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Postby RayC » 01 Jan 2010 18:12

Note to shiv: you have made a series of posts, apparently generalizing what is an NRI mentality when it comes to perceiving threats to India and how far off they are from reality on the ground. I am surprised that a person as learned as you could make a sweeping generalization. I had noted in one of my response to you that what one NRI says may not represent what all of them think. By making this generalization you have done a disservice to the forum IMO because I see many users quoting your posts and it is leading to thread derailment. I know it is not all your fault and I am not one to say so either. But as a responsible senior member, I hope you would rethink. Thank you.

What humbug.

He is bang on!

May not be to suit your agenda. OK, old boy?

Just to inform you I have got whole lot of emails from many including Hinduvta fan boys!

I proud to say that all most sympathetic!

It makes me proud to be an Indian!

India will survive in spite of the divide inspired by Brihaspati, Archan, RahulM and their gang!

If you guys have the guts keep this post and we will debate it out.

If you are chicken, I will understand.

Yes, I am an ARMY MAN and I don't go down without a good fight!

I have been asked by many to not ride out into the sunset like Lone Stranger.

Yet, I should. Why fight a defunct ideology fraudulently espoused by Brishapati and his gang as Indic? Even BJP is looking beyond!

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