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Re: MRCA News and Discussion

Postby dorai » 04 Aug 2009 15:18

k prasad wrote:This sort of a comparison is not correct... in a war, even a 2% improvement will leap you over the enemy... and this is what every single development programme aims for. Its like a classroom, with a large number of student's bunched in the 80-90 range. But only a rare one may vault over to get to 93-94, which gets him selected. In a war, that is the advantage that you need.

The better analysis would be how many gripens u need to do the same job as one rafale - gripen has half the payload capability, and inferior EW suite. That gripen:rafale number would probably be greater than 2:1, so buying rafale may still make sense.

Gripen NG has much more than half the payload and the EW-suite would by all accounts be equal or better. The radar clearly would be better. Rafale offers abit more in a2g but nothing else. not at that price.

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Re: MRCA News and Discussion

Postby Austin » 04 Aug 2009 16:11

rakall I think the influence of Unkil is overrated , just because of media hype.

Its not easy for the politician and defence forces to forget what happened post 98 and how Unkil made each penny and each software count.

They cannot gurantee that sanction will not be applied or spares issue will not arise post sanctions.

I do not rate Unkil chance high for MMRCA , besides the media hype.

We have every thing to gain by going for a Mig-35 and Russia or more precisely Mig has nothing to loose and every thing to gain from selling it to us with 100 % TOT and no strings attached

As you have mentioned the Mig-29 upgrade will see their aircraft last for 20 more years ditto for Mirages.

So Mig-35 is a great asset logistic wise and customisation with Indian component will not come with any clause , its a win win deal for Mig and IAF.

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