very city of Delhi. It is the great hard work and
sacrifices of these visionary legends that shall always inspire us
Inshallah to carry on the struggle and fight against the Kufr
(disbelief) till our last breath. This is the moment when the Muslims
of Delhi should once again reflect at the glorious history of our
ancestors and revive the forgotten obligation of JIHAD.

Your oppression will always be revenged Inshallah though after
years to come. Never assume that we have forgotten the demolition
of Babri Masjid and by Allah we can never forget it! It is that grave
mistake of yours which will make you taste humiliation for
generations to come. Babri Masjid was and will remain to be our
glorious self esteem and Inshallah, we will prove it to you a hornet’s
nest in which you have immersed your bare hand, unaware of the
pain to come. If you are prepared to suffer the results of this issue,
then by the will of Allah, verily! We will make you face it, and if you
feel you are wise enough, then here we announce our ultimatum:
Vacate the land of Babri as soon as you can.

The INDIAN MUJAHIDEEN accepts the sole responsibility
of Delhi serial blasts, and we claim this, through our third
consecutive email, which is, unfortunately, still a mystery for you. It
is very sad to see the bad condition of your cyber forensics who have
still failed to find out our technique of sending the “Message of

To end with, we have now proved to you that the more you
trouble us, the more you will be troubled by us. This deadliest strike
at Delhi once again makes it clear that our threats are not at all
limited to mere words and with the Will and Permission of Allah, the
action is in front of your eyes. Let us make it clear to all the enemies
of Muslims, especially the Hindus of India, that the BJP backed RSS,
VHP, Bajrang Dal, and the entire Sangh Parivar would be the only
responsible factors for whatever horrifying tragedies you are to face
in the nearest future. The cause will be these wicked ******** and the
effect will be on the entire nation. Remember it is not at all difficult
for us to attack you in states like Punjab, Haryana, Himachal
Pradesh, Orissa, Tamil Nadu, Kerala etc. And by The Grace of Allah
there is no shortage of explosives or lack of manpower and we are
extremely capable to shed your blood anywhere anytime. The only
reason here is that your wrongs against us in other states have crossed
the limits of cruelty. If you still think that the arrests, expulsions,
killing, murders, fake encounters, tortures, sufferings, cases, trials and
tribulations inflicted on us will not be answered back, then here we
remind you: that those days have gone.
The battle has now begun and the dust
will never settle down.

And All Praise be to Allah, Lord Of the Worlds, and Peace be
upon His Messenger Muhammad, and all those who follow
the Guidance.

G Subramaniam
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Re: Internal Security Watch

Postby G Subramaniam » 15 Sep 2008 10:25

sum wrote:
When he reached TSP, there was mass celebration of IMs
( like what happens when TSP wins against India in cricket )
and Sardar Patel got pissed
and asked the celebrators to leave for TSP

But the important thing is: did the turds leave?

No, most ( 95% ) stayed behind and now are members of Owaisis MIM

Thanks to nehruvian secularism, instead of being executed for treason and murder

By 1965, much of the siezed razakar property in hyderabad ( worth 100s crores ) was returned to them

Except in Punjab, most of the riotous IMs who had a hand in creating pakistan, were suddenly labelled secular and admitted into congress

Arif Mohammed, a truly secular IM, has written that all the 3rd tier Muslim league rioters got co-opted into congress

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Re: Internal Security Watch

Postby Bharati » 16 Sep 2008 02:18

Lashkar to target VVIPs in Delhi: RAW
Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi is said to be one of the prime targets of these Lashkar modules and is among others in the terror hit-list.

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Re: Internal Security Watch

Postby ramana » 16 Sep 2008 02:53

Cant be. The INC is the most TSP terrorist friendly political party.

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Re: Internal Security Watch

Postby Virupaksha » 16 Sep 2008 03:07

didnt we see a article eons ago, with a pakistani official lamenting the lack of softness from congress which the nda had showed. In the last 4 yrs arent we seeing the 2 level diplomacy dead in the tracks, when compared to the "progress" during vajpayee?

Let us not confuse congs muslim policy with congs paki policy.

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Re: Internal Security Watch

Postby vsudhir » 16 Sep 2008 05:54

Heat on Patil, internal insecurity in his party (IE)

Nothing new to read though this did catch my attn for the sheer crassness of it all....

Samajwadi Party leader Amar Singh came out in Patil’s defence saying that the NDA had never demanded the resignation of then Home Minister LK Advani despite a series of terror strikes, including the one on Parliament. “The only crime he did, as reports said, was that he (Patil) changed his dress thrice (on Saturday). You cannot remove a Home Minister just because he changed his dress,” said Singh.

I think its time Patil be replaced by perhaps the only competent and capable Cong mantri in the union cabinet - shri shri Arjun Singh ji.

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Re: Internal Security Watch

Postby ramana » 16 Sep 2008 07:26

Arjun Singh will let loose a rein of terror in India. You don't know the powers of the MHA. Its better that an incompetent is there than Arjun Singh who will use it to harass the rest of the opposition. Besides Patil is making the case like no others in the opposition.

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Re: Internal Security Watch

Postby Paul » 16 Sep 2008 09:17

Arjun Singh was Griha mantri and Gov of Punjab when the Khalistan movement was at its peak. He may have lost his touch but not his instincts. He knows how to run that ministry with an iron fist.

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Re: Internal Security Watch

Postby Singha » 16 Sep 2008 09:36

arjun singh who is the education minister now and ex-CM of MP ? :eek:

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Re: Internal Security Watch

Postby Manu » 16 Sep 2008 09:55

Paul wrote:Arjun Singh was Griha mantri and Gov of Punjab when the Khalistan movement was at its peak. He may have lost his touch but not his instincts. He knows how to run that ministry with an iron fist.

Balram Jhakkar also played a very key role in the Khalistan time period.....any other geriatrics you want to bring back? The Gentleman you are fondly reminiscing about resigned from P.V. Narasimha Rao cabinet after Babri Mosque incident.

After the Mumbai train bombings of 2006, he openly said in a cabinet meeting that an earlier attempt on the headquarters of the RSS in Nagpur was a RSS plot, nothing to do with a "Particular Community". He has also openly denounced Ekal Vidyalayas as communal.

He is one of the most "Islam Pasand" Politicians alive today in INC, and knowing what we know about INC (where people are often sleepless), that is really saying something.

I agree with Ramana, Patil will sink the UPA boat. There is no Rajesh Pilot, no Scindia left. Only Mataji warming the seat for the rightful Yuvraaj.

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Re: Internal Security Watch

Postby joshvajohn » 16 Sep 2008 10:37

If people are serious rather than communalising these bombs, then Indian government should look for more Islamic informers. Indian government has to take every single information about these bombs very seriously and see that they get such information beforehand through Muslim police officers. It is also better to square up those areas where the threat is high and see that every single individual, every single hotel, every single house is registered and is kept in record. Mass media should be asked not to sensationalise these issues blaming the Muslim communities as a whole as there are a lot of hatred campaign by the media among different communities. There should be a reasonable objectivity in news reporting and any other public information practised by the news media in particular.

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Re: Internal Security Watch

Postby vsudhir » 16 Sep 2008 16:59

Oops, me forgot the sarc tags after mentioning the venrable Arjun singh's name.... :eek:

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Re: Internal Security Watch

Postby Rupesh » 16 Sep 2008 18:25

from the New Indian Express

India’s worst Home Minister to stay

NEW DELHI: Loyalty saved the day for Union Home Minister Shivraj Patil. Despite the opposition parties and some United Progressive Alliance (UPA) allies making strong calls for Patil’s immediate ouster for being ineffective in dealing with terror, the Congress came out in the open to get him out of a sticky situation.

Patil’s absence at the Congress core committee meeting called to discuss internal security issues gave rise to speculation that he is being shown the door to save the UPA government’s image on tackling terror taking further beating.

Those who attended the all-important meeting, which was held at Congress president and UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi’s residence, include External Affairs Minister Pranab Mukherjee, Defence Minister A K Antony, Digvijay Singh, Margaret Alva, Veerappa Moily and the Congress president’s political secretary Ahmed Patel.

The meeting, Moily said, was convened to discuss the recent blasts and the communal flare-ups in Orissa and Karnataka. However, he refused to comment about Patil’s absence.

UPA ally and RJD chief Lalu Prasad Yadav, who is also the Railway Minister, made a veiled attack on Patil by admitting that the utter failure of intelligence agencies was responsible for the terror attacks. Sources said that the RJD chief also met the UPA coalition’s chairperson and urged that Patil be removed to save the day for the Congress and its allies, who would soon be facing general elections.

As demands for Patil’s resignations gained momentum, the Congress had to field party spokesman Abhishek Manu Singhvi to put speculation over the Home Minister’s ouster to rest. Singhvi said the opposition was playing “cheap politics”. “Demands for the Home Minister’s resignation at a grave time is nothing but cheap politics by the Opposition party,” Singhvi said at a hurriedly-called press conference. “How many such times was the resignation of L K Advani demanded and the same rejected by his party?” he asked.

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