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as suggested post being moved to technology forum

Postby jaibhim » 13 Jul 2010 00:21

If India does not watch out her corruption and nepotism we wont we far from blessed land who dream of jihad as they enjoy the sleazy scene from a bollywood flick in their rooms, just before the call of the devine. Please also check the dawn and Mr.Naqvi's long diatribe against India and actually it is so convincing not without truth, but perhaps exagerrated ,the same -same strategy and that India is really breaking down form inside and the trail of his signature campaign of concerned citizens apart from eminent respectable people like Professor Baxi and other luminaries has some well known baladeers of the indian vanguard, tamil tribune and sahniti kind pointing in the direction of the peoples march which will now be added as an issue in south asia[how convenient to discuss south asia as a single block ] If India is not careful every single internal issue [1-0 or 1-1 the sick mentality or same same strategy argument line] will now become a matter of discussion under peace in south asia the troubled continent broken by nepotism and poverty as Mr.Naqvi might put it! India and Pakistan South azia read as India are on fire and in trouble[therfore the domino effect will begin and economics ramifications could start, institutions are weak, its a banana country, it is evident that war need not be physical and the bayonet charge is nice for glory but has little pragmatic value, there could be war on finance and so many fronts. India must clean up inside and delive justice for her poor. Anyone who has read game theory can deduce that one need not wage a bayonet charge singing the battle hymn of the republic to affect someone. Let some of the uinimaginative bureaucrats sleep for sleep is their privilege.

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