Internet Marketing - 7 Strategies to Get Seen!

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Internet Marketing - 7 Strategies to Get Seen!

Postby rapidsphare » 16 Nov 2010 13:41

These are The 7 Best Strategies To Get Your Online Business Exposure And Customers.

The internet is a powerful resource because for most of us, the Internet answers our questions. The Internet has become the No. 1 source of reference material used for practically any project of any size. So, if you’d like to be found and chosen by consumers, provide answers!

The following tools are each so powerful in themselves that many businesses that have slightly used even only one have gone on to become ranked on the first page of local search results in the search engines. Make sure all of these are in line, and you’re almost guaranteed success.

The website itself. This is the hub where we will be driving all that traffic from the Internet.

Forums. Get involved with others, discussing your business practices online. (Good job, looks like you’re already doing that!)

Article marketing. You must author and publish articles. It shows that you are the expert, and it's a great tool for directing traffic.

Video marketing. Remember to direct the traffic from the video to your product.

Online directories. Just locate the hundreds of directories, and start listing your business.

Social media. While this might seem like a waste of time, it can be a great traffic generator.

Blogs. Daily entries into your blog can create a following of your expertise.

E-mail marketing. Use this with an auto responder to target your prospects and give them what they want from you, not your competition.

Develop one of these areas per week (or month – whatever better suits your schedule), and you’ll be up and running in no time.

So what do you guys think? Which of these areas is most important to you? What have you developed so far? What do you think is lacking in your own business plan?

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