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eINDIA is going to be attacked by IRAN

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eINDIA is going to be attacked by IRAN

Postby mjgala » 08 Dec 2009 06:08

I know this is a Realife Forum and a very serious one. I apologise to the administrators and users if they feel i am doing something bad here.

There is a social strategy game on Internet called Erepublik

Here you lead a eLIFE.

You work, you train for army, you vote for party president, parliament election and President.

They are held everymonth

you can start a business or be part of pollitics and lead your country to glory.

DUE TO LACK OF REAL LIFE INDIANS in terms of number, eINDIA is laggin behind. All other major powers in erep are playing around INDIA and bullying her and strangling her development and pushing her into a corner.

Many of the INDIAn regions are under foreign rule.

Few INDIAns who are active on Erepublik are trying hard to make her successful. But success has been very difficult to come by.

We are about to go on war with eIRAN, whose citizens are try to make multiple accounts (which btw is illegal as per Erepublik rules and you get banned for that) and take over INDIA.

They do so as citizenship is granted to people in way that where they first are when they register.

If our numbers dont rise to a sizeable proportion. INDIA will be taken over the eIrani cheats and our country will suffer.

I request all you realife INDIAs please come to Erepublik and make our country strong.



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