Secrets of the Dead: Mumbai Massacre

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Secrets of the Dead: Mumbai Massacre

Postby Anant » 02 Dec 2009 12:22

Fellow BRer's,

PBS has a good documentary. Ok let me preface why I say good. It's good because it shows phone intercepts of the terrorists and their handlers in Pakistan. I urge you to watch this documentary. I was so livid after watching the level of depravity of this people that I wanted to smash my tv or physically go to Pakistan and exact revenge. These people are subhuman. I would say animal like but animals are gentle souls for the most part and a comparison is wrong. Of course, inevitably we are made to realize (again ad naseaum) that Islam is a great religion and a religion of peace. I am not going to get into that but it was disturbing that muslims were singularly sparred whereas hindus especially (including women and children were targeted). I stress this because as Indians we are supposed to be secular people. These butchers certainly weren't. I also found the muslim couple who was spared (Turkish I believe) extremely glib about their incidents and the conclusion by an American that the terrorists were just kids who were brainwashed into robots. Right. At any rate, watch it for the phone intercepts. After seeing this, I am ashamed India did not go to war. I'd personally have gone there to aid in the war effort any way possible. The link to the full episode is below and I am sure it might be rebroadcast where you are on TV.

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Re: Secrets of the Dead: Mumbai Massacre

Postby Philip » 02 Dec 2009 12:58

Dear Admins and members,we already have a couple of threads on 26/11.It would be preferable if this is posted there as there are a multiplicity of threads on similar topics.The same could be done to some other threads,amalgamating them so as to leace room for new topics.Cheers.P.

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Re: Secrets of the Dead: Mumbai Massacre

Postby dnivas » 02 Dec 2009 14:36

That was a great video. Not as detailed as the channel 4 one, but still good.

when i heard that MP talk while watching TV live, I wanted to go and kill that SOB who was giving out his location. What a dumb old fool.

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