How to delay, if not kill, Indian's Nuclear Program

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How to delay, if not kill, Indian's Nuclear Program

Postby PaulNia » 04 Apr 2010 22:15 ... r_experts/

This is very dangerous for the long-term health of the Indian Program. If this is pursued seriously by the Obama Admin then, in today's economy, India won't be able to stop the flow of Indians to the US. The Indian Program slows down for lack of resources. Once the Indians arrive in the US then, in a few years, they will not be as usable for the specific research needs of the Indian Program. So, what happens to the Indian Program then? The US walks away with not only the IP but a rejuvinated industry as well, and India is now left in limbo.

Unless, India gears up its educational infrastructure and implements a serious R&D effort of its own...the US will march towards rejuvinating its nuke industry and it will bend over backwards to draw away scientists from India...

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